Thursday, April 26, 2012

Give(away) 110%

Print Well, I promised more and more you shall get! How about some compression wear? And not just ANY compression wear, but compression wear from 110%. Compression wear that earned a spot on the very prestigious highly coveted Runner’s World 2011 Gear of the Year list. As part of our HUMONGOUS (we learned that word on Sesame Street today btw) giveaway to help launch Cami Checketts new book, Dead Running. One lucky winner is going to score a pair of their choice of Calf Sleeves or Juggler Knickers

110_CalfPink_large 110% knicker-ice women

  Aren’t they AWESOME?! Check out this 35 second video that shows you just how they work.

 Just think, if you had a pair of these bad boys you could totally do your icing mommy style!!! Which means you won’t even have to stop what you’re doing and take 15-20 minutes to just sit down and…wait A MINUTE!!! Isn’t that what we really want to do? Just sit down for a few gosh darn minutes! Let me rethink this a second…

OK…got it. We’ll go right ahead and ice on the fly. THEN we’ll, take that same 15-20 minutes we would have spent icing, in a nice hot bath at the end of the day…ahhh…Calgon take me away…perhaps reading a good book…oh I don’t know…say perhaps maybe Dead Running? (You see? You see what I did there? Brought the whole post right back around full circle. Pretty impressive right ;-) )

So if you’d like to win both your choice of compression wear from 110% AND 15-20 minutes of your time post run, be sure to enter into the Dead Running giveaway here. And remember, this is one of those prizes that is ONLY available if you enter the contest on THIS site. So if you entered elsewhere, that’s GREAT! Best of luck, but go enter here too so you can get in on some of those awesome prizes I’ve got exclusively up for grabs here. PLUS you’ll better your odds to win in the main giveaway the more blogs you enter on anyway. So win win and hopefully, you WILL win!

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EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

Can I get my butt to look like that in those juggler knickers?!?

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