Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rock the World…for FREE!!!

PrintCan you believe it?! The Dead Running Giveaway just got EVEN better! Because now, EXCLUSIVELY here you’ve got the opportunity to win TWO FREE entries, one for you and one for a friend, to a 2012 Rock the World Event. I KNOW! I couldn’t believe it either!

And if what you’re thinking now is, I have no idea what Rock the World is. Me too! Until a couple of weeks ago when a friend of mine that I write training plans for mentioned to me that she wanted to add Rock the World to her schedule this fall. “Say what? Rock the World? What? Where? When?” I believe was the long and the short of my response. I’m pretty familiar with a good majority of races here in Michigan and she’s still a pretty new runner. So how was it possible she knew about this very enticing sounding race and I had no clue?

Because it’s brand spanking new that’s why! I’d never heard of it because it’s never happened before! So, I of course did what any good running mom/blogger would do, I hopped right on over to their website to check it out. And in a word, SWEET!

It’s a 5K that’s loaded with obstacles and yeah, I know, there seems to be a ton of those floating around right now, but check this out: It’s a THEMED obstacle course. Each obstacle is based on a different landmark around the world. They’re tough. They’re dirty. They’re AWESOME. And when I watched the video on their site, Rock the World founder, Matt Dykstra, had me jumping out of my seat when he said, “family friendly was important.” YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

Most of you know, I got sucked into registering for the Warrior Dash this summer. (Sucked = “Hey Kelly, you should do this.” Me: “Ok.”) But I don’t exactly get the impression that an event with a bunch of fire jumping beer drinking warriors is exactly a good place to be bringing my 3 little girls to spectate (although, I’d totally LOVE to see the Little Miss’ when she sees all those wildly shreaking muddy people and I guarantee you there’s no way that even the feistiest warrior would be able to keep The Tiger out of that mud which would probably pretty funny to watch). Because of this, before I even registered back in December, I begged RunNana to babysit. She agreed and ever since that day, she’s been moping because she can’t come watch. So I TOTALLY dig, that they’re billing Rock the World as a family event.

But I’ve been kind of torn, while I really really want to run it, I’m already registered for one obstacle/adventure type race this year. PLUS, it’s at the end of September. With the Marquette Marathon, The Tiger’s birthday, our anniversary, school starting along with the running club that I recently pitched the school principal on that same month, I’m gonna have A LOT going on. So I sort of forced myself to forget about that race, thinking I’d be too busy to squeeze it in probably. Maybe if I ended up having that weekend free, I’d make it a last minute decision or I’d go cheer everybody else on instead. That’s always fun too, especially when you’re going to a race that’s taking the after party seriously with food, drinks and live music!

Until we started this giveaway of all giveaways that is! I figured hey, just because I’m not necessarily running it, doesn’t mean you all can’t either. So I shot the race director an email, just on the off chance they’d be willing to toss a free entry our way. And guess what?! THEY DID! Not one, but two, because oh wise event organizers they are, they realized that events like these while fun on your own, are always much more so when you rope a friend or two into it too.

Pretty sweet eh? So if you’d like to score yourself a couple free entries to THE inaugural Rock the World Event, go. Go now! Before you forget and someone else swipes them out from under you. Just enter the Dead Running giveaway here and you’re good to go PLUS you’ll have a chance to win some other awesome running gear too! And if you already did enter, don’t panic! You’re in too! Once you’ve entered the giveaway you’re also entered to win any and all prizes added to the mix from here on out. (And yes, you should totally be reading into that, that I’ll be adding EVEN MORE prizes to my portion of the giveaway. In fact, I JUST got an email confirming at least one more stellar prize AND I’ve still got a couple of emails out there I’m waiting to hear back on. See be sure to pop back in every once in awhile to see what gets added).

Remember, these prizes are EXCLUSIVELY available here. So if you entered the Dead Running Giveaway elsewhere, make sure you do it here too so that you don’t miss out. And if you haven’t entered on any other blogs yet, remember that you increase your odds of winning for each blog you DO enter on. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just go check out the giveaway. You’ll be glad you did!

'Til next time...

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