Thursday, August 18, 2011

Road ID Review take 2 PLUS Giveaway

In honor of our recent life altering accomplishment of reaching the big 5 0 0 “likes” on Facebook (I still can’t believe it. I’d like to thank the academy…) and Road ID’s awesome new product launch, I do believe a celebration of sorts is in order. And of course, any good blog celebration really means only one thing: GIVEAWAY!!! So read on my friend, there’s one coming!!!

Now, many of you are already aware I’m a HUGE fan of Road ID. For those of you who missed my original review (complete with thug duckery and toddler trauma) it’s right here for the reading should you have a little spare time on your hands. But since most of you are running moms and at the mention of “spare time” probably just laughed out loud so hard you snorted, I’ll give you the abbreviated version and save you a click.

Basically, Road ID is a form of personal identification you wear when you go out for a run because (and I know we don’t like to think about this but) you just never know when something could happen.  Your Road ID will speak for you when you can’t.

Now last year, the product I was sent to try out was the Wrist ID Elite. That’d be my pretty little Road ID roadidright there. It’s got my name, a few important people to call, and the fact that I’ve got a medication allergy on it. It’s sleek, adjustable, customizable, waterproof and not in the least bit irritating in any way. Swear. I LOVE it and pretty much would feel naked at this point running without it. And while I realize running in the buff is becoming more and more in fashion these days, SO not for me, particularly not while 8 months pregnant. (Can you just imagine? No wait…don’t. Please. I beg you.)

So when Scott from Outside PR contacted me again to see if I’d be game for trying out a couple of new Road ID products, I TOTALLY was.

This time he wanted me to give the new Slim ID a shot, but not JUST me. He thought it’d be great for my daughters too. I jumped at the chance for the Little Miss to get one. Now that she’s in school and away from me a lot more, I like the idea of someone being able to contact me immediately if she gets into trouble. They’ll be no looking for her file or trying to pull up her information on a computer, wherever she is her teacher/sub/principle/playground supervisor or whoever can just take a look right at her wrist and call me. I especially like the idea of it for field trips when the everyday routine at school is anything BUT routine.

I also like it because since I first found out about Road ID a year ago, we’ve learned that the medication allergy I have didn’t fall far from the tree. The Little Miss has got it too and it’s a fairly commonly used medication so I like the fact that she’s wearing that warning information right on her wrist. In the case of an emergency, medical personnel would know about her allergy even if they hadn’t gotten a hold of me yet or say perhaps I was involved in the same accident and unable to tell them (**shudder** gosh I REALLY don’t like thinking about this stuff, but it’s SO very important we do, even if just for a moment to take care of business).

So I let the Little Miss design her own Road ID, which mostly just means she chose the color of hers and yep, I certainly let her choose mine too. Pink of course. Here’s her receiving her fancy schmancy “new bracelet”:

DSCF9295 I really have no idea what she’s eyeballing over there in the corner, but I promise you the excitement is for her package. She loves getting mail!

And  here’s the two of us looking tough with our matching id’s:

DSCF9294 (Yes, I know. I’m way tired looking. Baby on the way never seems to want to sleep which thus means neither do I.)

Now, these Slim ID’s are very similar to the Wrist ID Elite. Pretty much the same sleek materials, only…slimmer (that totally went without saying didn’t it?) They’re about the size of those Live Strong bracelets that you now see everywhere with all sorts of different things on them.

They’ve got a line less of text than the Wrist ID Elite (but still PLENTY of room to get all the vital info on them). Also unlike the Elite, they’re not adjustable. The Wrist ID Elite you cut to make fit your wrist once you receive it. These you just slide on. No cutting required, but don’t worry about fit because Road ID’s got you covered with a handy dandy little measuring chart so you can be sure to order just the right size (and you don’t even need a tape measure to do so, only a dollar bill. Do they think of everything or what?)

So The Little Miss, much as expected, loves this bracelet with her name on it and our little extra added message of: “We love you!!!.” In fact, I’m currently listening to her snore away in my bed as I type, sleeping oh so peacefully and yes, still wearing her bracelet. And you know, considering this is how she wears a bike helmet:

2011-08-18 16.09.53I’m thinking it’s wise to have a Road ID on her wrist (but then again, she is wearing it for an art project and not actually ON a bike. Still, I’m thinking better safe than sorry right?)

As for the Tiger. I. AM. KICKING. MYSELF. You all know my Tiger right? Leave her alone in a room for a nap and she’ll find the one unplastic protected stray wooden corner to chew apart or the tiniest hole in a pillow and do this:2011-08-07 15.57.54 (I thought she took a two hour nap. She was soooooo quiet as she literally destroyed that pillow. Seriously, you are only looking at one corner of the room and it was EVERYWHERE. She was so fully proud of herself too. I on the other hand, had no idea there could be so much fluff in just one pillow!)

So I declined the offer to make a Slim ID for the Tiger thinking realistically, she’d probably just eat it or choke on the little metal information bar (although now that I see it live and in person, I’m not sure that bar is choking size. Swallowing size? Yes. Choking size? I don’t think so, plus it’d be really REALLY tough to get off anyway.)

Now, she hasn’t noticed her sister’s yet, but she did mine as I gave her a bath and after a lot of pleading, I finally took mine off and let her wear it. She totally digs it and just thinks she’s something else wearing her “bracelet.” I never saw her put it anywhere near her mouth even once. Apparently, her pretty pretty jewelry does not fall into the devour it quickly category like most other things around the house. (I mean really, who eats their jewelry? I should know better.) I totally should have gotten one for her and just taken it off during naps and at bedtime when she’s out of my watch that one like a hawk view. Ah well…hindsight….you know.

But anyway, I do believe Road ID nailed it with another sweet product here. They’re the perfect size, totally durable and best of all, they want to GIVE one of you lucky readers one! And not just a Slim ID, but ANY ONE YOU WANT!!! The Sport ID, The Wrist ID Elite, The Slim ID, The Shoe ID, The Ankle ID, The Fixx ID (which kind of looks like dog tags), they’ve got an ID for pretty much anywhere you want to put it. They’ve even got a brand new SCOUT ID for your fine furry friends. That’s right! You read that correctly, that’s the other new product the brains behind Road ID have come up with. It fits any 1 inch wide collar and even works great with horse bridles too! So pet lovers, take note because a Scout ID is an available choice for the winner of this giveaway too!

And there’s just one more thing I want to mention before I get to this giveaway (I know, I know, I’m going on and on here, but I’m almost done and you’ve got scrolling powers. If I’m making you crazy already, just scroll on down.)

Not long after I had received my first Road ID, I started purchasing them for the runners I love in my life: my husband, my mom, my dad. But one person that never crossed my mind to purchase one for was my Grandma (Busia to my girls for any of you Polish peeps out there). Afterall, she isn’t a runner. That all changed though when she was out shopping one day and fell down getting off the escalator. Disoriented when the store staff came to help her, she couldn’t remember anyone’s phone number to call. She was ok, but it scared her and it scared us. What if she hadn’t been ok? My Dad got online right away and ordered her up a Road ID. Now when she goes anywhere, she’s got a list of her kids & grandkids phone numbers right on her wrist. Road ID is NOT just for runners. It’s for anyone.

So let’s not waste any more time and get another Road ID out on somebody’s wrist (or ankle, or shoe, or beloved pet):


1) Be a follower of this blog. It’s the only way I can find you if you win! If you are already, GREAT. If not, peek over to the right sidebar. It’ll take you all of two seconds to become one. 

2) Leave me a comment. Tell me and the fine folks at Road ID who in your life you’d like to see wearing a Road ID and why? (And yes, it’s completely fine if that person is you.)

Once you’ve done both of those things, you’re in. But if you’d like to better your odds, here’s a few ways to increase your chances of winning:

  • Like Road ID on Facebook
  • Like Secrets of A Running Mom on Facebook
  • Update your Facebook Status about this contest
  • Follow Road ID on Twitter
  • Follow Me on Twitter
  • Tweet about this contest
  • Mention this contest in your favorite online running community (Mom on the Run Community perhaps?)
  • Tell some people you know who you think might be interested in Road ID about this contest
  • Send a massive spam email to all your friends on your email list about this contest (KIDDDING!!! Just maybe pick the ones you think might be interested and let them know. Don’t spam. Nobody likes spam. If you are a spammer. Stop it.)
  • Blog about this contest
  • Add me to your blog roll
  • Add a link to this contest somewhere on your blog or website
  • Do something else totally creative that I haven’t thought of yet, that would spread the word about this contest and Road ID

Do as many or as few as you like, each method will be worth one additional entry into the giveaway. You’ll just need to let me know which methods you’ve done and you can do so in just one comment. Deadline for entering the contest is Tuesday, September 6th, 2011. I’ll have one of my kiddos randomly select the winner from a big bowl of entries and announce it the next day. The winner will have one week to contact me, otherwise I’ll let the kiddo who didn’t get to draw a winner take a turn and we’ll try again.

Good luck!!!

 'Til next time...

P.S. I would HIGHLY suggest following Road ID on Facebook or Twitter. They have the SWEETEST giveaways. Massive giveaways. I’m talking Trek Bikes, running shoes, all sorts of goodies that you don’t want to miss out on.  Or, you know, DON’T follow them. That’s cool by me. In fact, pretend I didn’t even mention this (I will win a Road ID Giveaway one day, I will win a Road ID giveaway one day. I will win…)

P.P.S. For those of you who don’t want to wait for this giveaway to end, you just want to order a Road ID RIGHT NOW, I’ve got about 15 more days left on my tell a friend coupon. It’s good for a dollar off any ID and can be used up to 20 times. So feel free to use it. First come first served. Enter this code at checkout: ThanksKelly8174064


Erika said...

Ok here goes!

1) I follow your blog
2) I like you on FB
3) I like Road ID on FB
4) I would love to win a RoadID since I seem to have lost mine...and also am now allergic to Penicillin so need to include that!
5) I will post this in my Mom-To-Mom group here in Michigan - many are new runners!
6) I will put this in my blog later today

Thank you!

eep said...

I follow!
I liked RoadID on Facebook
I would most like to have one for husband, because he cycles and I worry about him eating it out in the country.
As such, I will tell him about this RoadID, and insist that he purchase one.

Cat B. said...

Hi! I totally love this giveaway. I've been putting off buying one for myself, bc I'm a mom and i don't buy anything for me :)
Since running further distance I realize that I need to be safer, if not for me...for my kids and husband.
I follow your blog
I like your FB
I like RoadID FB
You are on my blogroll
I'll work on the rest....

Angela said...

Okay, I've been following you on FB for a while now, I love your blog, your post are too funny and I have giggling fits over your stories of Tiger. I'm now following Road ID on FB and Twitter and I'm not following you on Twitter.

I would love to get a Road ID for my oldest. She plays soccer and sometimes she has to go to practice before I can get there or she's out there practicing when I have to teach a spin class, so having this for her will be really helpful.

Angela said...

I'm also going back to my post I did today and adding this giveaway to it.

Joleene said...

1) I would love to have a road id for me, my sister and several friends who are also runners.
2) I follow your blog.
3) I liked road id on Facebook.
4) I liked secrets of a running mom on Facebook.
5) I'm now following road id on twitter.
6) I'm now following you on twitter!! :)

TheAutoMomma said...

I would love a Road ID! I often run (well, walk now that I, too, am pregnant) with my son and would love to have wearable ID, just in case. I follow your blog, and also have you in my Google reader. I followed Road ID on Twitter, and I now follow you on Twitter as well. So... yeah, I sure hope I win!!! Thanks!


deannabanana83 said...

1. I would like a RoadID for myself. I often take DS running with me, and if anything should happen to me I want emergency personnel to know where to take my son.
2. I have added you to my blog roll.
3. I have added this link to my blog.

~K~ said...

1. GFC follower of your blog
2. I'd like the road id for me! Today i felt a little sickish during my run and wondered which person i was passing in the park might hafta take care of me...and nope, they wouldn't know who i was b/c i don't have a road id yet. I NEED this!
3. road id liker on fb
4. Secrets follower on fb
Thanks for the giveaway!

Rachel Stout said...

Great product! I would love to own a Road ID-I run when I have time-which happens to be at 4AM on my neighborhood street. Safe neighborhood, but you never know!

Anna said...

I WANT A ROAD ID!!!! :), I like RoadID on facebook, I like YOU on facebook, i updated my facebook status and I told my running's 5 entries for me! THANKS!

runnanna said...

Love my road ID. They make great gifts!

runneresq said...

i recently "ran into" this blog and love it! I also recently in the last week or so liked you on facebook. thanks for the words about the id. i finally bought it after putting it off for 9 months! i was able to use the coupon code you gave so thanks again!

Angela said...

*I follow your blog
*I want this for me since I moved to an area with great trails to run on and I plan to use them once it isn't so stinking hot!
*I like Road ID on FB
*I Like you on FB
* I follow Road ID on Twitter
*I follow you on twitter
* I tweeted

I am tired now. HA!

Cat B. said...

Just to let you know...
I blogged about your giveaway today!!
I soooo want to win this :)

Megan said...

1. I would like a road id bracelet for myself. I used to have the shoe id but it got lost at some point. I often run alone with my toddler.

2. I follow your blog

3. I liked your fb page

4. I liked Road ID's fb page

5. I updated my fb status regarding this contest.

Rahshell said...

I'm a new runner so I'd love to wear one. I also think my 3 year old that has multiple food allergies can benefit from it in pre-school :

Tammy M said...

I follow your blog, have liked you and Road ID on FB, but do not Twitter.
I posted your contest to my FaceBook status.
I would love to have the four members of my family outfitted with Road ID as well as my parents and grandparents!

Penny said...

I follow your blog

Penny said...

I like you on fb

Penny said...

1. I would like this for myself, because I run pretty early in the morning and sometimes by myself.

2. shared giveaway on fb

3. linked to my blog
4. Have you in my blog roll

jkDraeger said...

I follow both you and Road ID on FB and I just signed up to follow your blog :)

I have been meaning to order a slim ID for myself just haven't gotten around to it yet, but after I read your blog I think I will get my 5 year old one too.

*~*~* Tracy said...

1. I'm a follower
2. My 9 y/o son who eyeballs my Road ID when he's getting ready for cross country practice
3. I like Road ID on FB
4. I like you on FB
5. I follower Road ID on twitter
6. I follow you on Twitter
7. I tweeted
8. I shared this on FB
9. I linked this on my blog

Randi S said...

I'm a follower (if not this ID then S Club Mama - they're both me)
I want my husband to have one. He truly needs one - he runs at night and I'd just feel better.
I like Road ID on FB (Randi S)
I like SoaRM on FB (Randi S)
I follow Road ID on Twitter (@sclubmama)

Robyn said...

1) I follow this blog
2)I would like a road ID for myself since I often run alone.
3) I like Road ID on Facebook.
4) I like your blog on Facebook.
5) I updated my Facebook status about the giveaway.
6) I follow Road ID on twitter.
7) I follow your blog on twitter.
8) I tweeted about the giveaway.
9) I have told some people who might be interested about this giveaway.

joybellemom said...

I want a ROAD ID because my daughter has just recently begun running Cross COuntry and she is out running without me. She is my precious runner girl and I want to help keep her safe while she is out there kicking butt! She is 13 ;)

Kortni said...

I am a follower!

Kortni said...

I already "liked" you on FB

Kortni said...

I already "liked" Road ID on FB

Kortni said...

My husband needs one badly. He rides without any info on him!

Cynthia O'H said...

Thanks for this reminder. This time of year is so busy that I almost forgot. So.

1. Faithful follower here.
2. Faithful follower on FB.
3. Follow ROad ID on FB.
4. Follow you on Twitter.
5. Retweeting this on Twitter.

and, I'm running out of time to try anything else! Help!!!