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Review & Giveaway: Boresha Fat Burning Coffee & Tea

So…looks like I may have some explaining to do. It’s entirely my own fault. I should have known better. One FB post matching up the words fat burning, with America’s favorite morning beverage, coffee, and I should have known there’d be questions Smile

For those of you who aren’t following along on FB (which you could do here btw if you’re so inclined), I recently posted a before and after picture of my husband, RunDad.  I was pretty excited because he won the grand prize in Boresha’s 90 day weight loss challenge, not only did he shed some unwanted pounds that he had been struggling with by using their fat burning coffee and tea, but also he won an all expenses paid trip to San Francisco which meant that I got to tag a long too.  And if you know anything about me, you know that even just ONE night out without the kids is a rarity. So I was pretty stoked.

PLUS by all expenses, we’re talking all expenses here. Air fare, two nights at the Ritz Carlton with $100 on tab for breakfast or whatever our hearts desired, Dinner at Vic Stewart’s with the best prime rib around, Lunch at Neptune’s on Pier 39 (clam chowder in a bread bowl anyone?), Ride on a Rocket Boat, $500 in gift cards for shopping at Macy’s in Union Square, another $500 in cash for incidentals, and limousine transportation for the majority of our travels while we were there. They weren’t messin’ around. It was a ridiculously good time. Here’s us with the other challenge winners…

cable car

But some of you want me to explain what exactly fat burning coffee and/or tea is and how you can get your hands on some. Rather than just keep answering the same FB messages and emails, I figure’d I’d just knock it off here.

And let me be frank, because I know what some of you out there who are skeptical at heart like I am are thinking. Trust me. I had those same thoughts too. My husband was actually introduced to these products about a year and a half ago. Notice, my silence on the matter up until now. You can go look through my archives if you don’t believe me. Not. A. Word.

The thing is, when he came home one afternoon and told me about this “coffee that burns fat” I had two words for him. The first one was bull. The second stinks. I’ll let you figure it out.

“Coffee does not burn fat. This is a rip off.” I told him.  Exercise more. Eat less. Eat healthy. And eventually, with enough hard work, you’ll lose weight. That’s pretty much always been my motto. And yes, I know that is MUCH easier said than done and it can be challenging, frustrating, and disappointing to not be cutting those pounds as quickly as one would like, but in my experience, most of the time products that sound too good to be true, are. They either don’t work or have weird side effects. I was not excited my husband wanted to give “fat burning coffee” a go. It sounded ridiculous.

But he researched up one side and down the other of this coffee, the science behind it as well as the background of the company founders. While much of what he told me was interesting, I still wasn’t convinced. Surely, this was a marketing ploy to play on the hopes of those aspiring to live a healthier lifestyle.

Then my Aunt lost 30 lbs…

Then my diabetic nephew (in law) lost 10 pounds AND even more impressive, he was able to sleep through the night for the first time in his life because he didn’t have to get up and eat something. He was also able to cut his insulin down by 2 shots, approximately 22 units a day because of how the tea regulated his blood sugar.

Then my couch potato dad lost 65ish pounds




Not to mention he’s reclaimed his life. What once was a man stuck on the sidelines as the support crew, has now become quite the IMG256competitor. He’s  done century rides (that’s 100 miles on a bicycle if you’re not familiar with the term) any number of 5ks and other races on the way to his first half marathon this fall.  Last weekend he even ran the Warrior Dash finishing in the top half of his age group.

It was getting tough to argue with results. I mean how do I keep saying, “that won’t work” when you’re looking right at the proof in front of you it has.

So I shut up. January 1st, my husband started his 90 day challenge. He drank their tea and raspberry latte and for those of you who missed the FB post. Here’s the before and after (and two of my three adorable kiddos).



I swear this is 90 days. In fact, I believe that first picture was taken in November, just BEFORE the holiday eatfest so he was probably a little heavier when he actually started his 90 day challenge at the beginning of January. The second picture was taken at the beginning of April specifically for the contest. He lost 30lbs and 6 inches around his waist. Impressive eh?

Now, I still think exercise and eating a healthy diet is important (says the woman who had McDonald’s for breakfast this morning. Sssshhhh!!! No one tell! Winking smile). But I am definitely a believer now that these products could give a person an extra boost if they’ve been struggling to lose weight. I’ve seen them in action.

Now, you have my solemn oath, I am not going to become spam a lot here and endlessly inundate you with posts about this company just because my husband is involved. BUT being that I am in tight with one of Boresha’s distributors (who’s lookin’ mighty fine these days), I did score one of you a FREE box of either the coffee or tea (I told him running a giveaway on my blog would be a good business move on his part. See how I am. I’m even trying to score you all free products from my own family members. HA!) So if you’re skeptical at heart like me and you’d like to give these products a shot with no money out of pocket to start, you are definitely going to want to get in on this one!



1) Follow this blog. Through a reader, on Facebook, Twitter, via email, somewhere, just so that you are paying attention at least a little bit. That way you can find out if you’re the winner.

2) Leave me a comment to let me know which you would prefer if you won the coffee or the tea.

And that’s it! If you’d like to better your odds, you’ll receive one extra entry if you tweet, post, blog, email, or somehow otherwise promote this contest to someone. Just let me know in your comment what exactly you did and I’ll put your name in the big bowl of names I’m going to let one of my little girlies draw the winner out of TWICE instead of once. All entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM on August 20th, 2012. We’ll announce the winner the next day.

If you just can’t wait that long and you’d like to get started on some fat burning coffee or tea RIGHT NOW or you’d like a little more information, you can visit my husband’s website here. I believe his contact information is listed as well if you have a question. Don’t tell him I told you this (he always says I’m too long in my posts, and I can almost guarantee you if he did actually start reading this post, he’s no longer with us. It’s ok, I don’t mind. That’s why I put all the good stuff here at the bottom Winking smile), if you’d like a sample before you order, you can probably talk him into it pretty easily. Now, don’t get too excited. I seriously doubt you’re going to cut any weight after one or two teas or cups of coffee, but you can at least see if you like how it tastes before ordering.

If you’re afraid of emailing my husband and feel more comfortable sending your question to me, you know the drill! You’re all welcome to email me anytime, fat burning coffee or otherwise, at

(NOTE: Because my husband is a distributor, if you click that link above and make a purchase, he will earn credit which translates into bonus money for him. Since he kind of likes me and we share a lot of the same things-food, house, car, um…kids, etc, this means that your purchase will benefit me also. So if you don’t like me or you’re just a meanie pants, you can still click that link, but you might want to find someone you DO like to order your product from).


'Til next time...

P.S. I have tasted the tea. It was pretty good! I have not however used the products for weight loss. First, I was pregnant. Then, I was breastfeeding. And now, well, you’ll find out soon enough Smile

P.P.S. If you do decide you’d just like to get going now, I’d HIGHLY recommend you sign up for that 90 day challenge. If you decide the products aren’t for you, no big deal. Just bow out. BUT if you do like the results you’re getting, you’ll already be in the running for some fabulous prizes, ipads, flat screen tvs, and yes, that fabulous trip I went on is up for grabs again too!


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I follow you on Facebook, and I would love the tea if I won. Sounds like an interesting product to try, thanks!

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I recently started following you on Facebook and your blog! I am also a mom of 3 girls! After having my last girl in May, I would love to try the coffee to boost my weight loss efforts while continuing my training program! Thanks and good luck on your newest adventure in parenthood!

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Fat reduction is really very hard task for me. I have to exercise and eating diet food. Thanks to upload this tea and coffee news.
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I'm following on fb!! I would love the coffee!!

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