Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello square one. We meet again…

Throw out all your low carb, low fat, low sugar foods. Get rid of those meal replacement shakes and promise you the world supplements. I’ve got THE weight loss solution right here.
It’s called stomach virus. It’s wicked. It’s nasty. And it blows massive chunks (quite possibly literally) while you’re dealing with it, but I promise you, you’ll lose weight.
Ok, I’m kidding. But seriously, it’s been a rough few weeks around these parts. It started with just this general feeling of me being not hungry. I wasn’t really sure why. I just wasn’t. That drug on for about a week or so before it turned into nausea and stomach pains for another week or so, resulting in a loss of 5lbs. Then there were a few brief days of “Oh, I’m ok now. I feel fine.” before the fit really hit the shan if you know what I mean.
Name a symptom. I had it. Both a stomach thing AND a head and chest thing. It was awesome. I was burning 102+ for a good solid 4 days and when all was said and done (and it better be friggin’ done I tell ya.), I had lost another 5 lbs. Ten pounds in two weeks while nursing an infant is really not a good thing. Let me just say, there’s a significant impact on your milk supply. That being the case, my baby did what babies do when they need more milk. They eat more often. It’s a supply and demand thing. When they demand more, your body, supplies it, usually. Unfortunately, my body just wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed TO make more. So for those two weeks, while sick I was also nursing pretty much every hour all day every day (sleep? What? What’s that?) Have I mentioned this was awesome yet? It was. Awesome. Just awesome.
Now, nobody panic. Baby girl is just fine and got plenty to eat. In fact, during those two weeks where I was dropping weight like it was going out of style, baby girl GAINED a 1/2 a lb. So she got hers one way or another.
Needless to say perhaps, but other than those couple of days in the middle of this two+ week plague floating around my house, I haven’t run which is a huge bummer because I was really on a roll there. **SIGH** But what am I gonna do? Like I tell my runners when they run into a little snafu, “It is what is. We deal with it and move on.” Of course, this is always easier said to someone else than it is being the pill you’ve got to choke down yourself.
But it’s not like I can get those lost couple of weeks back and dwelling on it doesn’t change the situation any.  It just keeps me moping in my pajamas on the couch watching tv drowning my sorrows with leftover chocolate birthday cake (cause yeah, in the middle of all this The Little Miss turned 6. Poor thing. I cancelled her birthday party so the party favor the guests would have gone home with didn’t wind up being a feisty virus of their own. We’re gonna re-schedule it though & she’s been a good sport about it.)
I really wasn’t going to tell you all about this, but then I realized it’s March now & it’s about the time that “the best laid plans” something something something (you know, those resolutions for the new year get messed up). You might have been off to a terrific start and I hope so! But eventually, life gets in the way of those healthy fitness goals. Whether it’s an illness like me, or it’s one of your kids, a busy work schedule, burn out, or whatever, it only is what you let it become. So what’s it going to be? An obstacle or challenge to be overcome, or the end of your quest for fitness and a healthier you? It’s your call, just like in my situation it’s mine.
I’ve decided to adopt my husband’s philosophy, “just keep starting over.” Eventually, the hope is that those start overs will get closer and closer together until running or eating healthy or whatever it is in your case that you’ve resolved to do becomes the norm and NOT running becomes the anomaly. Or so his theory goes anyway.
So for me, it’s time to put the fork down (mostly because the cake is gone Winking smile ) and lace ‘em back up. That marathon isn’t getting any farther away and I’ve got a 6 year old’s birthday party to plan…
'Til next time...
P.S. Next post: My weight loss tips that do NOT involve viruses, PLUS I’ve got a slew of reviews and possibly some giveaways right around the corner. So stay tuned. ALL my posts won’t be me whining, I promise Smile
P.P.S. In case you missed it, I did somehow manage in my weakened condition find the strength to post The Potty Song on FB (see how much I love you all!). You totally do not have to have a FB account to watch it, just head on over to my FB page here and you can see the Tiger at her finest.


Jill said...

Ugh, sorry about your stomach virus...absolutely zero fun. Hope it's subsiding soon and don't worry, you aren't going from square one, your cardiovascular fitness is still there, just will take a couple extra weeks to rebuild! :)

runnanna said...

Right there with ya'! You're young, you're fit, you'll get right back in there and be faster than ever without those 10 pounds!

Medical Alert said...

Thank you for sharing this article. Keep up the great work!

Laura said...

That sounds awful! Hope you're back to normal soon!