Friday, August 26, 2011

We’re going to have a…

So the general consensus from my blog readers, as well as from my friends and family in general, is that I’m having a boy. Whether it’s because of the way I’m carrying, or how different this pregnancy has been, or even just because I already have two girls, most people have guessed that we’ll finally be adding some blue to all the pink & purple around here. In fact, out of my family I do believe the Little Miss was THE only one to guess girl.

And I won’t drag this out, because I know the suspense is just killing you all. Well, almost all of you. There is that one blog reader who got online and tracked down my registry because she couldn’t take the wait any longer. Yep, I know you did it you big peeker you! It was the Facebook tease post that drove you over the edge today wasn’t it? (And if any of you are wondering why I have a registry for baby #3, that’d have to do with the fact that almost all of my baby stuff was in the basement. You know, the same basement that flooded about a month ago. I’ve got A LOT of stuff to replace and so I’m all about getting some of those “Congratulations on your new baby! Anything left on your registry we’ll give you a discount on” discounts.)

But for the rest of you who waited so patiently, I’m thrilled to tell you all that we are being blessed with a




And let me just go ahead and answer the top three questions I’ve been getting whenever somebody finds out.

1. Oh are you disappointed? Did you want a boy? Heck no! I love my girls. I’m used to girls. And quite frankly, I’m a little intimidated by the thought of a boy considering both my girls are high energy and super rambunctious. If it is as I’ve been told (over and over) that little boys are far more of a handful than little girls, I have no idea how I would be able to handle that. Besides, my husband says we’re still working on balancing out the testosterone around here so we needed another girl(HA HA).

2. Are you going to try again for a boy after this one? I have no idea. One baby at a time please. And if all we ever have are three girls, we have been TREMENDOUSLY blessed. BIG TIME.

3. What’s her name going to be? Um…A little help on this one please? We have no clue and can’t seem to agree on anything and we’re running out of time to come up with something. So by all means, leave us a suggestion with your favorite girl names and we’ll be eternally grateful.

And so there you have it, another little running princess will be welcomed into the family soon. We’re all very excited around here to meet her and I can’t wait to share her stories with you all too!

'Til next time...
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runnanna said...

Love the princesses !

Nan said...

Congratulations! I have been waiting not so patiently all day to find out! :) I have four boys, maybe we'll meet up in a few years. :)

Mum on the Run said...

Woo hoo!
Enjoy your excuse to get lots more gorgeous baby stuff to refill that basement!

Zoë said...

CONGRATS! Another beautiful baby girl!!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Yay for a girl! I am loving my little girl, I hope she is more calm and cuddly then my boys!

So name suggestions, here are a bunch
Riley (yes my daughters name!)
Alida (pronounced A-lee-duh)
Alexis or Alex
Tressa (it's unique!)

Ok, maybe not a bunch, but five aint bad!

engineergirl said...

Congratulations! I have 4 very active girls, 0 boys. Friends and family who have boys think my #s 3 and 4 are more work than their boys!

Erica said...

Yeahhh!! I have three little adorable girls and would not imagine it any other way! But, the questions from people all the time and the sympathy of "not having a boy" gets old....I don't care what we have we are totally blessed. Let's see names are tough I am not sure what your other girls names are but here are some of my favs

Emerson-emmy for short I loved this my husband did not

Piper-hip and cute!

Ryleigh-my 3 month old

Charlee-cute girly spin on a classic

Payton- my middle daughter

Olivia- Liv for a cute nick name

Isabella- my oldest but you hear it everywhere!!!

Good luck can't wait to hear her name!!!

Laurie said...

Congratulations on your baby girl!! As a mom of three boys, I can sympathize with the questions (trying for a girl - did we want a girl, etc) but I know I was and still am really glad to have three kids of one gender :)

Randi S said...

Evie is a beautiful name for a girl. I will probably never have a girl (or another kid at all...although my two are a blessing, I know!) so you can use it LOL if you want!

Katie Norris said...

I don't have any sisters and I think that people with lots of sisters are SOOOO blessed!! Congrats!