Monday, April 18, 2011

BAT Times

Although, I suppose now that I think of it “times” is a little on the redundant side. But that’s beside the point.

I’m really looking for a little support on this one ladies. I mean if we unite as runners on this one, I think we can literally change the face of racing for the better, forever. But perhaps, I should explain.

Many of you know I’m coaching. And like any coach, my runners and I talk the typical, mileage, pace, shoes, course, etc. But with me that’s not all you get. Oh no. Far from it. If my runners have a question, they ask it. No topic is off limits, as one of my runners (who shall heretofore be referred to as the Kilometer Queen, since she’s got a fantastic goal for the year to run a ridiculous number of kilometers) found out last week when we talked pee. (Yes, you read that right. We talked pee.)

Here’s the thing. We’ve all gotta do it and unfortunately sometimes we’ve gotta do it during a race and nobody, at least not the Kilometer Queen nor myself, want to lose precious seconds on race day taking care of business. I mean, really, am I to blame if mother nature calls? Or better yet, am I to blame if mother nature calls OTHER runners thus creating a massive line at the nearest available port-a-potty? I think not.

And until race directors around the country not only provide an abundance of port-a-potties so that they are wait free along the race course, but also strategically place timing mats in front of each one so that should you be forced to take a pit stop, that stop does not negatively affect your chip time, I suggest we take matters into our own hands.

We have chip times. We have gun times. Let’s make a third part of our generally accepted running vernacular BAT times. Bathroom Adjusted Times …Times (see I told you it was redundant). Just simply take a split for the time you take an emergency bathroom stop. Add those splits together at the end of your race and subtract the total from your finishing time. And voila! You have your bat time.

Now, I know I know. Some of you are already voicing your objections. What if somebody takes a REALLY long bathroom stop?Like 45 minutes at the 1/2 way mark? Or what if somebody takes multiple bathroom breaks? Maybe they run pot to pot? And you’re right. We’d probably have to work out some generally agreed upon guidelines for applying the bat times (feel free to leave your suggested bat time guidelines in the comments). But I think you get the gist right? Think about it. Mull it over. I don’t need your official answer on support today (or ever actually). Just an idea. A work in progress if you will. But next time your mid-race and you’ve really got to go, I bet you’ll consider taking a split Winking smile

'Til next time...


P.S. For those of you who are a FB fan, Tiger Toddler seems to be doing just fine. She took a little bit of a tumble last Friday afternoon and has since been splinted with a suspected wrist fracture and possible elbow dislocation since (told you she was a tiger! You all thought I was exaggerating didn’t you?). Apparently, however what was first called suspicious by the urgent care doc, has been declared clean by the radiologist. So she was freed from her splint today and while she’s still favoring it a bit, she’s doing much much better.

P.P.S. For those of you who were interested, I did get around posting the new Spring Specials today on my coaching site And in case any of you were still mulling around that New Years Resolution special, I’ll leave that coupon code active for the rest of the month.


juanitagf said...

LOVE this! I have had issues in previous marathons with needing just this type of thing. My marathon PR would be nearly 10 minutes faster!

SupermomE12 said...

I am in!!! I lost almost four minutes in my marathon this weekend to portapotties, but still managed to get my sub-four (3:57:29). If I had a BAT I would have been 3:53. Sign me up! :)

Heather said...

I love it. That is a genius idea of a timing mat in front of the port o let! ABsolutely genius.
Until it catches it on I am with you on BAT times. (I like it. Sounds Batman like.)
It would really take the stress out o fmy running.

Penny said...

It sounds good. But I'm one that doesnt have to go pee alot when I am running. I did my marathon and never had to pee once. I'm pretty luck with that area. Now my running partner has to pee alot, she would love this ideal

runnanna said...

Yes ! Sounds right to me ! I might not even use it..but just knowing a BAT was available might take the pressure off!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Good idea. Those breaks are a killer, especially when there is a line.