Monday, July 9, 2012

Epic Ice Bath Fail

There’s only three steps. Fill the tub with enough cold water to cover your thighs. Add ice. Get in. Not that complicated right?

And for those of you who are wondering why on earth someone would impose just such a form of self inflicted torture, it’s a quick easy way to ice all the parts that are going to hurt the next day following a long run (or other hard workout) thus reducing inflammation and a whole lot of pain. I swear by them. Any runs over 10 miles, I’m taking the icy plunge.

But leave it to me, to err at something so simple. Following my 16 mile treadmill run that ended at 11:30PM (that’s a whole other story to come soon), I turned the knob to let the tub start to fill and walked away for a moment. When I returned the water was at just the right level, so shut off the faucet and took the tray of ice that I had brought upstairs with me from the freezer and dumped it in.

It melted.

**SIGH** I had only one shot at this since it was already so late. No chance I was leaving the house to go find ice somewhere. All I really wanted was to go to bed (not sure why though since I didn’t fall asleep until after 4:30 AM. Again, story for another day). I tried to get in before the little teeny remnants of cubes were totally gone thinking perhaps the water would be just cold enough to help at least a little.

It wasn’t totally warm, but I didn’t have to hold my breath any when I got in (a sure sign of ice bath success). I sat there for a couple of minutes, but figured it was pretty pointless so I just took a hot shower instead (because if you’re going to blow it you might as well go all out right?).

Following my “ice bath” I sat down to write you all on FB and answer a couple of messages. I was maybe 15 minutes. Then I got up to take the ice cube tray back downstairs.

I thought about crying for a minute. My legs hurt that bad. Ok…maybe I’m exaggerating a little ;-) But they WERE already sore. THIS is never a good sign. This morning, I was pretty sure stairs were out to get me. And there’s a good chance my kids were in on the plan since it seemed like I kept having to go up and down them a little more than I usually do for one reason or another involving the little rascals.

I’m happy to report though that it was pretty short lived. Just a slightly twingey right achilles remains, but today was an off day so no big deal. I expect by tomorrow it’ll be back in line with all the rest of my parts so that I can get in that scheduled run.

But for future reference lesson learned: Always. Check. The. Water. Temperature. BEFORE. Walking. Away. 

 'Til next time...

P.S. The first of those review/giveaways that I promised you all last night on FB & Twitter is coming tomorrow and I’ve gotta say, this might quite possibly be my most favorite piece of running gear that I’ve reviewed so far AND I’ve got one up for grabs! So don’t miss it!


runnanna said...

Someone was trying to tell you to go to BED!Crazy girl!

Shannon said...

Too funny! I can't even get in an ice bath anymore since someone told me about getting in the tub first. Now I do that, fill the tub with cold water and then dump the ice in. (This last part takes a little maneuvering.) Anyway, the gradual adjustment to the colder temps is nice, and having an excuse to be by myself and sit in a tub is nice, too. :)

Laura Erin said...

I want to hear about how you managed a 16 mile run on the treadmill so late at night!! You go girl!

Jan said...

I'm not sure which sounds worse to me, a 16-mile run on a treadmill or an ice bath! I haven't tried an ice bath, but I wake up a bit sore from my harder workouts, so maybe it's something I should force myself to consider.