Sunday, June 26, 2011

GNC Giveaway Winner

Just got back from the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest (which is super sweet btw) so sorry for yet another late night post. I’ll be short and sweet and get straight to the winner which yes, yes I did let my 5 year pick at almost midnight. Somehow after a super busy day of running around she managed to stay awake for the entire car ride home which was anything but short. I figured since she was up she might as well pick the winner of the $100 GNC Gift Card and that winner is…



And yes, I do realize that is just a bunch of letters but that’s what this mystery person entered the giveaway as and that’s who the Little Miss chose. So congratulations lwknop!!! Please send me an email at and I”ll fill you in on all the details.

If you don’t happen to be lwknop, don’t worry there’s still more goodies to win, check out my Crave the Cute Giveaway for starters and then swing by my Running Mamma Giveaway after that (although, no promises on that one. I may have already given away all I have to give, I haven’t had a chance to go back and count the entries yet.)


'Til next time...

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