About Me

Short version: Wife. Mom of 3 (girls). Runner. Running Coach. Blogger. Aspiring writer. From Michigan. For those of you looking for the goods, PR’s (personal records) are at the bottom of the page. Scroll on my friend.

For the detail oriented, a more complete picture of me complete with, well, pictures, can be found on my coaching site, here. But if you're just not in the mood to click away, here’s some random and pehaps mildly interesting facts about me.

OH! And since I know you really really want to see how I answered Blogger's good old random question, here's a link to my profile.


1. Cheese and chocolate are my two favorite foods, but as a general rule of thumb not together with the exception of cheesecake with chocolate syrup of course...and now that I’m thinking about it pretty much any cream cheesy sort of dessert involving chocolate is good by me too.

2. I worked as an intern on election night in 2000 (Gore v. Bush) at a major market radio station and hid in the bathroom to call home and spill the beans to my parents before they were announcing it on air that the early return results were wrong. I was terrified I’d get caught.

3. I hate to wear socks.

4. I’m very allergic to cats. They sense this and find me knowing I can’t resist their furry little cuteness and will totally pet them anyway.

5. I was a lifeguard and used to teach swimming lessons to little kids. Now I’m teaching my mom and sister.

6. I saved my sister’s life when I was about 6 and she was around 4. She tried to climb a heavy dresser in her room and it tipped over. With my little chicken scratch arms & some miraculous strength, I held that dresser up so it wouldn’t crush her while hollering for my mom and kept it from crushing her until my mom came running to rescue her (and me). As adults I also swam her back to shore, when our rafts floated waaaaaaaaay too far out onto Lake Michigan into the shipping channel. So basically, she owes me.

7. I was 100% sure all three times I was pregnant I was having a boy. I have three girls.

8. I’m a firm believer cake and ice cream when served together should be eaten with a fork and never ever ever a spoon. Cake alone also must be eaten with a fork. Ice cream alone…spoon, but I wouldn’t hold it against you if you used a fork.

9. Old banana peels gross me out. My husband leaves them everywhere.

10. I never listen to music or watch tv when I run even on long runs. I usually spend that time praying, solving the world’s problems or writing new blog posts in my head. Although I’ll admit, sometimes my prayer is reduced to “Please God, just let me finish” over and over and over…

11. My hands and legs/feet are all characters (old pony, baby pony, handy hand, handy hand’s mom, brontosaurus) and I frequently speak in various accents (excited Sarah, The Count, honky horn) all to entertain my 4 year old. Dr. Mommy is by far her favorite character. Mine too because for some reason every single thing Dr. Mommy says is listened to and obeyed. I”m considering taking a fulltime position as Dr. Mommy.

12. I’m pretty sure that self check out lanes at the grocery store were designed by someone who had mom issues and was looking to get revenge on all moms of the world through a subtle form of torture. Really. Who needs water boarding? We should just force suspected terrorists to scan and bag entire cartfuls of groceries with a 1 1/2 year old who needs a nap and refuses to sit in the cart and a 3 year old who’s “huuuuuuungryyyyyy” or has to “peeeeeeee” while the only employee in sight chit chats with their friend until they break and tell us everything they know. These guys would spill it in a heartbeat no doubt.

13. I further think moms of the world should unite and make a pact to bag each other's groceries in the self checkout lanes when we sense mommy meltdown is imminent.

14. If I could have anything in the world, I think I would choose a daily nap.

15. Laundry will eventually be the cause of my demise. I just know it.

16. I give my daughter a popsicle (Edy’s fruit bars no sugar added, no artificial sweetner) almost every night as a reward for completing the bedtime routine (pick up, bath, brush hair, brush teeth) without complaining, whining, stalling or just generally giving me a hard time since my defenses are low and I'm not sure I could handle a nightly struggle.

17. When my husband snores, I bump him or kick him a little to wake him up and then pretend I’m asleep and didn’t do it. He knows I do this, but I still pretend it wasn’t me anyway.

18. I never knew toilet paper had a right way to go on the roll until I got married.

19. The funniest thing I ever had to yell at my daughter: “Get baby Jesus out of your mouth!” She was eating the nativity scene at Christmas.

20. Weirdest thing I ever saw while running: My husband and I were on a very secluded part of a local trail running, a couple was walking towards us from the opposite direction. The man was pretty tall and had a GIANT beer belly which he had pulled his shirt up over so it was sticking out in all it’s blinding white hairy belly glory, but the shirt was just up over the belly and nothing else almost as if he was trying to accentuate the belly. As we passed by, he just looked over and said hello as if there was in fact no bare naked belly to be seen or this was a perfectly normal thing to do. Who wouldn’t want to check out his fine enormous belly anyway? Weird.

21. When I was a kid I was afraid of kermit the frog.  Terrified. I’d shake when the theme song to the Muppets came on.

22. I’ve never seen the Godfather movies and until my honeymoon I had also never seen any Monty Python movies. My husband almost couldn’t marry me because of this. Finally on our honeymoon, I watched the Holy Grail, but was sorely disappointed that nobody in the movie could get the lines right as I had heard them from my husband many many times before. Monty’s version was not nearly as funny as his.

23. Before having kids, I once told my husband if anything happened to him I either wanted to become a Missionary of Charity (one of Mother Teresa’s nuns) or a professional poker player. I was serious.

24. I’ve got a number of books I’ve started writing but am yet to finish one. Although, I did finish a children’s board book. I just have to learn to  draw so I can illustrate it because I don’t think too many publishers will be keen on stick figures. One book may or may not have something to do with running moms. You'll just have to hang around to find out.

25. For a longer time than I’m willing to admit, I thought that the grade of gasoline on the pump at the gas station referred to the year it was made. At some point I realized the years weren’t changing all that much.

26. I am terrible at math.

27. I love to cook and think one day when I don’t have to do it under duress due to two small hungry children, I might be able to come up with something a little less char flavored.

28. Sort of think mosquitoes might have been a mistake.

29. Once ate sauerkraut cold and liked it (I’m mighty polish).

30. Really am not sure why anyone ever makes their bed, since they’re going to get right back into it the next night anyway.

31. Travelling choices: Big city over woodsy, beach over big city, family friendly over all. Never ever camping.

32. I like to sneeze. And sneezing when you’ve been really stuffed up almost feels like a reward.

33. I can’t stay awake in a car.

34. I love to write, but only if I can type. I actually debated this in a class on journaling once with my professor. She asserted that to journal one MUST hand write to connect with the paper. I disagreed because my handwriting can’t keep up with my head and that not only is frustrating but causes me to miss things I would have liked to have gotten down on said paper. She conceded my point, but still made me hand write my journal. Since I don’t keep a journal anymore, I'm pretty sure I didn’t “connect.”

35. I’d like to learn how to golf without being angry in doing so.

36. I can’t sleep under pressure to get to sleep.

37. Dora annoys me. It’s the staring. Lola is my favorite. She reminds me of my 4 year old.

38. Politicians make me crazy. All of them. I’d be in favor of scrapping the whole lot of them and starting fresh with real actual people.

39. My favorite wine is Pinot Grigio.

40. I have an unreasonable fear of choking. I’m afraid I will probably be forced to cut my children’s food into tiny bite size pieces well into their adulthood.

41. I’d rather run outside than inside, but mostly I run inside on a treadmill.

42. One day I’d like to run or bike or some combination of the two across the U.S.

43. I love new runners and I especially love to see new runners cross the finish line for the first time.

44. The worst tasks of mommy hood: 3 year old little girl hairstyling and baby fingernail cutting. I’d take poopy diaper any day of the week over those.

45: The best tasks of mommy hood: pre-school pickup and early morning baby cuddling.

46. I want to go to Rome on my 10 year wedding anniversary. (2012)

47. I frequently say pry and prolly in place of probably even though I know they are not actually words at least not in the manner I am using them.

48. I am the slowest text message sender ever. You might as well call me because you’ll get an answer faster.

49. Sometimes I hate running, but I usually do it anyway.

50. I would like to start my own race and times would be not only age adjusted but OTHER factored. Do you have kids? Was one up all night? Have you been sick? Is your knee bothering you? Is it your time of the month? Did you have to work late? All these things would be factored into determining finish times and awards. I’d also put timing chip mats in front of all the port-a-potties so taking care of business wouldn’t negatively affect your time. Of course, I would probably skew all these things in my own favor. But I think you get the drift.


5K- 23:31 at the Red October Run 2010

8K- 50:08 at the CRIM 2007

10K- 50:04 at the Huron Applefest 2010 (so perhaps I should revisit that 8K eh?)

Half Marathon – 1:58:22 at the Martian 1/2 Marathon 2010

Marathon – 4:39:11 at the United States Air Force Marathon 2010


Huron Applefest 5K

Red October Run 5K

Rollie Hopgood 5K

Sacred Heart Run for the Unborn 5K

Flat Rock Level Pebble 10K

CRIM 8K, 10 Mile

Martian 1/2 Marathon

Bayshore 1/2 Marathon

Chicago Marathon (Sick and DNF’d at mile 16 But will conquer this one still. You mark my words.)

Detroit Free Press Marathon and Marathon Relay

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

United States Air Force Marathon

Willow Duathlon Relay

Iron Goddess Mini Sprint Triathlon

Sylvania Women's Only Sprint Triathlon