Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids race report & the #1 reason you should enter your little one in a fun run

floodandsummer 099So apparently, my dad has been expecting a race report on this past weekend’s kids’ fun run that I entered my girls in and my silence has entirely let him down (sorry about that pops!). I suppose it’s getting to be old hat for me, these kids races, since we’ve been entering my oldest daughter in them since she was about  2 1/2 (she’s 5 1/2 now). But he’s entirely right. Shame on me for short changing my little kiddos’ running accomplishments. So race report it shall be!

floodandsummer 097We’ll start with The Little Miss, who ran in step with RunDad and had another great race (at least as far as I know, I didn’t see a second of it, you’ll see why in just a minute).  For those of you who are keeping score, she’s still a big fan of the Galloway run/walk style of running. She runs a little then walks a little. But RunDad said she’s starting to keep a nice even pace while she runs, rather than starting at a full out sprint which inevitably gradually slows to a walk and that she’s got this great long bounding stride when she runs. (Way to go darling!)

Now as for the Tiger, this was only her 2nd race and it was quite a jumpfloodandsummer 098 in mileage for her. She went from running a kids race about 100 meters or so long on 4th of July weekend (which I’d love to post the video of btw, but I’m having some trouble with that file. Cross your fingers, I’m still working on it.) to a great big 1/2 mile this past weekend. I honestly wasn’t going put her in this one at first because I figured it was a little too long and since Daddy would be running with the Little Miss that meant I’d be accompanying her and the thought of having to carry her for nearly a 1/2 a mile in the heat while very pregnant because she wasn’t interested in running that far did not sound in any way appealing.

Besides, even if she did make it the whole way on her own, we’ve run this kids’ course before and I was well aware that it’d all be run on pavement. And, well…the thing about my Tiger is she’s very VERY tall and not entirely in control of those long limbs of hers just yet. Remember Phoebe on Friends running?



Multiply that times oh, about 100 when she’s running at top speed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fully entertaining to watch, but frequent falling is pretty much a staple in the daily routine around here(fortunately the child has been blessed with a very solid head & a seriously high pain tolerance so most of the time she just gets back up and keeps right on running. No harm done…yet).

But with two of her cousins AND her sister running, I figured it was going to be pretty tough to keep her confined to a stroller.  Then, when floodandsummer 093we were at that same park the race was going to be held at earlier in the week for a picnic and my 5 year old pointed out a sign for the race, it was all over.

“I race too Mommy? I race too? Mommy, I wan a race!” I knew sitting her on the sidelines was not going to be an option, at least not if I wanted to avoid alligator tears and a squirmy screaming stroller tantrum (probably accompanied with a few shouts of, “HALP! HALP! Somebody halp me PEAS!l” and just in case no one around responds to her cries for help she’ll resort to Spanish when necessary “Ayudeme! Ayudeme!” Thanks a lot Dora.) on race morning. So I just figured we’d take our time, I’d put her in long pants to try to save her knees from complete and utter decimation, and I went ahead and  entered her.

To my surprise, she did GREAT!!! I of course made her get to the back of the pack at the starting line so she wouldn’t wind up a race casualty plowed down by some serious running kids the moment the horn went off, but those little uncoordinated limbs were working as hard as they could to catch up once I did let her go. There was really no way that was going to happen, but no matter, she was grinning from ear to ear anyway. Kids that young don’t care whether they’re first or last, they just want to RUN.

By the time we got to the first turn, we were pretty much all alone other than one very small boy behind us and her tiny 2 1/2 year old cousin not too awful far ahead. But a course volunteer saw my little Tiger giving it all she had, got down on her knees to be eye to eye, clapped and told her she was doing great. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” (melt my heart) my little out of breath running princess gasped.

Not too long after that first turn though, she slowed to a walk and I started to fear I’d lose her. We were after all, at that moment, running by a playground and to run by one and NOT stop to play I fully realized was waaaaaaaay too much to ask of a 2 year old. She stood and talked about it for a little bit. I tried to get her to run again, but she wasn’t nearly as interested in that as the swings and slide, so I just scooped her up and carried her for a little while until she started to focus again on the race (which actually means she got distracted from the playground when she spotted her cousin ahead of us running and set off to “go get her.”) I put the Tiger down and she picked up the pace back to flailing until…

“MOMMY! Da big mountain!” We rounded the corner and there it was. The massive sledding hill that I sometimes take the girls to for running hill repeats (don’t judge me. They LOVE running that big hill and it sets them both in the napping mood, thus I too love that hill Smile ) As soon as she spotted it, she made a hard left right off the race course towards it (she may not have won the race, but I guarantee she was the only kid trying to add hills!). I chased her down and brought her back to the course to finish up. We were almost done and I pointed out the big finish line balloon she was going to get to run under to divert her attention away from the hill and back to the task at hand. “BAWOON!!! I wan see a bawoon!” She was thrilled.

At this point, RunDad had already crossed the finish with the Little Miss so he ran back to see how we were doing and cheer The Tiger along. Unfortunately, we were running straight into the sun, so as he cheered her on she kept yelling back, “Daddy, I can’t see you! Where are you?” pretty much all the way to the finish.

And can I just say, God bless those people who will wait near the finish and cheer on the 2nd to last little one to cross the finish line (she somehow managed to stay ahead of that one little boy) because the smile on her face when she realized that little bit of applause was for her was completely priceless!

She did get a little nervous about running under the finish line balloon though, but eventually we coaxed her through where she received her bling bling.

And then, the best part. Much like her sister, my Tiger is a HUGE fan of snacks. Granola bars, apples, bananas, cups of water and all just sitting out at her level for the taking. It was snack heaven!

But besides, the fun, the snacks, the roaring adoring crowds, and the thrill of a running under a finish line balloon, the number one reason to enter your little tyke in a fun run is…..


Seriously. Out like a light. Not a single wah, whine, or word of displeasure when I laid her down. PLUS she went to bed at her normal bedtime without a fuss. Need I say more? You’re already looking up kids races aren’t you?

And here Is where I’d love to put a picture of my girls with their medals on, but since those pictures are trapped on my mom’s camera because the cord she uses to upload them is broken, you’ll just have to imagine it. It'd be pretty similar to that first picture except they’re both beaming with pride wearing their hard earned medals around their neck. It’s really cute.


'Til next time...

P.S. Giveaway coming! Tomorrow or Friday and it’s a good one, so don’t miss it!

P.P.S. For those of you who are wondering, the answer is no. This kids race was DB free Winking smile


Medievalist said...

this was so cute! i am glad everyone had such a good time, enjoyed the race for what it was - a fun run, and napped afterwards!

that is, after all, what this whole running game is all about.

Mum on the Run said...

That is just absolutely gorgeous.
I'm so for family fitness.
You guys are awesome.

Melissa C said...

So cute! Great job Tiger on making it all the way, plus hills! Awesome!

runnanna said...

She did an awesome job and so did her big sister ! And how bout some big cheers for the first few speedsters who cut the course a little short for EVERYONE ! Wouldn't that be cool in say a half marathon. The first really fast pack just cuts off a little loop (or mile) and the officials just say oh well, they're all going that way and we can't stop them now ! I'd give that fast pack an extra medal for that ! It was lots of fun watching the little ones run and I love that race offficial who took the time to cheer her on. That feels good to grown ups too !