Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Update: Not entirely what a mom wants to hear

So yep. Still pregnant.

And yep. Still running :-)

Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and the baby’s good. I’m good. But we do have a slight issue. Remember that fibroid tumor that was not supposed to be a problem? It’s starting to look a little more like one. (For those of you just joining us, don’t let the word tumor throw you. They’re fairly common and also benign growths in the uterus, or at least that’s where mine are. I have no idea if you can get them elsewhere. I have two. One’s teeny tiny. The other, less so. That’s the one I’m talking about.)

It was supposed to grow MAYBE a little more and move on upward and out of the way the more pregnant I got and the last time my OBGYN looked at it, that was pretty much the case.

Not so much anymore. It seems my new baby girl’s in-utero play thing, has not only gotten bigger, but is also growing in the wrong direction effectively blocking a sizeable portion of her exit.

Now, at this point with both of my other daughters, we had some progress already. They were both dutifully head down and low and the exit doors were beginning to open. And although this baby is making a serious effort to do the same and get her head down, she just can’t seem to move it entirely into position, thus no pressure on the doors without which have not shown the slightest hint of opening. **SIGH**

So what does all this mean exactly? Basically, we’re just still waiting to see what happens. There’s still a chance, according to my doc, that this big burly bouncer blocking the doorway could step aside and give my baby girl a pass. If not, then we’re probably looking at a c-section which could possibly get a little messy if the fibroid is in the way, which it may or may not be.

In light of all this, I’ve got two requests:

1. If you’ve had a C-Section, please leave me a little comment on what it was like, recovery time, tips, etc. because, yeah, I’m a little nervous. I’m looking for words of encouragement here people. So please, no horror stories.

2. If you’re of the praying type, I’d certainly appreciate a few offered up for my baby girl and I and a safe delivery one way or the other.

And on a positive note, it turns out that my 5 year old, The Little Miss may have been right about more than just the sex of the baby. She also told me a while back she was pretty sure how her sister would be coming out: via the belly button…with a burst of sparkles. Ok maybe no sparkles, but seriously, what are the odds?

'Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I've had 2 sections myself and personally my recovery time was quick! I wanted to go home day 2 with both of them. There is some discomfort (it is major surgery) but I pushed through it and even nursed right away! If you have a strong will you will be fine! Good luck! The section wasn't a part of my plan either, but you can't control these things! Relax and take care and thanks for inspiring me! ~robin,Mass

fancy nancy said...

Praying already!!! I had a c-section with my daughter. I had gotten to the point where 16 hours later there was no more than 5cm progress so to keep us all safe and healthy they went in and got her! I was so happy just to have her safe and healthy. It wasn't on the plan but it worked. The recovery did not take long at all. I nursed the day she was born! I was sore yes but nothing I couldn't endure. Within a week or so I was really doing well. My only advice, and this may be a little TMI, but take stool softeners like clockwork even when you leave the hospital. I didn't and was the WORST! Other than that it was super uneventful and within 4 weeks I was out walking the neighborhood and 8 weeks I was running again!!!

Sarah said...

C-sections are not that bad. My situation was different b/c I had triplets and while stitching me back up, my doc sewed some of my ab muscles back in place for me b/c they were in such bad shape. (Three babies) That made my recovery painful. You are in good shape - recovery should be easy for you. I wish you luck!!

Angie Bee said...

Its entirely appropriate for you to have a c-section birth plan. Things like keeping baby with you in recovery. Having dad hold baby to breast for you. Waiting to do all routine procedures until you and baby are both settled and comfy in your room. Its not a big deal to wait for that first bath and foot prints. There is a whole life time for that but those first moments are special. Talk with the head nurse of Labor and Delivery so you know what to expect and show her your birth plan with your requests. They might try and talk you out of stuff since its not "routine" but "routine" is not mandatory.

I trained as a doula through ALICE and had a c-section with my first. A hospital VBAC with my second, a birth center VBAC with my thrid, and an unassisted home birth with my 4th. I have studied a great deal about all 4 birth scenarios so feel free to ask any questions!! my facebook is if that would be easier to chat.

C-sections are scary and not at all ideal but can also be a lovely experience it just takes a bit of being proactive.

Running fool said...

I've had 2 boys, both c-section. The 1st (3 yrs ago) was an unplanned c-section after 16 hrs of labor. I had a longer recovery time with my first, as I've heard is custom with a 1st c-section. It took a good 4-5 weeks until I started to feel normal and back to myself. I'd say the worst of it (which isn't all that bad) was over the first week or so. They won't want you to lift anything heavier than baby or do stairs for a couple of weeks. Then my Dr. cleared me for running at 8 weeks.

With my 2nd (6 months ago), a c-section was required. It took about 2 weeks to recover from it and I was out running at 4 weeks. I was told to use an antibacterial body wash, like dial before because it can cut down on the bacteria on your body and help prevent infection.

I highly, highly recommend a belly bandit (or similar no name look alike). No it won't make your stomach flat like it says, but it will offer some excellent support for your stomach. I used it the day I left the hospital up to 7 weeks and it was a godsend. And at the risk of scaring you,I'll just say buy stool softner, and a pillow held against your stomach is helpful too.

Melissa C said...

Prayers coming your way! I don't have anything to offer in terms of C section advise, other than I had some student bring me to tears telling me to get ready for mine, which was a mistake! I hope it all goes well. Good luck!

Kimberly said...

I had an unplanned C-section and only had to worry about it for 2 hours. I can't imagine having to think about it for more than that. Good luck and thoughts and prayers!

As far as recovery, I was surprised with how easy it was (if I can say that). Sure, it hurt. Sure, it stunk to move around for a couple days but I could move. I would say the pain was gone and I could walk a couple miles within two weeks and I waited to run until six weeks post-partum though I did sneak some intervals in around 4 weeks ;) I think being healthy and active during pregnancy makes you much stronger and the recovery that much better.

Michelle said...

I had a c-section with each of my boys and I have to say my recovery was pretty quick - especially the second time, which I think was due to the fact that I consistently worked out throughout my pregnancy.

Wishing you the best with everything!

Kitty said...

Okay, c-section story/advice.
My first kid arrived the typical way, but my triplets had to appear via c-section. The recovery was so much more difficult than my first, but that's ONLY because the docs had to mess around so stinkin' much to get three bambinos out...quickly. (and triplet mom Sarah - I'm SOOOO jealous your doc stitched up your abs!)
Well the 5th kid also was a C (was trying for a vbac but she did not want me to go into labor) and the recovery was amazing! So much easier than my first birth and I didn't need any help with the baby at all, from day 1.
Praying for a safe delivery!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

No c-section here, but I'm all over the prayers. Whatever happens, it will all work out and there will be another little angel in the world with an awesome mommy!

Mum on the Run said...

No c section here either.
Just wanted to wish you the very best and let you know i'll be praying on aussie time.

The Running Mama said...

i had a planned c section. baby girl wouldn't flip over! i taught tennis up until the day before and my recovery was pretty easy. i was off the pain meds the day i went home (other than advil), was able to nurse her right away and was back to teaching tennis at 8 weeks. i had other issues that did not let me run through my pregnancy like i wanted, but the tennis 2 - 8 hours a day certainly helped! i think it is mind over matter sometimes in life. i was very positive about the c because i was more afraid of labor!

good luck and will be praying for ya!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

I will say prayers and in terms of the c-section, I had to have an emergency c-section since my placenta broke away during labor. Kinda scary.

My recovery was fine and I was up and moving. I just learned to apply a little pressure to the incision initially to aid in pain. My only real issue was I had an allergy to the tape that ended up in a full body rash. Itchier than anything!

I did take the pain killers they prescribed some nights but tried to avoid them at all costs.

You will be fine! You are strong and in great shape so should recover quickly!

Wendy said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog, but I really enjoy getting to "know" you. I had a c-section to deliver my twins (ID girls). It's really, really easy. You'll spend delivery day in bed bc they give you GLORIOUS drugs, but on day 2, they will get you up and you will hate life. But, you'll only hate for the first few minutes. Get up often. You will feel so much better the more you get up. Seven days after having my daughters, I was at the grocery store. I had some residual "gas" pain in my shoulders but that was about it. I was taking just Tylenol/ Ibuprofen by day three and we all went home together just fine :) Good luck to you!

ckbrylliant said...

I have had 3 c-sections and all have played out differently, depending on the type of suturing the docs used. Talk to your doctor about this..will they use staples, stitches, or taper. Staples need to come out before you leave the hospital. Tape, not such a big fan. Plan to move gingerly for a week or two and have extra help with the OLDER two girls. Lifting them in the beginning is not advised, even though I did it can set you back and pull on the wound. Don't balk at the pain meds in the hospital. You may be feeling fine but if you let them lapse or skip a dose you will be in pain. Pain lessens quickly so three or four days of the big meds. Take the laxative they give you as this will help as well. Drink lots of water. Your stay will be longer and I advise staying as long as you can. Mainly to allow the wound to heal a bit more before you are thrown back to the wolves, i mean older kids.

For the surgery, ask what meds will be given to you, morphine is usually one of them and some people have issues with this. You may get itchy after the surgery because of the meds, I believe they can give you something for this. Surgery is straight forward, they put up a sheet so you and hubby cannot see what's going on unless he wants to. For me they strapped my arms down which I found unnerving but just want you to be prepared. The anestsiologist sits by your head the whole time, which I found comforting. Daddy will be able to go with the baby after she is out so you will stay behind to be sutured. Then you will be taken to recovery where the baby is and at our hospital they try to get you the baby ASAP. Please ask about this ahead of time so you are not wondering when you get your baby.

oh, they do bring the baby to you so you can see her before the suture you. PLEASE, ask your provider to verify what happens in their practice, hospital. Also, ask what happens if there are complications with the tumors.

Praying for you and glad to answer any other questions you may have. You will be back to 'normal' in no time!!!

Liz said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you :)

Autie Leigh said...

Hi! Just started following your blog and LOVE it! I just had my daughter on the 9th and she was a section (my second, although it wasn't planned to be that way!) Both my recoveries were fast and I think that the one thing that really helped me was that I didn't think of it so much as major abdominal surgery (which yes it is) but like I just had a baby! I wanted to get up that day and move around and hold and nurse my baby and hug and cuddle my two year old. The HARDEST part of having a section is that you are told that you can not lift anything over the weight of your that means for 6 weeks I am not supposed to lift my two year old... Yes-there are moments of discomfort, but as a runner there are often moments of discomfort that you push through...Best of luck!