Saturday, February 12, 2011

Infirmary Update: Tiger Toddler V the entire nursing staff plus one doctor

For those of you who’ve been wondering what the crack is going on over here exactly, here’s the deal-e-o.

Back up to last weeks “blister” (blizzard to my 4 year old). At some point mid-snow, The Little Miss stumbled into my bedroom and asked if she could sleep in my bed. It was icing and loud and scaring her so I said, “sure.” Not 5 minutes later, I was wishing I hadn’t as we began to wage a little blanket war. I wanted covers on. She wanted them off. Back and forth, back and forth we went until she sidled up close to me and I realized she wanted the covers off because she was literally burning up. I ran for the thermometer.

103.6 degrees later, I was stripping her fleece pajamas off, coaxing down some tylenol, and attempting to cool her forehead with a wash cloth. THAT was the official beginning of what is now going on an 11 day and counting sickfest at my house.

Here’s how were stacking up:

For The Little Miss, it was 2 days of very high fevers with a little bit of congestion followed by an ear infection and eye infection. Then right about the time I thought she was over it…her eye started bleeding. It was awesome. Just friggin’ awesome. Current Condition: Just a minor cough every once in awhile, pretty much back to normal in every other way and no random bleeding from places you generally don’t ever want to see blood.

And to answer that question I know you’re asking right now, mainly “Why on earth would her eye bleed”?, I’m sorry, but I really don’t know. Because when you take her into urgent care and the doctor says he wants to put a numbing agent in her eye so he can check for an ulcer, you naturally tell your child in response to their questions, “No. It won’t hurt.”

At least in my world, numb DOES NOT = pain. Upon not being convinced however, that this stranger, doctor though he may be, was not going to hurt her, I asked him for a little back up, “is this going to hurt?” FULLY expecting him to say, “no, not at all. It will just feel NUMB” (numbing agent = numb in my world remember). His brilliant response: “Yes….It will burn.” Seriously dude?! You couldn’t have just given me a look behind her back? Shook your head yes, while she had her face buried in my coat. You, a complete stranger, are telling a 4 year old that you are going to put something that is painful AND burns in her EYE AND you expect her to cooperate. Good luck with that, even with your stupid popsicle. Yeah. Let’s just say, we never got an official answer on that one.

As for me, I was the next one hit. At about the same time as The Little Miss, I started to get really congested with the vague sensation that I might be getting a sore throat. Like any good mother, I ignored it and carried on with my 9 million motherly duties. As of last Friday, I was pretty sure I had successfully fought it off, nothing more than a minor cold. Uh…no.

Sunday was the real beginning of my dance with the plague. It hit, and it hit hard. Lots of congestion, wickedly sore throat, coughing fits (oh the cough!), and a headache that basically left me useless. I literally felt like I couldn’t move and slept most of the day. Monday was pretty close to the same. Then finally it seemed like I might be getting better. Current condition: Relapsed plus some. (Oh hello eye infection, so glad you could join the miserable party.)  While the headache thankfully has not made the return, the sore throat has and the coughing fits just won’t stop. I actually have sore abs from coughing. Swear. And to top it off, I have not run in a full week, so you can imagine where my head is now. **SIGH**

2011-02-10_19.12.18And Tiger Toddler? Well here’s the funny thing about her. She’s been fine. Totally fine through the whole first week plus a few days. I was pretty sure she’d made it through unscathed. Until…Thursday. Actually, Wednesday, I heard a really weak sounding cough, but nothing of major concern.

Then all day Thursday, she seemed fine. She’d cough every once in a while but she didn’t feel warm and she was playing just as normal. The thought did not even occur to me to take her temperature. That’s how good she seemed.

But those nasty viruses can take hold quickly, and this one did. While I rushed to get her somewhat presentable following her nap in order to take her with me to the Little Miss’s dance class, I noticed her cough sounded really weird. She was fully miserable, but hey, I am too if you wake me up from a nap. So I still didn’t realize what exactly was happening.

Then came the car ride, her cough was getting progressively worse and her attitude matched. I took the Little Miss in and paid for her classes amidst stares from horrified parents. My hoarse little baby was (barely audibly) screaming, refusing to stay seated in her stroller, and, well, barking, or at least that’s the way her cough sounded. Really. Weirdest. Cough. Ever.

Long story short, I ended up high tailing it out of there and taking Tiger to urgent care. She was rapidly deteriorating on the way, labored breathing, and a hard time staying awake (yes. yes, I was just on this side of tears at that point.) When we got to urgent care, despite the full lobby of sickos waiting to be seen, we were taken to the back right away.

And here’s the thing about tigers, even a sick tiger will fight when provoked and despite the fact that she was having a hard time even keeping her head up, so too will Tiger Toddler fight when provoked. She wanted no part of anyone coming any where near her. In fact, she didn’t even like them in the same room.

First sign of a fight was when the nurse took her temperature. Even though they had a (really cool) thermometer that took her temperature without even touching her, she wanted it away and shoved the nurse. They got it anyway. Temperature reading: 103.6.

They brought back some Motrin. First she pushed it out in disgust with her tongue. Upon second attempt, she completely spit it out into mine and the nurse’s faces. (Motrin in the eye. Excellent.) As the nurse backed away to get some paper towels to clean the mess up, Tiger puked. EVERYWHERE. And let me just save you the entire frustrating ordeal and just say the word around that urgent care facility is that Tiger is waaaaay strong and very determined. I could literally hear the nurses talking about it outside our door.

A point which had it been at all in question would be put to rest when they tried to read her oxygen levels with a pulse ox meter following a breathing treatment and it only took  two nurses a doctor, and of course me, to get it done. I’d have totally loved to have shared stories about her brute baby strength with the staff in awe of her prowress at that point, stories of child safety lock destruction, toddler mattress tossing, safety gate smashing and such, but I was busy trying to prevent flailing limbs from seriously injuring someone. Current Condition: The Tiger has Croup, which pretty much has to just run it’s course, though we should be through the worst of it or so they say, despite another day of high temps today. She’s totally not happy with her current health status however, but in between high bouts of fever she does love her new hospital dress. It spins.


And yeah, let’s talk RunDad for all of two seconds. Current Condition: Fine. No excuse me, he has a mild cough. Poor baby. Mostly just trying to stay out of the way of the phelgm, vomit, eye goop, etc. that’s flowing heavily around this house.

So that’s where we stand and hence the reason for the lack of posts and the repeated giveaway postponements. BUT I do have one done, and  just as soon as these pictures finish downloading and I can add them to the post, I’ll get it up there. So really, stay tuned. It should be within the hour. In the meantime, if you’d like to pick up a special little sumptin’ sumptin’ for your immune system what with Valentine’s Day around the corner and all, feel free to stop on by. We have a wide selection available of only the finest viruses completely free of charge. Think it over…

'Til next time...


Jennifer said...

Hang in there sista! Sorry all that happened at once. Hope the fam gets better soon.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Croup is the suck! My youngest got it when she was about 7 months old. ugh. That barking cough is a dead give away. All this because the oldest brought home a cold from school and literally was fine the next day. I hope things return to normal soon for you!

Laurie said...

We just went through croup here at our house too. Finally the last symptoms of it are subsiding. Hope you little one feels better soon. :) Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

So sorry! We were majorly hit with bronchitis then pneumonia and the flu at the same time. And, dad has also missed most of the illness as well. Wishing you the best. Let's pray spring is around the corner. At lest you might be able to air out the house this week! Should be warm enough!
-Shannon McNamara

The Turtle said...

You and your poor babies. I hope this will be a better week.