Monday, February 28, 2011

No Snow Snuggler Winners

Ok…not exactly the way I would have liked to announce the winners of the No Snow Snuggler yesterday, that being a couple of Facebook posts which I couldn’t even get to post the way I wanted since I was on my phone. You can see that here if you missed it.  I wanted one post with a comment underneath it, but I was on my phone & my phone was not cooperating. (For the record: I am the slowest texter EVER!) So it ended up all split up and stupid. Sorry about that.

But hey, what else am I going to do when a random middle of winter lightning storm strikes and knocks out my internet service? We make due. But I still feel obligated to announce the winners here and send a little link love where applicable back to their sites.

So tonight, the OFFICIAL winners (previously announced yesterday) of the No Snow Snugglers are:

Girl (Running) In the Dark


Sarah Domestically Challenged

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Send me an email at and I’ll send you all the details. But if the above listed are not you, WAIT WAIT WAIT a minute! Don’t go anywhere yet, because I’ve got another giveaway running right now via CaptivCrochet that’s just as easy to enter. Check out the details here. Good luck!

'Til next time...

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Whoo hoo! Thanks so much!!