Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grins & Giggles: A nose so scary it’s funny

Long time no blog post eh? I’m still not quite ready to come back and spill The BIG SECRET. In fact, I might push it off one more week until I find out some details. But this was too good to pass up & I figured it’d tide you all over for a little while plus I’m in dire need of some your witty commenting.
Take a peek…

Too funny! I’ve got another post that’s not really a post either I may do for you a little later in the week. Or maybe I won’t be able to contain myself any longer and I’ll just spill that secret after all. It’s really all going to depend on just one thing…the temperature of my eyes. Have I thoroughly confused you yet? Excellent. Then my job here is done. Stick around.
'Til next time...

P.S. If you have something (family friendly) that you think might make us all chuckle, send it to me at runfastmommy@gmail.com.

P.P.S. I made fettucine alfredo tonight (with boiled baby carrots on the side and a slice of rye bread to dip in olive oil and herbs if you need the complete meal plan. Why rye? That's all I had left.) And I know you're initial reaction to that is WHOA! Way to pack on the calories there Kelly! But wait! This was a healthier version than the original dish that I got off of KraftFoods.com (my go to quick dinner website. It's definitely not gourmet, but it's usually fast, easy and pretty tasty. PLUS the reader reviews are super helpful to make the recipes a little more to your liking, but anyway...) So this recipe I honestly thought wouldn't be very good, but I REALLY liked it. I actually think I like it better than the real thing which is usually a little too rich for me. Next time I think I'll throw a little grilled chicken on top. Mmmm mmmm. You can check that recipe out here if you're interested.

Monday, March 7, 2011

CaptivCrochet Winner

Drum roll please…..

The winner of the fabulously unique hat from CaptivCrochet is none other than the delightful Miss:



CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ll be contacting you shortly with all the details. As for the rest of you, if you happen to crochet a little yourself, be sure to stop by my aunt’s site and check out her very inexpensive, yet very chic patterns. You’re going to love them. You can also follow her on Facebook here.

'Til next time...

P.S. I know. I know. Posting has been sparse. Ok, relatively nonexistent. But I have a reason for this, a secret actually. ‘Bout time I posted another one of those isn’t it? So stayed tuned. Secret coming soon! It’s a good one! (Am I allowed to say doosy? Cause that was what I really wanted to say, but I was afraid if a golly slipped out anytime shortly thereafter you’d all be calling me June Cleaver so I refrained. Well, sort of.)