Click on the race title to visit the event's official webpage or whatever's close if they don't have one. Click on the time for my extraordinarily thought provoking in-depth post race analysis including only the most sought after details (you know things like port-a-potties, bib pins, shirt style, etc) You won't get this stuff on ESPN folks. Racevine reviews posted where applicable.

January: Oooo...snow, ice, temps hovering around 0ish...yeah, I'm not racing in that.

February: (Peeking from behind the blinds)...still snowy. Nope.

March 25th: Rock CF, Grosse Ile MI 5K Did not run. Time to revise the plan...

April 29th: Brownstown Honor Guard-Run with Honor Mile Fun Run for the kiddos

May 12th: Dart Frog Dash 5K + Kids 1K   Man! I can't seem to make these races work this year! Was about to register for this one & found out it's my niece & nephew's birthday party. Oh well! Next year!

June 19th: My birthday :-) Feel free to send me warm birthday wishes...or come watch my kids so I can take a nap. Whatever. ;-)

June 20th: Emmett's (virtual) Endurance Event. I think I'll be going 8 on the treadmill in support of this little boy in surgery for 8 hours and his mom who'll be running on the treadmill the ENTIRE time to help raise awareness for craniosynostosis. If you can walk, run, hike, bike, move, or pray, won't you join me?

June 30th: Rock The World, Lansing MI Landmark themed obstacle 5K + Slip & Slide WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT. For real. I kid not. You gotta check this one out.

July 7th: Duo at the Ledge, Grand Ledge MI Half Marathon + 5K Mostly, I just want to run this because it's at 6AM. I have no idea why that excites me so since I'm generally not a morning person. It just does. I'll be using this as a training run for the mary (which I say laughing as I know full well I'm entirely incapable of stepping up to a starting line and NOT giving it my best effort. We'll see.) ***Hmmm...this one isn't fitting into the training plan quite as neatly I as thought it would. It may have to go. We'll see.

July 22nd: Color Run, Ann Arbor MI 5K Want to join me? Register as a part of my team, The Magnificent Mamas and save $5 on your entry fee! 

July 29th: Warrior Dash, New Lothrop MI 5K + some other stuff. Just go click the link. 

August: Wood Duck Dash kids 1 mile (ok I might get sucked into this one too. One last 5K before we really get down to business.)

September 1st: Marquette Marathon No bears :-)
                 30th: Brooksie Half Marathon??? Perhaps

October 6th: Red October Run 5K or 10 K
               7th: Applefest Run (A.K.A. Fall Frolic) 5K or 10K (I can NOT believe they renamed my Applefest Run that. Fall Frolic? It's ridiculous. I'm running out there not "frolicking." Epic fail. It's the Applefest Run forever and always. Period.)
           27th: Halloween Hustle 5K or 10K + Kids Run

21st: Detroit 1/2 Marathon. Nah...too many other friends/family running that day. Think I'll just go be moral support :-)

November 24th: Turkey Trot, Location TBD

December: And now we rest :-)