Monday, August 22, 2011

The baby belly

I’ve been asked….repeatedly (you know who you are ;-) but don’t worry you’re not the only one) for a picture of the baby belly.

And I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely excited to post one. It’s not that I don’t just adore how I look pregnant or anything (although adore may be stretching it.) It just happens to be the hottest summer in my area in 134 years. With two little girlies to chase around while in my last trimester of pregnancy, that doesn’t exactly have me putting my best face forward in photos if you know what I mean. I’m hot, tired, sweaty and I’ve given up on much more than a ponytail or a hat.

All that being said, here’s me in all my pregnant glory…

 belly3 A few weeks ago, blueberry picking with the Tiger. Well, I’m picking. She’s eating.

brelly2 I’m behind Ole Miss.  That’s Tiger and I heading off at the beginning of her big fun run. I’m wearing the only race tech shirt that still fits.

belly5This was part of a little field day my mom, sister & I had for our kids. At this particular moment, The Little Miss is taking a swing break. 

belly6 Also field day, here my nephew (whom I’m not allowed to show you) just nailed me with a water balloon. I realize you can’t totally see my belly, but this picture makes me laugh every time I see it because as I’m getting soaked Tiger is entirely oblivious to the real purpose of water balloons. She just kept squeezing them ‘til they’d pop.


This was today. I’m 8 months.

And now that you’ve officially seen the baby belly. I have one question, boy or girl? Any guesses?

Need a few more details to make an accurate educated (old wives’ tale) sort of guess? Here’s 10 random factoids about my pregnancy for you to consider:

1) I have two girls already.

2) I thought both times my girls were boys. They weren’t.

3) My gut told me right away this was a boy.

4) No morning sickness whatsoever with the first two. This one I spent the first 4 months with either morning sickness, a virus, or some combination of the two.

5) Far more tired and uncomfortable this time than I remember with either of my other pregnancies (although, this time I have two kiddos to chase around, one of whom is in fact, a Tiger).

6) This baby is constantly moving. ALWAYS. (although, my placenta was in the front for both girls & my OBGYN said you feel less movement when that’s the case. This time it’s in the back.)

7) Although I’m wickedly tired, it takes FOREVER to fall asleep and I can’t sleep more than an hour or two at a time.

8) My belly button is still in with no signs of making an outward appearance.

9) The Little Miss says we’re having a girl.

10) Tiger thinks we’re having a pony.

Ok…so there’s way more than you ever wanted to know about me being pregnant, but I know there’s all kinds of theories out there as to how you can tell if someone’s having a boy or a girl so I thought I’d give you a few details.

So what do you think? Boy or Girl? (Or pony?)

 'Til next time...

P.S. I probably should mention I already know and have been keeping it a secret. A few of you know already too, so don’t spill it! I’ll do that on Friday :-)

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Angela said...

:-D YAY!!!

hope this last month is cool and calm for you.

bobbie said...

Very Cute :) Boy Boy Boy??

Anna B said...

I agree with Tiger.

You're having a pony. :)

track coach and adorable wife said...

I'm gonna say...boy! I was totally sick with my two boys and slightly less with the girl! Hope you stay as comfy as possible!

Mum on the Run said...

What colour do ponies wear??!
You look beautiful - I couldn't find the hot, sweaty bit. I was looking too!!

Angela said...

I think Tiger is dead on and it's a pony with brown spots, LOL!!!! Can't wait to find out Friday.

Katie said...

I say a girl! i have all boys, and my pregnancies have been sooooo different, so I do not think I could go on pregnancy symptoms alone. I was so sick with my second, that all my friends were convinced I was PG with a girl . . they were wrong.

~K~ said...

wow, 8 months? you look great! I need an early heartbeat number to make my (sometimes wrong) gender prediction! ;-)
Seems like i've heard once you have 2 of one gender, the chances are higher that future kids will be that same gender, but i'm gonna say boy anyway...

runnanna said...

It's another beautiful grandbaby for ME!