Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blah, blah, blah AND Giveaway Winners!!!

Yeesh! Looks like I haven’t blogged in nearly a week. What’s up with that? Although, in my defense, there was that whole blizzard deal to prepare for. Not that I actually, did anything to prepare for it, other than perhaps make blizzard jokes on FB (my apologies to those of you who did actually get socked with snow. Around here they were talking Blizzard. Of. The. Century. Up to 20 inches I heard at one point. Possible snow tornadoes, which we of course affectionately renamed snownadoes. We got 6 inches. WOW. Pretty typical. Although, we did get some pretty good ice for a good 5 or so hours. I’ll give them that much).

Oh wait no. I take that back. I did go fill my car up with gas, which quite frankly seems just a little silly to me because after all, why exactly would my car need a full tank of gas if I’m stuck at home in a snow storm. Will it be travelling somewhere without me? Because I sure as heck wouldn’t travel in white out conditions like the ones they were predicting.

But after a number of people gave me reasons that I didn’t entirely buy or didn’t seem to apply to me so much such as: the blizzard could knock power out at the gas stations and they might not be operating even after the storm’s over, if you do get stuck on the roads somewhere without a full tank of gas the stations might not be open, and something about water on the lines and it being a good idea to keep the tank topped off in winter anyway, I finally relented when a particularly scary thought occurred to me.

What IF we did lose power for a couple of days? And we were stuck at home with no heat AND NO TV? (**GASP** THE HORROR) Whatever would I do? What would my kids do? Well, if my tank was filled up we could just go sit in the van and watch a movie on the dvd player in the car nice and toasty warm. A little field trip minus the trip so to speak. Problem solved. So yes, yes I did buy the snowmeggedon gas. But you’ll be happy to know I did not however succumb to the pressure of buying the end of the world groceries. I figure I’ve got at least, a good couple weeks worth of expired condiments we can survive on in the fridge if necessary.

So between the “blister” (as my 4 year old puts it) and then waking up to The Little Miss in bed with me middle of the night burning a meager 103.6 fever, I guess I’ve been a little tied up. (But hey, we have been having some fun on Facebook haven’t we! And btw I WAS TOTALLY KIDDING about the blizzard running. I didn’t. Swear. Feel free to come join us on good ole FB if you haven’t already by clicking here.)

But let’s get to the winners already, right?! So my very sick 4 year old, who somewhat surprisingly was completely out and snoring the moment her head hit the pillow tonight despite sleeping in until 11 and taking a nap from 1-4 today (her fever’s finally coming down btw, lest I leave you worried. She’s barely over 100 now and I’m sure will be pretty much back to herself by tomorrow), was as thrilled as sick child can be to select:




as our contest winners. She completely loves when she picks winners that don’t have actual names but monikers to describe them that she can imagine. And for the record, when I told her she selected “Supermom,” she looked at me with her pitiful pasty pale white face and sickly eyes and mumbled hoarsely with the tiniest little grin she could muster, “I picked you?” (Insert collective awwwwwwwww!!! here) She’s so sweet!

But anyway, CONGRATULATIONS ladies !! Send me an email at and I’ll send you all the details so you can get to enjoying your tasty Red Gold Tomatoes asap.

If you didn’t win don’t worry, I do have a couple more giveaways in the works. One that if I can nail down I’m pretty sure could be considered best mom (of a toddler or infant who lives in a snowy or at least somewhat cooler area) giveaway EVER (of all time). For real. Keep your eyes peeled for that one. I’m just finishing up the details now.

Until then, stay warm!

'Til next time...

P.S. Did you know that every time I post a contest winner I link their names to their blog if they have one that I know about? I do! So be sure to go check out Pinkhat Runner (you ought to see what she ran her recent 7 mile race in! And no, it was not a pink hat.) and SupermomE12 (one guess what she has 12 of that qualifies her to be a Supermom? Not sure. Go look.) Yet another reason to enter my contests, a little link love :-)


runnanna said...

they are gonna'love that tomato's awesome. Glad Little Miss is better1

mickiruns said...

hope little one feels better soon. we filled up our tanks as well, but had a back up plan to drive to texas if it got too bad...

Melissa C said...

Great post about the blizzard. Being a few miles north from you, we did get some snow, but nothing nearly as bad as they predicted. Our district was one if not THE last to call off school yesterday by actually waiting until it started snowing. I did top off my tank too, not sure why either, since we don't have a DVD player in the car(but I guess could run the portable off the car battery). I did start my car and moved it around our lot, in hope of getting my spot plowed, which I did get, but not until sometime late last night when all the cars were there. Funny, today everything is totally normal, and even though I did buy some food in preparation, I have no clue what to make for dinner still!

AbigailRuns said...

I hope you are staying warm! I tagged you on my blog for an award!

Kittee I am a Runner! said...

I tagged you for an award on my blog. Go check it out. Happy Sunday Hope everyone is feeling better