Saturday, February 12, 2011

No Snow Snuggler: Review & Giveaway

zoo lights winter11 591This quite possibly could be the best mom giveaway ever. EVER!!! The No Snow Snuggler – you all are so gonna love it. At the very least, it’s the best mom of small children who like to play in the snow but would also like said children’s teeny fingers to remain more fingerish and far less popsiclish. If that is, in fact, a giveaway category of sorts.

And yes, I realize this is not a running product, but it so very is a mom product. In fact,  not only was it the brainchild of a couple of moms and the company those moms founded strives to employ moms “on a part time kid friendly basis.” Score one all around if you ask me.

I was introduced to this product via RunSis and quite frankly when she told me about it, all I heard was blah blah blah something for your kid to wear in the snow. Isn’t that what coats and gloves are for? I didn’t really give it much thought.

Fast forward to the first real playable snowfall of the year. I was slightly more intrigued when I saw my sister put it on her daughter under her snow suit. Ok yeah, I get it, I thought. The gloves can’t come off because they are a part of her shirt. Smart. But really, is it going to be that warm? Won’t it just get wet? And most of all, isn’t your kid going to pitch a fit that she can’t rip her gloves off? Tiger certainly would.

So with all of these questions and a bit of skepticism rolling around in my head, we went outside. Ten minutes later, I was carrying my screaming squirming toddler back in the house like a football, due to frozen, wet, beat red fingers because her gloves had managed to come off (again, and again, and again) and were full of snow.

“HALP! HALP! HALP! NOOOOOOO!!!” She  cried watching her sister and cousins, including the happily No Snow Snuggled toddler I had been skeptical of, enjoying themselves in the snow as I hauled her away. Once inside, I took her snowy wet clothes off, wrapped her in a blanket and promptly walked over to the computer and ordered her a Snuggler too. At that point it probably could have cost me a thousand dollars (it didn’t) and I’d have still ordered it. I didn’t care. I was frustrated. There’d be no more Tiger free snow days at Papa & Nana’s house if I had anything to do with it.

Still, I wasn’t exactly sure how she’d like it. She’s not onezoo lights winter11 594 to be confined in any way whatsoever if you know what I mean. But to my surprise, not a single complaint was uttered when I first put the No Snow Snuggler on her. In fact, she was quite pleased to discover that when she smacked her palms together while wearing it, there’s a delightful little clapping noise. So far so good, but could it withstand the outside cold test?

I took her out in the snow for about 1/2 an hour that day (it was really cold, that’s all I could handle. I may zoo lights winter11 613need a Snuggler of my own) most of which she spent stuffing her face with as much snow as she could possibly eat. Never once did she try to rip her gloves off, (not that they’d have come off if she tried) and she seemed fully thrilled to FINALLY be able to have some time in the snow uninterrupted by mom trying to force her wet snowy gloves to go back on.

zoo lights winter11 630

When I finally got her back in and I took her jacket and Snuggler off, I completely expected to feel some little red cold hands. Surprisingly, they were just the opposite toasty warm and not even in the slightest bit wet.

Needless to say perhaps, but I LOVE this product. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! FINALLY, a way for my kiddo to play in the snow without frustration and soooooooo much easier to put on than actual mittens. It’s awesome and it’s going to be SWEET for all those cold early morning races. They’ll be no major mom guilt when I finish the run to find my peanut’s fingers have turned to ice at some point during my race. It’s perfect for race spectating and/or jogging stroller bundling. Perfect. Seriously, you’ve GOT to get one.

And good news! Just on a whim, I thought I’d toss the No Snow Snuggler ladies a line and see if they’d be interested in a giveaway. They were! THREE lucky blog readers are going to win a cranberry red No Snow Snuggler for their little one, size 3T. Now, don’t be too bummed if your little one is not quite size 3T just yet.  Even if you have the very newest of newborns, or perhaps maybe even your baby’s still in the comfy coziness of your belly, TRUST ME. You will want one once they get to be that size. You can always set it aside and use it later.  And personally, I think it’d make a  very cool shower gift, a gift not found in stores, at least not any I’ve been to.

So let’s get to it! How do you enter?


1. You must be a resident of the United States.

2. You must be a follower of this blog.

3. You must leave me a comment.

And badda boom badda bing! Once you’ve done those three things, you are officially entered in the contest.

But if you’re anything like me, you’d really really like to up your chances on this one. So let me give you a few more ways to do that:

1. “Like” my page on Facebook OR get someone else to if you don’t have FB

2. Follow me on Twitter OR get someone else to if you don’t have Twitter.

3. Spread the word about this contest via any of your favorite methods: email, word of mouth, blog post, sidebar link, update your Facebook status, tweet tweet tweet, DailyMile, MySpace, etc. Each method will be worth 1 additional entry. (Note: emailing or telling 2 or 3 people is ONE method and thus worth one entry.) Limit 5 entries via this method.

So that brings your maximum entry total to 8 should you so desire. Just let me know your chosen methods of entry via your comment. Only one comment necessary. All entries must be received by Saturday, February 26th at 11:59:59PM. The Little Miss and Tiger will draw three winners from a big bowl and I’ll announce them on Sunday, February 27th. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best of luck!

'Til next time...

P.S. Don’t worry, The Little Miss had fun in the snow too! We won’t let Tiger hog all the pictures just because she’s our Snuggler model.

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