Thursday, April 26, 2012

Give(away) 110%

Print Well, I promised more and more you shall get! How about some compression wear? And not just ANY compression wear, but compression wear from 110%. Compression wear that earned a spot on the very prestigious highly coveted Runner’s World 2011 Gear of the Year list. As part of our HUMONGOUS (we learned that word on Sesame Street today btw) giveaway to help launch Cami Checketts new book, Dead Running. One lucky winner is going to score a pair of their choice of Calf Sleeves or Juggler Knickers

110_CalfPink_large 110% knicker-ice women

  Aren’t they AWESOME?! Check out this 35 second video that shows you just how they work.

 Just think, if you had a pair of these bad boys you could totally do your icing mommy style!!! Which means you won’t even have to stop what you’re doing and take 15-20 minutes to just sit down and…wait A MINUTE!!! Isn’t that what we really want to do? Just sit down for a few gosh darn minutes! Let me rethink this a second…

OK…got it. We’ll go right ahead and ice on the fly. THEN we’ll, take that same 15-20 minutes we would have spent icing, in a nice hot bath at the end of the day…ahhh…Calgon take me away…perhaps reading a good book…oh I don’t know…say perhaps maybe Dead Running? (You see? You see what I did there? Brought the whole post right back around full circle. Pretty impressive right ;-) )

So if you’d like to win both your choice of compression wear from 110% AND 15-20 minutes of your time post run, be sure to enter into the Dead Running giveaway here. And remember, this is one of those prizes that is ONLY available if you enter the contest on THIS site. So if you entered elsewhere, that’s GREAT! Best of luck, but go enter here too so you can get in on some of those awesome prizes I’ve got exclusively up for grabs here. PLUS you’ll better your odds to win in the main giveaway the more blogs you enter on anyway. So win win and hopefully, you WILL win!

'Til next time...

Rock the World…for FREE!!!

PrintCan you believe it?! The Dead Running Giveaway just got EVEN better! Because now, EXCLUSIVELY here you’ve got the opportunity to win TWO FREE entries, one for you and one for a friend, to a 2012 Rock the World Event. I KNOW! I couldn’t believe it either!

And if what you’re thinking now is, I have no idea what Rock the World is. Me too! Until a couple of weeks ago when a friend of mine that I write training plans for mentioned to me that she wanted to add Rock the World to her schedule this fall. “Say what? Rock the World? What? Where? When?” I believe was the long and the short of my response. I’m pretty familiar with a good majority of races here in Michigan and she’s still a pretty new runner. So how was it possible she knew about this very enticing sounding race and I had no clue?

Because it’s brand spanking new that’s why! I’d never heard of it because it’s never happened before! So, I of course did what any good running mom/blogger would do, I hopped right on over to their website to check it out. And in a word, SWEET!

It’s a 5K that’s loaded with obstacles and yeah, I know, there seems to be a ton of those floating around right now, but check this out: It’s a THEMED obstacle course. Each obstacle is based on a different landmark around the world. They’re tough. They’re dirty. They’re AWESOME. And when I watched the video on their site, Rock the World founder, Matt Dykstra, had me jumping out of my seat when he said, “family friendly was important.” YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

Most of you know, I got sucked into registering for the Warrior Dash this summer. (Sucked = “Hey Kelly, you should do this.” Me: “Ok.”) But I don’t exactly get the impression that an event with a bunch of fire jumping beer drinking warriors is exactly a good place to be bringing my 3 little girls to spectate (although, I’d totally LOVE to see the Little Miss’ when she sees all those wildly shreaking muddy people and I guarantee you there’s no way that even the feistiest warrior would be able to keep The Tiger out of that mud which would probably pretty funny to watch). Because of this, before I even registered back in December, I begged RunNana to babysit. She agreed and ever since that day, she’s been moping because she can’t come watch. So I TOTALLY dig, that they’re billing Rock the World as a family event.

But I’ve been kind of torn, while I really really want to run it, I’m already registered for one obstacle/adventure type race this year. PLUS, it’s at the end of September. With the Marquette Marathon, The Tiger’s birthday, our anniversary, school starting along with the running club that I recently pitched the school principal on that same month, I’m gonna have A LOT going on. So I sort of forced myself to forget about that race, thinking I’d be too busy to squeeze it in probably. Maybe if I ended up having that weekend free, I’d make it a last minute decision or I’d go cheer everybody else on instead. That’s always fun too, especially when you’re going to a race that’s taking the after party seriously with food, drinks and live music!

Until we started this giveaway of all giveaways that is! I figured hey, just because I’m not necessarily running it, doesn’t mean you all can’t either. So I shot the race director an email, just on the off chance they’d be willing to toss a free entry our way. And guess what?! THEY DID! Not one, but two, because oh wise event organizers they are, they realized that events like these while fun on your own, are always much more so when you rope a friend or two into it too.

Pretty sweet eh? So if you’d like to score yourself a couple free entries to THE inaugural Rock the World Event, go. Go now! Before you forget and someone else swipes them out from under you. Just enter the Dead Running giveaway here and you’re good to go PLUS you’ll have a chance to win some other awesome running gear too! And if you already did enter, don’t panic! You’re in too! Once you’ve entered the giveaway you’re also entered to win any and all prizes added to the mix from here on out. (And yes, you should totally be reading into that, that I’ll be adding EVEN MORE prizes to my portion of the giveaway. In fact, I JUST got an email confirming at least one more stellar prize AND I’ve still got a couple of emails out there I’m waiting to hear back on. See be sure to pop back in every once in awhile to see what gets added).

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'Til next time...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dead Running Giveaway

So....I'm usually not into letting people write on my blog. I mean, in two years of posting, I've allowed only one guest post. One. And that was my sister who's story about an unspoken running rule was so funny it just had to be shared and in her own words. But when I got contacted about this unbelievably AWESOME giveaway that author, Cami Checketts, is running to launch her new book, Dead Running, it was just too good to pass on. Plus, I'm pretty sure you all would have smacked me up side the head had you found out I did pass. And since I don't like being smacked, I really had no other choice. ;-) Enjoy the giveaway and make sure you read all the way to the end, because I'm tacking on a few prizes of my own that will be EXCLUSIVE to those of you who enter the contest here! Without further ado, guest post #2...
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'Til next time...

P.S. If you're interested in my thoughts on DEAD RUNNING, be sure to stop by next week. I'm reading it right now. Not that it's going to take me a week to read, it's a nail biter, one of those "I REALLY don't want to put this book down, but if I don't my kids are gonna own me tomorrow" sort of books. I'm probably going to have it knocked off in the next couple of days though. It's just the whole getting time to write the post that's the trouble. 

P.P.S. For the record, I do not usually write in pink. I realize it's not so easy on the eyes. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Proper Trophy Polishing According to a 6 Year Old

Let me just start off by saying this was entirely NOT my idea. No no, credit where credit is due and the credit here lies straight with my mom. That's right, it was RunNana, not I who planted this little seed that grew into a species of flower all its own.

You see, RunNana told my 6 year old last night that she was going to come visit today and she wanted to see that trophy of hers from the fun run so, "polish it up so it shines." Or something to that effect anyway. I didn't even know my daughter had any idea what "polishing" was. So when I stumbled across her later that night in the bathroom when she was supposed to be getting ready for bed with a wash cloth and the baby soap, I had no idea what she was doing and did what any mother would do, I asked. Her response? "Nana told me to 'polish my trophy so it shines' so that's what I'm doing." I let her know that usually we don't use baby soap to "polish" things which she thought about for a moment, then asked, "how about Cars 2 soap?" I laughed, of course, then told her we'd worry about what to polish her trophy with in the morning, and reminded her it was time for bed and she needed to get to it already. She happily bounced off to go do so while I sat down at my computer to respond to a few emails before it was time to tuck her in.

Just about the time I realized it was taking The Little Miss a bit longer than usual with the nightly routine, she appeared in the doorway with a funny look on her face, "I'm ready for b..." she started to say, but stopped short when a silver bow on my desk caught her eye. She grabbed it and bolted out the door saying, "I need this! I'll be right back!" And that she was, about a minute later with her hands behind her back and looking both mighty proud and a tad guilty at the same time. "Let's go," I said slightly concerned with what I'd see when I got to her room.

And well, what I saw was this...

She may not have won the entire race. She may not have caught those two little boys ahead of her. But one thing's for darn sure, she's got the best looking trophy of anybody in that school!

And I'll tell you this much, I'm in for a good talking to when she discovers what I do with all my race bling (A.K.A finisher's medals). I usually just hang them on the door knob of the back of my closet door. Looks like another lesson learned: celebrate your victories no matter the size. Well, either that or the figurine on top of a lady's running trophy should be wearing a running skirt ;-)

'Til next time...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lessons from a Fun Run: The Tables have Turned

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about my then 4 year old at what was really her first race. She'd been in a few before that one, but this one was a big deal because she really knew what was going on and had actually ASKED me to be in it. It was one mile. She loved every minute of it and taught me a lot about running in the process. It's a day I'll never forget.

But Tuesday, it was my turn to return the favor and teach her a thing or two about a thing or two. My 4 year old's now 6. The run was 2 miles not 1. And with a trophy on the line, it was fun, yes, but also her first real taste of competition.

Now, we'd known about this race for quite some time. It was actually supposed to go down in the fall as the annual Turkey Trot, but because of some wicked weather, it got postponed until spring. Since then, she'd made mention of the race a few times, but I had no idea how serious she was taking it until the night before. "MOM! We've got to outside and practice for the race tomorrow," she told me about the same time I told her to get ready for bed (either that or it was a stall tactic that failed). When I stuck to my guns about bedtime, after a few "but! but!"s, she finally relented with a better idea. "Ok Mom. Tomorrow morning though, you have to wake me up REALLY early so we can train before school." I told her I'd think about it knowing full well that I'd probably be dragging her tired behind out of bed with barely enough time to get her to school anyway (because apparently, that's the way we roll now here at the end of the school year).

"I AM gonna WIN THAT TROPHY tomorrow!" She told me confidently and much to my surprise. The race was for the ENTIRE school, Kindergarten through 8th grade. Fearing she was going to be in for a major disappointment at what was supposed to be a fun event the next day I reminded her, "Now Honey, you know this race is for your WHOLE school right? A lot of those kids are going to be a LOT bigger than you."  "Yeah, I know Mom." she replied. "But I'm faster than them, I've raced the 8th graders before and won." Oh boy, I thought to myself. How not to crush her spirit and that confidence, but prep her for what was certain to be reality the next day?

"Well you know, maybe you are faster than some of them, but this race tomorrow is a very loooooong race. It's 2 miles. You've never run that before and they probably have. So they might win. But that's ok right? We're just going to do our best right?!" She agreed and then looked me square in the eye and said, "Well, that's ok Mom. Even if I don't win the whole race, I just have to be the fastest one in my class and I still get a trophy." Oy.

In the morning there wasn't exactly enough time for me to get all of my little people ready AND train for a race with The Little Miss. So she set to prepping herself, "Mom. I need you to make me that drink you make that makes you run really fast and pack it for me for lunch. And then, I need you to make some more and bring it in a little water bottle that I can drink during the race." Then to The Tiger, her 3 year old sister, "THIS is how I need you to cheer." After demonstrating, she then took off running around the house, "I gotta practice! I gotta practice!" All the while, the Tiger is enthusiastically shouting, "I run too! I run too!" and running along behind her (which would eventually turn to sobbing when Daddy and Big Sis left for school without her).

Next thing I know, The Little Miss is busy tearing through a box of gloves and hats making a terrific mess. Upon questioning, I learned she just HAD to find that special head band I sometimes wear when I run. "Special headband?" I had no clue. She found it though and with a great big "AHA!" put it on her head. It was an ear warmer head band (OH MAN! I just realized I totally should have given her my "In my dreams, I'm a Kenyan head band." I completely forgot about it though. It was, after all, supposed to be 60 DEGREES that day.). When I reminded her that it was going to be pretty warm and she probably wouldn't even need her sweatshirt, she told me it didn't matter, she'd still wear the head band. It'd make her go fast. Couldn't really argue with that logic now could I? So I out the door she went, ear warmer and all.

I met her at "the race course" later that afternoon. She really wanted me to run with her and I certainly wasn't going to say no to that. From the moment she stepped off the bus, I could tell she was literally turning herself inside out excited. "Mommy, here! Hold my drink." She had brought the leftover drink from lunch I had made her. "I need to go practice." She was gone for just a minute or two running around with a few other kids and came back to, you know, properly fuel, "Ok...I need to finish that drink now!" A little while after that the principal called all the kids together and had the 8th graders lead the school in some stretching. I figured I'd stand off to the side and snap a few pictures but that didn't last long."Mommy! Come over here we have to stretch!" The Little Miss hollered at me.

Shortly after that, we were off. I was surprised at how hard it was to keep up with her at first, not necessarily because of her blazing fast speed. I've been around the block a time or two. I talked pacing with my girl before we went. I've carried one too many kiddos through the end of a fun run in order to keep it just that, fun, when they couldn't quite cover the distance because they took off just as fast as their little legs would go at the start. But I was carrying two water bottles (the one from school and the one I was requested to bring) my car keys, a phone, and a camera which was bouncing across my chest the whole time. (Why I wore pants without pockets, I have no clue).

Right from the get go, The Little Miss had one objective, get ahead of the kids in her class so she could win that trophy. And she was doing good at first, pacing herself. When she'd get tired she'd walk and count to 60 and run again (her dad taught her that.) She'd spot a little boy or girl from her class and she'd say with heavy breaths "I have to catch him or her." When she did, she'd shout a greeting and keep going. (She's a friendly little runner).

There were two little boys ahead of her though that she had in her sights and although she was slowly making up some ground, they were still pretty far ahead. But she's an optimist at heart, "Mom! Did anybody come to cheer? I KNOW I'll run faster when people cheer me on. Then I'll catch them!" And she did have fans in the form of RunDad, RunPapa, and The Tiger (who cheered for not only her sister, but also me. Thank-you very much!). Tiny Ninja was also there too, but at 6 months she's a little too little to really offer any course support, at least not in a language, the rest of us can understand anyway.

And although my Little Miss did run faster when she saw her fans around a mile (and me too, since I could ditch all the stuff I was carrying) and she did for a brief moment catch up to those two little boys, those little boys were NOT havin' it. Now, I realize I am not the mother of any male children, nor have I ever been a 5 or 6 year old boy myself, and I actually didn't HEAR them say anything, so I'm basically going to entirely make this next part up as far as what was going on in their heads and what their little conversation was just based on what I saw and what I imagine it to be. And yes, I fully admit, I could have this entirely wrong, what I THINK was happening was cracking me up though, so yeah, I'm totally going to share it.

When my Little Miss caught up to these two little boys, the one little boy looked over and excitedly shouted out "HI!" to my daughter, sort of like "Oh look! There's someone else we know!" My daughter shouted hi back and they all kept running. Then, that same little boy, did a double take, and it seemed to me that at that moment it dawned on him, he was about to be passed by *GASP* a girl. There was this momentary look of horror on this little boy's face and he leaned over and whispered something to the other boy. They. Took. Off. My daughter, not about to be out run, picked up the pace to match them. I let it go on for maybe a minute. And I know, yes, I'm a big party pooper here, because a part of me really would of liked to watch that play out too, but these kids had another mile to go and rather than watch them all sprint it out til they crashed and burned and didn't get to finish at all, I just whispered to my daughter, "remember, it's a long race." She took the hint and slowed down.

But the fear of the flopping pigtails had been just the motivation those little boys needed, from that point on, the kept peeking back to see where she was and every time they saw her running, they'd run what appeared to be as hard as they could to get further ahead. At about a mile and a half, they turned a corner and were out of sight. My daughter was crushed. She stopped running and was on the verge of tears, "I guess I should just stop running now. I don't even need to finish the race. I'm not going to win the trophy. They are." She told me disappointedly.  "Now Honey, remember. Why do we run this race? Is it to do our best or is it to win a trophy." She mumbled in her most pitiful voice, "to do our best." "And is it doing our best if we stop running and just give up and don't finish the race?" I asked. "No. But I'm not even going to win!" She reasoned. "You do win when you do your best!" I reminded her, "And listen, this is a long race! You never know what could happen. What if THEY get tired and stop running?" I asked her. That picked her spirits up some and she started running again.

Not too long after, she passed a teacher at a checkpoint who shouted very enthusiastically something like she was doing a great job and that she was the first girl in her class. "Is there a trophy for the first boy AND girl in each class?" I asked her. "I don't know." She replied. "Well, I think there might be. I think that's why she said that." This thrilled the Little Miss, but she was really tired at that point and there was a little girl closing in on her. Then, she got a side cramp. "I think I'll just let her catch up to me Mom." She told me with maybe a quarter mile to go. "Then we'll just walk together and I'll beat her at the end." (HA!)

"That's not really the way it works dear." I told her. "You never know how fast somebody is. When you're racing it's a good idea to stay as far ahead as you can. That way if they end up being really fast, they don't just pass you up at the end. Now, I know you're tired and if you need to walk some you should, but I know you really REALLY wanted to win a trophy and if that's what you want, even if it feels hard right now, you should still do your best and try to run so you can stay ahead of her."

"But Mom, I could just TELL her we should walk and that she shouldn't pass me." (Brilliant I tell ya! Brilliant. I'm totally going to try that in my next race. "Hey, don't pass me. I want to win the age group award!")  "No. You are NOT going to tell her that." I informed my full of ideas daughter. "SHE is going to do her best too. So if you want to be the first girl, you are going to have to keep running."

Well, The Little Miss thought about this for a little while as we were closing in on the finish. Then there were cheers from her Daddy, Papa and her Little Sis and she looked up at me with those big eyes and started to run again, "I want you to hold my hand," she said. "Are you sure you don't want to use it to help you run faster?" I asked. "No. I just want to hold your hand." She said. So I did. (See how fast we are together! We're blurry...OR the camera was on the wrong setting...something like that ;-)

And she DID finish that race running her little heart out even though she had been tired and wanted to quit. THAT is what I'm most proud of. And as I sit here and write and reflect on that day, I realize again it's her that teaches me. When I started this post, I thought I'd be writing to you about how it was my turn to teach her about running and thus, life (perseverance, overcoming, never give up, do your best, yadda yadda) and I still hope that maybe I did teach her some of those things. But as I wrap this up with tears in my eyes, and I look at that blurry little picture of her holding my hand I realize that nope. It's again her that's teaching me the most important lessons. More important then whether she would win or not, was that she was holding my hand. Together we could do it, but just in case we didn't, it'd be ok because she had my hand. She trusts me and loves me in a way that before I had kids I never even knew was possible. What a mighty responsibilty, we've been entrusted with as parents eh? But a mighty blessing at the same time. Whenever I get wrapped up in the craziness of this life, it's she that reminds me what's really important in the most simplest of ways.

"Hold my hand." Man, I love that little girl.

'Til next time...

P.S. For those of you who are not following along on FB or Twitter and haven't heard this already, BIG giveaway coming soon. You're totally gonna LOVE it! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nuun Winner!!! + A special note for Vicki

Yes. That's right. After today, no more Nuunisms from me for awhile. And I must say, I was cracking up at all of yours. Sounds like there's a whole lot of Nuun we'd like to get after around these parts and if we could top that Nuun off with a nap...ahhhh...wouldn't that be nice!

But back here in the real world where kids spill, babies don't sleep through the night, and long runs hurt sometimes, we have a winner to announce! (YAY!) Before we do though, there's one of you who's comment I couldn't just let slide by and I'd like all you running mamas out there to back me up on this one. Here's what Ms  Vicki left me on that Nuun post (that's right Vicki, I realize I don't know you, but I'm calling you out. You'll see why in a minute):

"I'd like NUUN of the negative chatter in my brain to keep me from running each week. I've only been running for 14 weeks and that chatter has a way of making me want to throw in the towel! If nothing else, just add me to your prayer list that I don't give up and keep running "the good race"!"

VICKI!!! Girl!!! You are NOT alone in this. In fact, we've all been there from time to time. Do NOT throw in the towel and if you already did, you pick. It. Right. Back. UP! Because you're gonna need it to wipe the sweat off after your next RUN! Running is not easy. For. Sure. And it is certainly not always fun. And in the midst of this busy life I'm living over here (and I'd venture to guess you too), I can promise you, more often than not I'm wanting to step right back off the treadmill the moment I step on. But I don't do it (well...most of the time ;-) Why? Because I know I need to live a healthy, fit, active lifestyle if not for me, for the people around me, especially my children (and here's a whole bunch of other reasons why I run on my coaching site). 

It sounds like you've moved beyond the excitement of being a brand new runner, maybe now's the time to consider entering a 5K or a 10K? Having a solid goal to work towards ALWAYS kicks my booty back into gear. Maybe that would help you too? Definitely sending good running vibes your way and adding you to my prayer list and I'm hoping a few more running mamas will leave you a comment of support too. You. Can. Do. This. Vicki! And if you can put that negative chatter in its place about running, you'll be amazed at how that spills over into the rest of your life too! You ARE A RUNNER VICKI!!!  

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Totally Random Rules for Weight Loss Part II

And for those of you who didn’t catch part I, and simply MUST know what you missed, you can find that here.

As for the rest of you, (whom I simply can NOT believe came back for more of this nonsense) we continue…

11) Don’t be a hero. Just survive the holiday eat fest. And with a holiday bearing down on us like that 70 + year old shirtless speed walker/gimping runner guy with the American Flag short shorts that attends every race and finishes ahead of me no matter how awkward his running style seems to be, its apropos, don’t you think, to be discussing this one right about now.

When it comes to holidays, we eat. BIG. But that puts me in a bit of a pickle. I can either throw the whole healthy eating thing right out the window (and sometimes I do) OR I can be THAT gal. You know, the one who’s ungrateful and doesn’t appreciate all the hard work people went to to make all their various totally tasty, but probably not so great for my waistline dishes. So I compromise. I take a LITTLE bit of everything (which is still a plate, or two, full) and then I apply a few of those other rules we talked about earlier. Eat slow. Variety. Put the bag back. That way I don’t have to turn my scheduled 5 mile run into a full out marathon in order to burn those calories, BUT I still got to enjoy a little taste of the holidays to. Win. Win. All around.

12) You’re not the boss of me! My kids like SOME healthy foods. And I stress the word some. The Little Miss LOVES pretty much any kind of fruit. The Tiger on the other hand is kind of picky about fruit, but LOVES any kind of green vegetable, like a plate full of raw spinach for example (yeah, weird. I know.) Both of my girls will eat whole grain noodles and brown rice like it’s going out of style. But ultimately, they’re in this whole eating thing for the snackage and the sweets. And like any reasonable kid, they’ll opt for that every time if possible.

Fortunately, I rule the roost around here, not them. Just because they’d like a kid’s meal with a dessert every night, doesn’t mean they’re getting one.  If I’m making junk for them, then chances are I’m eating it too. Yes, I do try to plan meals that they’ll eat, but when it comes down to it. They get what they get. And fortunately (or unfortunately depending how you look at it), it’s going to fall along the lines of all these rules. Good for me. Good for them.  Today’s probably not the day, but one day they’ll thank me, I just know it ;-)

13) It’s dangerous to shop hungry. Don’t do it. Seriously. I’m not good when I’m low on food. I turn into some sort of ferocious monster, a ravaging werewolf in search of food. All logic leaves my head and I’ll simply grab whatever I can as impulse dictates as quickly as I can, to get it, get out of there and start eating it. This is not such a good way to shop. Let’s just say, I don’t make the best choices in that state (mild cheddar cheese dip. Every. Time. Thanks alot Frito Lays).

14) Nurse a baby. Preferably your own ;-) Ok I know this one isn’t possible for everyone, but if you do happen to be pregnant or thinking about becoming so, besides all of the many many health benefits for you and your baby, you burn something like 9 million calories for every minute you nurse. Ok…I might be exaggerating a little, but you do burn a LOT of calories which will help you to shed some of those unwanted baby pounds (“I’m sorry…what’s that you say? I gained more than 60 pounds and my baby ways just under 8? I’m pretty sure you weighed her wrong. Try again….I beg you.)

Besides, it’s like I always say, if you’re gonna be getting up multiple times a night to feed a baby anyway, might as well save yourself the trouble of washing a bottle and burn a few hundred calories while you’re at it. (Well…maybe I don’t ALWAYS say that. But I do think I might have said that once at some point…or maybe I thought about saying it…or I dreamt about it…I don’t know. I was up late burning calories last night ;-) )

15) Don’t drink your calories…unless you mean to drink your calories. Pop, coffee, energy drinks, shakes, smoothies, sports drinks, all taste great right? But they’re packed with calories and in their drinkable format they go down soooooooo very easy that sometimes we just don’t even think about it. Opt for water. A little Bobby Boucher high quality H20. I know it’s not as exciting as other options, but geez man, it’s just a drink. Leave the flavor for the food. Save your drinkable calories for when you really need them, like a sports drink on a long run, a recovery drink after, or a meal replacement drink early in the morning when you don’t have time to eat while you’re getting all the little folks ready for school.

16) Can I get a box please? With three small kids, it’s not often we go out to eat. But when we do, I always try to take a little bit home. For starters, it’ll save me some sort of meal prep the next day (YAY!) and secondly, is it just me or do the portion sizes at a most restaurants seem to be designed for a sumo wrestler? Plus there’s the extra bonus that if I do leave a little on my plate, there’s probably a little room in my tummy for dessert and you know on the off chance I get a night out somewhere, I’m certainly making the most of it. Those little shot sized desserts were totally created with me in mind!

17) Don’t fall into the, “I ran. I earned it.” trap. Or even worse, the “I’m going to run so I’ll burn it off later” trap. It’s one thing if you’re doing that every once in awhile after a race or a really difficult run. Or if you say it kiddingly, knowing whole heartedly that your run is going to be no match for the massive amounts of cheesecake covered in strawberries and chocolate syrup you’re about to consume at your annual Mother’s Day Brunch, but if that starts to become your daily mantra, there’s a problem. All those calories you’re burning on the treadmill are just being replaced with empty calories of junk food.

Now, I’m totally for rewarding yourself with something small, but if I let my run become the excuse for me to eat a bunch of garbage, weight loss is much much tougher.

18) On the flip side, I don’t go to the opposite extreme and severely restrict my caloric intake either. The body needs what it needs and there’s no getting around that. Runners NEED to eat. Pure and simple. If you don’t, you are putting yourself at risk for a whole slew of problems the least of which is a decrease in running performance and nobody here wants that right?! Your body NEEDS fuel to run and if it doesn’t have that fuel because you’re not eating to try and lose weight, not only are you putting yourself in a possibly very dangerous situation, you’re actually undermining your own efforts! “Fat burns in a carbohydrate flame,” was the line seared into my brain back at the coaching classes. If there’s none there because you’re not eating or you’re eating very little, your body goes into a kind of starvation mode and tries to hold onto what it can.” So eat mama! It’ll help things along :-)

19) Just go to bed already! When I stay up too late, I get hungry and I need a fourth meal. However, if I go to sleep early, I generally don’t waltz downstairs in the middle of the night and make myself a sandwich (all pregnancies aside of course ;-) ) . Now, I realize this might be easier said than done with all the craziness mommyhood has to throw at you, but sometimes the best option is to just put it all aside for the night and sleep on it.

20) When all else fails, just start over! And keep starting over and over and over and over until eventually, it sticks!

And there you have it! My totally random rules. If something helps you, awesome. If not, feel free to share your much more effective far less random tips for losing weight. We’re all ears…

'Til next time...

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