This all started with a silly little secret. Me running my guts out on a treadmill in my basement as I trained for a marathon. How funny I remember thinking. None of my neighbors probably even realize I run but I'm logging more miles down here then some of them put on their cars. 

One thing led to another. More secrets were divulged and the list begun. What follows is that list. It is in all honesty an incomplete one, because even as I sit here and type, I do so knowing full well there are more that I have not yet revealed and some that I probably have not yet become aware of. Only time will tell...

Why Should I Read This Silly Little Blog?
Secret No. 1: I Run on a Treadmill
Secret No. 2: I Have Little Fans but Only on My Desperate Running Days
Secret No. 3: I Cheat on Hills & Little Fans Part II
Secret No. 4: I Steal My Husband's Running Socks
Secret No. 5: I Run on Flex Time
Secret No. 6: I Run to Lose Chin Fat
Secret No. 7: Lying is Acceptable When A PR is on the Line
Secret No. 8: My Recovery Time is Far Too Long (A.K.A. Sticker Face & Semi-Nap VS Skinny Jeans)
Secret No. 9: Gu Can Be Good Almost Anytime
Secret No. 10: How I Won an Age Group Medal
Secret No. 11: There's another sport (or two) in my life
Secret No. 14: I Have Totally Random Rules for Weight Loss 
                     I Have Totally Random Rules for Weight Loss Part II

And I know what you're thinking. "Where are Secrets 12 and 13?" Well, those are extra secret secrets. Classified information if you will. I mean, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Ok...either that or I totally mis-numbered when I was writing these posts.