Thursday, April 5, 2012

Totally Random Rules for Weight Loss Part II

And for those of you who didn’t catch part I, and simply MUST know what you missed, you can find that here.

As for the rest of you, (whom I simply can NOT believe came back for more of this nonsense) we continue…

11) Don’t be a hero. Just survive the holiday eat fest. And with a holiday bearing down on us like that 70 + year old shirtless speed walker/gimping runner guy with the American Flag short shorts that attends every race and finishes ahead of me no matter how awkward his running style seems to be, its apropos, don’t you think, to be discussing this one right about now.

When it comes to holidays, we eat. BIG. But that puts me in a bit of a pickle. I can either throw the whole healthy eating thing right out the window (and sometimes I do) OR I can be THAT gal. You know, the one who’s ungrateful and doesn’t appreciate all the hard work people went to to make all their various totally tasty, but probably not so great for my waistline dishes. So I compromise. I take a LITTLE bit of everything (which is still a plate, or two, full) and then I apply a few of those other rules we talked about earlier. Eat slow. Variety. Put the bag back. That way I don’t have to turn my scheduled 5 mile run into a full out marathon in order to burn those calories, BUT I still got to enjoy a little taste of the holidays to. Win. Win. All around.

12) You’re not the boss of me! My kids like SOME healthy foods. And I stress the word some. The Little Miss LOVES pretty much any kind of fruit. The Tiger on the other hand is kind of picky about fruit, but LOVES any kind of green vegetable, like a plate full of raw spinach for example (yeah, weird. I know.) Both of my girls will eat whole grain noodles and brown rice like it’s going out of style. But ultimately, they’re in this whole eating thing for the snackage and the sweets. And like any reasonable kid, they’ll opt for that every time if possible.

Fortunately, I rule the roost around here, not them. Just because they’d like a kid’s meal with a dessert every night, doesn’t mean they’re getting one.  If I’m making junk for them, then chances are I’m eating it too. Yes, I do try to plan meals that they’ll eat, but when it comes down to it. They get what they get. And fortunately (or unfortunately depending how you look at it), it’s going to fall along the lines of all these rules. Good for me. Good for them.  Today’s probably not the day, but one day they’ll thank me, I just know it ;-)

13) It’s dangerous to shop hungry. Don’t do it. Seriously. I’m not good when I’m low on food. I turn into some sort of ferocious monster, a ravaging werewolf in search of food. All logic leaves my head and I’ll simply grab whatever I can as impulse dictates as quickly as I can, to get it, get out of there and start eating it. This is not such a good way to shop. Let’s just say, I don’t make the best choices in that state (mild cheddar cheese dip. Every. Time. Thanks alot Frito Lays).

14) Nurse a baby. Preferably your own ;-) Ok I know this one isn’t possible for everyone, but if you do happen to be pregnant or thinking about becoming so, besides all of the many many health benefits for you and your baby, you burn something like 9 million calories for every minute you nurse. Ok…I might be exaggerating a little, but you do burn a LOT of calories which will help you to shed some of those unwanted baby pounds (“I’m sorry…what’s that you say? I gained more than 60 pounds and my baby ways just under 8? I’m pretty sure you weighed her wrong. Try again….I beg you.)

Besides, it’s like I always say, if you’re gonna be getting up multiple times a night to feed a baby anyway, might as well save yourself the trouble of washing a bottle and burn a few hundred calories while you’re at it. (Well…maybe I don’t ALWAYS say that. But I do think I might have said that once at some point…or maybe I thought about saying it…or I dreamt about it…I don’t know. I was up late burning calories last night ;-) )

15) Don’t drink your calories…unless you mean to drink your calories. Pop, coffee, energy drinks, shakes, smoothies, sports drinks, all taste great right? But they’re packed with calories and in their drinkable format they go down soooooooo very easy that sometimes we just don’t even think about it. Opt for water. A little Bobby Boucher high quality H20. I know it’s not as exciting as other options, but geez man, it’s just a drink. Leave the flavor for the food. Save your drinkable calories for when you really need them, like a sports drink on a long run, a recovery drink after, or a meal replacement drink early in the morning when you don’t have time to eat while you’re getting all the little folks ready for school.

16) Can I get a box please? With three small kids, it’s not often we go out to eat. But when we do, I always try to take a little bit home. For starters, it’ll save me some sort of meal prep the next day (YAY!) and secondly, is it just me or do the portion sizes at a most restaurants seem to be designed for a sumo wrestler? Plus there’s the extra bonus that if I do leave a little on my plate, there’s probably a little room in my tummy for dessert and you know on the off chance I get a night out somewhere, I’m certainly making the most of it. Those little shot sized desserts were totally created with me in mind!

17) Don’t fall into the, “I ran. I earned it.” trap. Or even worse, the “I’m going to run so I’ll burn it off later” trap. It’s one thing if you’re doing that every once in awhile after a race or a really difficult run. Or if you say it kiddingly, knowing whole heartedly that your run is going to be no match for the massive amounts of cheesecake covered in strawberries and chocolate syrup you’re about to consume at your annual Mother’s Day Brunch, but if that starts to become your daily mantra, there’s a problem. All those calories you’re burning on the treadmill are just being replaced with empty calories of junk food.

Now, I’m totally for rewarding yourself with something small, but if I let my run become the excuse for me to eat a bunch of garbage, weight loss is much much tougher.

18) On the flip side, I don’t go to the opposite extreme and severely restrict my caloric intake either. The body needs what it needs and there’s no getting around that. Runners NEED to eat. Pure and simple. If you don’t, you are putting yourself at risk for a whole slew of problems the least of which is a decrease in running performance and nobody here wants that right?! Your body NEEDS fuel to run and if it doesn’t have that fuel because you’re not eating to try and lose weight, not only are you putting yourself in a possibly very dangerous situation, you’re actually undermining your own efforts! “Fat burns in a carbohydrate flame,” was the line seared into my brain back at the coaching classes. If there’s none there because you’re not eating or you’re eating very little, your body goes into a kind of starvation mode and tries to hold onto what it can.” So eat mama! It’ll help things along :-)

19) Just go to bed already! When I stay up too late, I get hungry and I need a fourth meal. However, if I go to sleep early, I generally don’t waltz downstairs in the middle of the night and make myself a sandwich (all pregnancies aside of course ;-) ) . Now, I realize this might be easier said than done with all the craziness mommyhood has to throw at you, but sometimes the best option is to just put it all aside for the night and sleep on it.

20) When all else fails, just start over! And keep starting over and over and over and over until eventually, it sticks!

And there you have it! My totally random rules. If something helps you, awesome. If not, feel free to share your much more effective far less random tips for losing weight. We’re all ears…

'Til next time...

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Shannon @ Tales from an Average Runner said...

Love the rules! Too funny. I am definitely guilty of #17. That's part of the charm of running, isn't it? :)

Nursing rocks - whether for calorie burning or not! I nursed for a combined total of five years, so hopefully we all got some benefits out of it.

Not the boss of me is right, but certainly the influence of me. I can't believe how much my kids' influence what we cook in this house. I still cook healthy stuff, but we do our fair share of pizzas and mac and cheese now, too, to balance it out for them. I'm lucky that they'll eat veggies, but it's not their favorite by any stretch.

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