Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Recurring Running Dreams

So most of you know, I’m **sniff sniff** not running at all right now. I’m a big fan of women who keep right on running through their pregnancy, but for me a few little red flags early on with this one has me opting to slow down, waaaaaaay down and just play it safe (that whole story is right here if you missed it before and you’re interested.)

But in my dreams, I’m not only running, I’ve had a few very interesting running escapades, two of which in particular, seem to be popping up on a somewhat frequent basis. So, I thought I’d share. You all can feel free to give me your best psycho-analysis of what they mean (and yeah, I know they probably just mean I’m craving to lace up those kicks, but I’m sure you all have a much more creative humorous interpretation that will be fun for us all to read. So fire away).

Dream Numero Uno:

I’m breaking the news to some member of my family, my husband, my parents, my sister, someone. I’ve made this major decision.  And by major, I mean big. BIG.  The whole tone of this dream is, “Sit down. I’ve got to tell you something.” Basically, after giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided I’m going to try out for the cross country team…at my local high school. Seriously. And no, I don’t mean I’m 15 or 16 again in the dream. I’m still me, 32 year old mamma of two with one on the way. In fact, my two kiddos are running around under foot the entire time I’m talking. The last time I had this one, my mom, after I tell her,  in all seriousness says, “Honey, do you think that’s really going to be a good idea when you’re nine months pregnant?” At which point, my dreamself seems to be entirely confused for a few moments, then takes stock of her enormous belly and says, “I know, but I really think I can do this.” So lookout Eagles, you’ve got some mighty tough competition coming this fall.

Dream #2:

I’m not pregnant anymore. I’m competing in some kind of endurance running event, which I initially thought was a marathon until the course winds its way to the side doors of a building. The doors lead into a locker room, “transition 1”, where I am supposed to change for the next portion of the race. Only there’s a problem. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing on the next leg. I have no clothes to change into and I don’t have a transition area setup (which for everybody else is a locker). So basically I’m just standing there, watching everybody trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing, finally settling on the idea that I’m just supposed to change my shirt. (Why? No clue.) Suddenly, I find a locker for myself and grab a shirt. Then I run into a bathroom stall figuring I’ve already wasted enough time, I might as well take two more seconds to pee.

Upon doing so, I realize the ONE thing you don’t want to discover mid race has happened. Yep. I started my period. And to make matters worse, I’m entirely unprepared for this. No pads. No tampons. No nothing. Not even back in my magically appearing transition locker. And nobody else has anything either or at least they’re not sharing. So I did the one and only thing you CAN do in a situation like this….I woke myself up (HA! It was a dream remember. No sense running on your period with no feminine products if you don’t have to!)

So that’s them. And just for your background knowledge, I’m no stranger to weird dreams while pregnant. I can still remember being near the end of my first pregnancy and dreaming that I was in the hospital, but not a regular hospital. It was like a strange hidden secret hospital in the middle of a forest somewhere. Everything was white or metallic, futuristic and cold. The doctors were dressed entirely in white and spoke in strange accents. I don’t recall whether or not the baby I delivered was a boy or a girl but that was probably because I was distracted by it’s giant massive head, larger than a full grown adult’s, which was sitting on top of it’s perfectly formed, but teeny weeny body. And by teeny weeny I mean, about like the size of a quarter.

The child was also semi-transparent. The entire dream was about me trying to protect my weird alienish baby from some unknown but very real danger. It was so strange, but I’m pretty sure I was having that one b/c I was absolutely TERRIFED of delivering my husband’s child after being repeatedly warned by various members of his family about him having a giant head when he was born. TERRIFIED. (For the record, she did have a big giant perfectly round, non-coning head, but hey, I survived. I was even game for a couple more.)

As for these recurring running dreams, I don’t know. Anybody got any thoughts, dream analysis, wild made up interpretations? Or how about any weird pregnancy/running dreams of your own you’d care to share? I’m all ears…

'Til next time...

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P.P.S. Yes, Miss A I will (eventually)post a picture of me with the baby bump. In fact, it’s about time I gave you all a little update on me, baby and…um…friend(?) don’t you think?


Angela said...

yes'm i do think :-D

haha those are hilarious dreams. I totally had a dream my mom was pregnant and had a baby. I was very upset with her because she is supposed to be enjoying having no kids at home not making more! ha!

I always have strange dreams, and I am not pregnant, I hope they don't get stranger when I do get pregnant!

Kimberly said...

I like your pregnancy dreams far better than mine. I always dream that my husband leaves me :( It just goes to show that you can't take running away 100 percent from a mom!

SupermomE12 said...

Got to love pregnant mama dreams!!! I am not psychologist, but I think the dreams are way funny, and probably just part of your inner you reminding yourself that you are a runner. I love the cross country team. Think how cute you'd be in that uniform. :)

Jennifer said...

I had wild dreams when I was prego too :)