Monday, February 25, 2013

I’m in!…I think

I registered for a race yesterday (technically, this was last week. I’ve had one puker after another over here since then and although this post was written, I couldn’t get around to adding the pictures until just now, hence the delay).

That’s right. Almost nine months pregnant, haven’t run a lick since September(ish) and yesterday I signed on the dotted line to run a 5K just 6 weeks out from my due date…because I am  most certainly a crazy person.

But here’s the thing, I usually have some sort of plan post baby. And usually, it’s a longerish race, a half, a full, something I’ve got to travel to go run. I do this because while I truly LOVE the shorter races (seriously, I think the 5K is my favorite of all distances) a longer race requires a longer commitment. Generally speaking, it’s not the best idea to just wing a marathon. It takes some training. For me post pregnancy, we’re looking at a bare minimum of 6 months or more and that’s IF I’ve been running while pregnant. If not, then it’s going to be many more grueling, yet in some weird way (at least to the world outside of running) enjoyable months of training.

This is a good thing though. It means that I’ll keep working out. I’ll keep pushing myself. I’ve got a goal. I’ve paid money to run that race. And in some instances, I’ve made vacation plans around it (yep, races are often planned around vacations in this household, at least the big ones). So when newborn baby is up repeatedly in the middle of the night, big sisters wake up for the day at the (butt) crack of dawn and I’m fully exhausted, I still go run. I have that goal after all.

This baby has been a little bit different though. The thought of marathon training post baby just does not appeal to me, especially because probably, if I’m being realistic considering the whole lack of running around these parts, the optimal time for a marathon is going to be next spring. A spring marathon means winter long runs. I’m a cold weather puss. In fact, I’m freezing right now. Literally, you could touch my nose or fingertips and get frostbite. I’m sure of it. And no, I am not typing this outside although I am sitting near a door which would probably be wise to move away from, but then I lose the table space that my handy dandy little notebook is sitting on and I’ll be forced to balance it on my baby belly while I wait for my daughter’s cheerleading to wrap up which while I’m sure would be fun to look at, is not optimal for capturing these pearls of wisdom and typing them for all to read. (Have I mentioned btw that one thing about pregnancy I will totally miss is my belly shelf? Where oh where shall I balance my bowl of ice cream with such ease of access?)

And let’s face it, this is not my first time doing this dance. Having a newborn in the house, running a marathon, and mixing the two, is it doable? Yes. Is it a LOT of work? Also, yes. And maybe this is just the lack of sleep from dealing with one puker and one snotty kid the past couple of days, but I don’t particularly feel like taking on the extra workload right now.  So I’m thinking this might be the year of the 5K for me. Like I mentioned earlier, I LOVE that race. I can probably knock off most of my training runs in a half hour or so. I can be ready to go much much sooner and there’s so many local, fun, themed 5Ks I could run myself silly this year if I wanted to.

So, I signed up for Color Me Rad. We had soooooooo much fun doing a color run last year,




I couldn’t resist even though it’s pretty early on the calendar, May 11th.  If my labor and delivery goes about the way they usually go and baby girl stays put all the way to my due date, I will be no where near ready to run a 5K by then. Walking it will likely not be an option either. Possibly. But probably not. But I figure hey, who knows? These babies are all different and the way I’ve been feeling lately, I seriously think I could go at anytime (hopefully at least not until all the puke & snot is out of my house though) and if there is any chance that I can run, walk, or waddle my way through that race, I am totally going to do it (and if not, I’ll be transferring my spot to RunDad so my big girls can still go. No way, I want them to miss that. I maybe should mention this to RunDad eh? He may want to start running).

And now that I actually HAVE registered for the race, I can NOT stop looking at other races. It’s a sickness really. But I figure if I’m not going to have one big fall race to shoot for, maybe a few short races strategically spaced out will keep me motivated when the new baby exhaustion sets in, at least that’s the plan (subject to change at any time with no prior written notification Winking smile )

So who’s got a suggestion for a fun must run 5K? And please, feel free to leave it even if I’d have to book an airline ticket to get there. Not necessarily because I’d be able to do that, but because they're still fun to look at even if I can't (a gal can dream can't she?) So give me your most fun, funniest, prettiest, most challenging, best swag or whatever you criteria you deem to make a race one NOT to miss, 5Ks and I’ll get back to planning my race calendar. Smile

'Til next time...

P.S. Children 7 & under can run (or in the case of my kiddos run/walk/piggyback ride) Color Me Rad for free. Isn’t that sweet?! My oldest daughter had a BLAST last year and I think that’s what made the race so special, not so much running it (which we did very little of) but just watching her face light up as we made our way around the course. Best. 5K. Ever. IMO

P.P.S. I am not in any way shape or form opposed to obstacle course races. I ran one last year and even though it was just a local, VERY low budget event, I gotta say I’m hooked. So feel free to include those in your 5K suggestions.


Dakotasmommy said...

I was sad to find out that the Color Run and Color Me Rad are being held on the same day. :( I registered for Foam Fest this year after doing the Down and Dirty and the Warrior Dash last year. Maybe you should check that one out. :)

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