Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In light of Boston…

Which for the record, I don’t really think is THAT big a deal, I’m going to be working on my half time for awhile.

Now don’t mistake me here. This isn’t some form of surrender or dashed marathoning hopes, not in the least.

But I will admit, when I heard that the Boston marathon folks had made the qualifying times faster and changed their registration process, I was a little bummed. And yes, I fully understand if you look at my marathon finishing times to date, you might get a chuckle at that fact that I have even the slightest desire to qualify for a Boston one day. But I do and I’m a determined little cuss and with the right focus and training that doesn’t get interrupted by 9 months of not running during complicated pregnancies here and there, I completely believe that one day when the stars align and I’m on a downhill course with all the right weather conditions my minute per mile pace and my age group will collide and VOILA! I will qualify for Boston.

And slowly and steadily as my running has improved, those qualifying times have seemed more and more doable. Tough, yes. But out of reach, not so much. So when I initially got the word that times were changing this morning, yeah…that took the wind out of my sails some.

But really, what are the Boston people supposed to do? It seems we, the running community as a whole, are getting faster and faster. Boston sold out in less than 9 hours last year and had to close the door on a lot of very fast people who qualified for the event. I think it’s a fair move to let the fastest register first and make the qualifying times faster. What else are they going to do? (although after I wrote this I stumbled on this little Amby Burfoot article and maybe BAA would do well to take a listen. He knows way more than little ole me.)

So the new game plan is I’m going to work on bringing down my 1/2 time to the 1:40ish region and then make a real solid push to qualify for Boston after that (as opposed to my old game plan which was…ahhh…none.) And when I do, it’ll be 5 minutes faster than originally planned…and that much sweeter.

Other Boston thoughts anyone? Feel free to vent here if necessary. I won’t mind.


'Til next time...

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Melissa C said...

I posted on this today too. It has been on my mind since I read about it. I am very much in favor of this process. While it may be tougher for me to get into Boston (my main goal of 2011 is to qualify), I am also a super big fan of fairness. This seems extremely fair to me, and if I miss out b/c I was not fast enough, then so be it, it isn't because my internet was faster or I got up super early to wait online for it to open or something like that. I had heard a rumor that the times would be decreasing, so that was in my game plan all along (as far as this specific training set goes). I am actually seriously considering adding a second spring marathon to my plan not as backup, but as a totally kick my trash in effort to get an insane time. I want to go ahead and run my April 2nd marathon as planned, shooting for a 3:35, and then at the end of April, run absolutely crazy and if I crash and burn and don't finish or end up walking a ton at the end, I at least gave it another shot but still have my safe marathon under my belt. One friend thinks I should do it the other way around, but since I haven't run a full marathon since before my 2 year old was born, I am thinking I need to stick to the conservative plan and just qualify normally before doing anything crazy. I also have 2 half ironman races on the schedule, and I don't want to drag out my serious marathon training any more and need to ramp up my biking (and not get hurt running a "stupid" pace) Also, please note that my goal stated "to qualify in 2011", and didn't really say that "to run Boston in 2012" too. A qualifying time will make me plenty happy, even if it fills up before I can get in. I say GAME ON, I am going to BRING IT!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Good plan. I have to admit, your old game plan sounds a lot like my current. However, if the conditions and such aligned, I just may make it someday! I am working on the 1/2 time as well to see where that gets me!

fancy nancy said...

Good plan! I go back and forth on the decision too. I ran Boston 3 years ago but it was for a charity. It is sad to think that people who have qualified for it will miss out on this amazing, once in a lifetime race.

The Running Mama said...

ok. this may sound crazy, but i am completely for the change at boston. does it make it harder for me to qualify? yep! but does it make it seem like a return to an elite race too? yep! sometimes i feel so discouraged because i see people that have run boston and i don't understand how. yes they are older than me and have a slower qualify time than me but i think it should really be an elite race. i the best of the best! it is a once in a lifetime race and should be. not an every year for fast but yet not elite runners. running snob? maybe, but i have not qualified and i may never. i am okay with that! it should take a lot of effort and commitment to qualify for boston... just my humble opinion!