Friday, June 24, 2011

Tragedy at the Track

It’s so pitiful really. How soon one bubbly little butterfly of a 5 year old girl at her summer track program can be reduced to tears, sobbing, scrapes & blood that is.

Yes. We had our first major public athletic injury at the track meet last night. After an hour and a half of spinning, twirling, dancing, running through sprinklers (with that stinky egg smelling water-FAN. TAS. TIC.), holding hands, and oh yes, a few actual running or runningish type events thrown in there for good measure, things were going swimmingly. The Little Miss was ear to ear grins and fully confident she would be taking home a ribbon for something. She had no idea what, but just knew it would be something nonetheless. 

Then came the last event. The 100 meter dash. I had moved from my perch near the finish line where I had been giving my best effort to entertain my two-year old, The Tiger. I moved partially because The Tiger was no longer entertainable, at least not in the confines of her stroller and a full out fit was nearly inevitable, but deskalso because the Road Runners (the team name of the 4 & 5 year olds,  although I’m not exactly sure why since I would hope not a one of them would be ever running on the road at this point. Maybe it’s a little more Wylie Coyotish? Do they even know that cartoon these days? They should probably be Baby Jaguars or something, anyhow…), they were getting a little antsy waiting for their turn at the final event and I thought a little more supervision, at least for mine, was in order.

At long last, The Little Miss took the ready position at the starting line. Ready position, as in the kind of ready position she’s supposed to get in for t-ball, squatted down a little, hands on her knees (maybe that’s what threw her off? No ball was hit in her direction). On coach’s command, she took off, giving it EVERYTHING she had. Unfortunately, about 10 steps in, everything she had with her upper body turned out to be much more than everything her legs had and she bit it. HARD.

Now, don’t worry too much. She was able to stop all that wicked fast forward momentum propelling her to the front of the pack. In an awesome display of toughness, she brought herself to a complete stop with…her face. But she did thankfully come to a stop eventually. But it wasn’t only her face that took the beating. Her hands, knees, legs, collar bone, and even her stomach all had some nice scrapes which we’d later discover after washing the track off of her.

And her brand new white running shirt I just bought her? Um, yeah. It pretty much looks like she went and laid under a four wheeler or something. It looks just exactly like a giant tire track down the front of her, might I repeat, NEW, shirt. For future reference, should you register your child for a track program that will take place on a black track and have the brilliant idea to pick out a nice new shirt for him or her to run in, if your options are black or white, the correct choice is NOT by any means white.

So what did my baby do after her major wipeout? She got right back up! (So proud) Sobbing, she started heading towards the finish line. Now, I’m not entirely sure whether or not she was heading down that way because she thought I was still standing there or because she just wanted to finish the race, but she had fallen pretty much right in front of me and I could see she had quite a bit of blood happening. So in an effort to both put an end to her misery and prevent her from freaking out when she realized she was bleeding, I hollered at her and waved her over. Her coach was nice enough to lift her over the fence to me so we could go get her cleaned up. “Oh man, that her hurt,” he said when he got an up close look at his little piece of road kill.

I left Tiger with my mom and took my beat up little princess to the bathroom by the hand, tears streaming down her face the entire way. Now, I’m sure it hurt. But she really only had two major concerns. One, she didn’t finish the race and get to help her team. And two, she wouldn’t get a ribbon for that race. **BEAMING WITH PRIDE RIGHT HERE FOLKS** I assured her that if we hurried and got her cleaned up, there were still a lot of kids that needed to run. Coach would probably give her another chance to run her race, but she’d need to stop crying because if she was still crying when we asked, he’d think she was still hurt and might not let her. And let me tell you something, if ever I needed a lesson in sucking it up, I got it right there! Hurt, banged up, snotty, sniffling, she found some way to stop crying. That’s how bad she wanted it.

Unfortunately, the weather had looked kind of questionable the entire time we were there. In fact, we started a little late because of some heavy rain just before go time. By the time my Little Miss & I got back out to the track, a mere 5 minutes at most later, the skies had turned to seriously threatening and Coach was getting sever weather alerts on his phone. He decided to call it and just in time. By the time my girls were strapped in their car seats a torrential downpour had hit. Needless to say perhaps, but The Little Miss was crushed.

So I did what any good mom would do at that point. ICE CREAM!!! We headed straight to the nearest restaurant and got her a great big gigantic banana split. I even let her suck the melted ice cream up with a straw at the end. Am I the coolest mom ever or what? At that point, I figured there’d be no salvaging the shirt so what the heck? Might as well let the girl have some fun in it. And because I know you all want to see the ice cream, blood, track covered brand new only worn for an hour or two shirt, here you go:


And as for my little champion. Here’s her pretending to be majorly injured this morning…

chloe sad

It’s not nearly as impressive now as it was last night when it happened and she was covered in black track soot (which was literally ALL over her, mixed with some blood on her face).

And here’s her proudly showing her “battle scars” which I told her proves she tough like a solider. She LOVES soldiers and man does she dig that!

chloe happy2So like mother (and father) like daughter. Both my husband and I had been known to fall a time or two at a track meet in our day. Me at my very first one, just like my kiddo. But I am entirely thrilled that it’s no skin off her back (it was her front) and she’s already ready to run another day. MY GIRL!!! Because what else can you do when you have a bad day? You pick yourself up and you go again and THAT my friends is an awesome lesson for her to have learned…as painful as it might have been.

 'Til next time...

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Anna said...

What a little trooper!

Melissa C said...

Poor thing! So glad she was able to pick herself up and wanted to continue.

It always amazes me how much ice cream fixes.

Angela said...

Oh no!!! Super glad she got up and was wanting to try again!! Wouldn't want to scar a future runner on their first track meet!!

p.s. I believe you forgot a pic :-D

Megan said...

That's what is great about her being involved in running/sports at her age. She is already learning life lessons! If you fall, you just get back up again! What a sweet little fighter!

Evolving Through Running said...

That is one battle-tested shirt. Good for her wanting to get right back on the horse. She should wear that shirt for the next race - psych out the other runners.

Cynthia O'H said...

What a great race! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that shirt too. Look at it closely; you can see the outline of a soldier on it.

runnanna said...

She woulda' won that race too! What a litle tough girl she is !

Heather said...

Poor thing.
I am glad she was ok.