Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Silly MI Runners: Take 2

As if the slip and slide world record at Rock the World wasn’t enough, runners in Michigan are going to make another attempt at breaking a silly world record at the Canton Liberty Fest on June 16th. The race is being put on by my favorite folks over at Running Fit (the best running shop on the planet with the most some of the most creatively themed races IMO). Many thanks to their extraordinary Mandy H. for taking the time out of her busy day to answer all of my equally as silly questions!

1) What world record is it that you're after? Largest Gathering of people dressed as a Landmark…in our case…the Statue of Liberty :-)

2) What's the current world record? No official record in the books yet, but gather record minimum is set at 250

3) What exactly has to happen in order for this record to fall? How is it made official? Everyone must gather in a set area for at least 10 minutes.  The crowd will be entertained by music, raffles, trivia and more!  There are pages of documentation you have to fulfill and submit.  Photos, checking people in and out, diagrams, etc.  We are lucky we have our own timing system so we are able to use the timing chips on participant’s races bibs to check them in!  How cool is that!

4) Who came up with this crazy idea and how? There is a lot of crazy stuff that happens in the events office at Running Fit when no one is looking ;-) No idea is too silly around here!  We just thought it would be a great way to add some excitement to a new race.  The Canton Liberty Fest is going to be a great host!

5) Of all landmarks you could have chosen, why The Statue of Liberty? Canton Liberty Festival wanted to add a run to their weekend festival and we said sure! The addition of Lady Liberty was just natural :-)  If you know Running Fit …you know we love a good theme :-)

6) The Statue of Liberty costume is part of your registration fee. What exactly is that comprised of? The first 1500 registered will receive a custom gown, custom crown and choice of torch or liberty sunglasses.

7) Do you have any tips on the best running form while donning a gown and carrying a torch? We have been practicing!  The costumes are great! If it’s a hot day you don’t even have to wear anything underneath!  Ha!  Very breathable and they can easily be cut to length if too long!

8) Will the torches be lit? That sounds like a fire hazard! I don’t think it was covered in our permit :-)

9) Are there special awards for the fastest statues? Not this year! There are age group awards 5 deep in 5 year age groups for the 10k and 5k.  The overall male/female in each race will be walking away with a personalized Statue of Liberty Trophy!

10) Can children participate? For sure!  They can run any distance.  There is a 1 mile fun run at 10:00am…anyone is welcomed to join in that distance as well.

11) Only the first 1500 will be part of the world record attempt correct? How close are you to meeting that number and if someone wanted to get in on the action how soon should they register? Registrations are coming in every day.  All we can say is register early to be guaranteed a costume!

12) Do you have any suggestions for spectators who might be coming to support a family member on what would be the most appropriate cheer to yell or sign to make to encourage their statue's best performance?  There is a lot happening at the Canton Liberty Festival for friends and family who are not racing.  Check out the website for the schedule of events.  There are a few places on the course spectators could visit to cheer others one.  Course maps are posted online.  If they don’t want to run they can always sign up for the 1 mile, get the costume,  and then join in for the World Record Attempt at 9:45AM.

13) Will this be an annual attempt? The first of many world records to come? Annual attempt for sure!  And with the record being open to all landmarks…maybe you will see a bunch of Liberty Bells next summer!

14) If all goes as planned and that world record falls, what can the participants expect as newly crowned world record holders? We will receive one official certificate.  The Guinness Book of World Records offers a personalized certificate option if individuals would like purchase their own.  Because of the large amount of records broken every year not all  records are published in the book.  Fingers crossed :-)

If you’d like to take part in this HISTORIC run and be able to save “hey, I once broke a WORLD record,” you can register for the Liberty Fest run here and get to practicing your most statuesque running form ;-)

'Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! What a fun and silly race! It should be hilarious!

Yo Momma Runs said...

That sounds really fun! That's awesome that you guys have such a cool running shop that is so active in the community.

Shannon said...

Sounds silly indeed - but great! I wish I had been into running when I still lived in Michigan. It sounds like I missed out on a lot of fun. :)