Friday, May 27, 2011

PSA: Don’t be an idiot

I am an idiot, a crispy french fried idiot. As a matter of fact, I can’t believe I’m about to tell you all the really insanely stupid thing I  recently did, but in the hopes it’ll serve as a gentle reminder to those of you out there who also happen to teeter on the edge of less then brilliant from time to time, I figured I’d go ahead. Maybe save some other poor soul the same fate.

The weather around these parts has been much more late fallish then springish lately cold, dreary, and wet which of course means only one thing. I’ve got a house brimming over with stir crazy kids. So I’m sure you can imagine that when the sun finally decided to show it’s lovely face this past weekend, I was ALL about that.

First, we headed to the green house to pick up some annuals for planting, followed by a little ice cream on the way home (of course!). Then while Tiger took her nap, the Little Miss and I got to planting while my mom (GOD BLESS HER!) graciously took on some weeding. (And by the Little Miss planting what I really mean is looking for “ground creatures” to put in her “worm pie.” You know, the one that “we’re not REALLY going to eat Mommy, we’re just going to PRETEND to eat it.” So glad she clarified.)

Somewhere mid-first flat planting as the temps were pushing 90, I realized that without a cloud in the sky, I was baking, baking like a toasted cheeser. It was not good. Not good at all. But did I stop planting? Well, no. Certainly not. I had flowers to get in the ground man and with no telling how long the weather would hold out, I was not about to quit until every last one of them were in the ground (good thing considering it has stormed all week since).

So yeah. I got FRIED. FRIED I tell you! My back was beat red. Burnt on Sunday and it wasn’t until yesterday that the nice shade of red finally began to soften. It was the kind of burn that itches and as much as you know scratching it is the very last thing you SHOULD do, you do it anyway. And it FRIGGIN’ HURTS!

But here’s the best part, as I’m dripping sweat working hard knowing full well I’m going to wind up with a nasty sun burn and desperately wishing that I had bought some sun block the last time I was at the store, I forgot one very important thing. Sitting in my car was a little box sent to me from the good people over at Scape. A box of what? Only some of the best sunscreen on the market which I remembered oh about the time I went in the house to wash up for dinner. DOH! So basically on the very first day of sunshine for the year I got fried for no apparent reason whatsoever.

So don’t be like me. Don’t just get your sunscreen, but when you’re going to spend some time outdoors (like on a long run **hint hint**), also actually put it on and save yourself a world of hurt. And if your going to be sweating, you may want to check out Scape. I’d sing their glorious praises about being designed by an athlete for athletes and the serious science that went into these product, but since I already did that in a review right here I’ll let you just click on over to read all about it again.

Although I will say that this time, they also sent me a face stick to try out which I hadn’t before. It’s basically, for lack of a better analogy, like a stick of deodorant but for sunscreen. It goes on really smooth with no funky sunblocky smell, and it stays on, even when you’re dripping sweat. Plus, it comes in a handy dandy little container that’d be easy to slip in your purse or diaper bag and who doesn’t love that?

Lastly, Morgan over at Scape mentioned we could do a giveaway if you all are interested. So…interested?

'Til next time...

P.S. Just in case you haven’t heard yet and you’ve been looking for a way to help out the people of Joplin where that batch of tornadoes recently did so much destruction, check out what the planning team of the Boomtown 1/2 Marathon are doing. The 1/2 mary was scheduled to be run in Joplin in a couple weeks, but now instead they’re doing this. EXACTLY why I love runners!

P.P.S. Wait ‘til you all hear about these recurring running dreams I’ve been having! Get ready to put your arm chair psychologist caps on (what? “arm chair psychologist cap” that’s a real thing right? Oh no, arm chair quaterback. Whoops! Oh well, I like it. We’re going with it. It fits in with the absurdity of the dreams.) Stay tuned…


Tri-Living...Together said...

I hear ya! I did that on one of my bike rides.. never realized I was getting burnt but boy were my arms FRIED!!!!!

Brandi said...

As a relatively new blogger, I've never entered a giveaway, but would LOVE to try Scape, so - a giveaway sounds FANTASTIC!!!

thighwillbegone said...

What a great idea (the sun block, not the burning!) I hardly ever burn so tend to forget to put sun block on when I go out. A little portable container sounds like a perfect thing to have! So, yes, count me in as interested!
Oh I seem to be having a superstitious moment...does my post seem like a taunt to the sun? Not that I have much to worry about today - it's grey and rainy!

As this is my first comment, let me just say how much I enjoy your posts landing in my inbox. Thank you for your words.

Thighwillbegone x

runnanna said...'s time for the sun block...FINALLY!

Mom's Home Run said...

I can imagine you being bummed out about getting a sun burn while you had a perfectly fine sunscreen lying around.

But I do applaud your parenting skills! Planting with your daughter is sure to be a lovely memory for her.