Monday, February 28, 2011

No Snow Snuggler Winners

Ok…not exactly the way I would have liked to announce the winners of the No Snow Snuggler yesterday, that being a couple of Facebook posts which I couldn’t even get to post the way I wanted since I was on my phone. You can see that here if you missed it.  I wanted one post with a comment underneath it, but I was on my phone & my phone was not cooperating. (For the record: I am the slowest texter EVER!) So it ended up all split up and stupid. Sorry about that.

But hey, what else am I going to do when a random middle of winter lightning storm strikes and knocks out my internet service? We make due. But I still feel obligated to announce the winners here and send a little link love where applicable back to their sites.

So tonight, the OFFICIAL winners (previously announced yesterday) of the No Snow Snugglers are:

Girl (Running) In the Dark


Sarah Domestically Challenged

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Send me an email at and I’ll send you all the details. But if the above listed are not you, WAIT WAIT WAIT a minute! Don’t go anywhere yet, because I’ve got another giveaway running right now via CaptivCrochet that’s just as easy to enter. Check out the details here. Good luck!

'Til next time...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Activewrap, the Mack Daddy of Wraps

Because when when you’re a runner, sometimes you need a little ice.

But hey, a wrap’s a wrap and ice is ice right? Who needs a fancy schmancy wrap when you’ve got frozen peas anxiously awaiting you in the freezer?

Not so fast there. Well…ok, maybe in a pinch a random bag of ice (or your favorite frozen vegetable) will do. But come on now, we’re running moms here. Do we really have time to sit around and ice? Me…not so much.

I bought a real actual (cheapo) ice wrap for my knees (sensitive little buggers) last year in training for my marathon. Bought it from Meijer for around $12-15 (best I can remember). But you know what they say, “you get what you pay for,” and that I did. I could never seem to get that wrap just exactly the way I wanted it and if by chance I did happen to get it just right, it would slide right down within taking a few steps. And really, if I’ve got to just sit down while I wear it, I might as well just use that bag of peas after all. On top of all that, it’s pretty much completely falling apart now. Awesome.

So when Ashley from ActiveWrap contacted me to see if I’d like to give one of their wraps a try, oh yeah. I was all about having a little upgrade. Wait. Scratch that. When you go from a clunker to a Cadillac, “little upgrade” isn’t an entirely accurate description. I moved waaaaaay up.

These wraps are heavy duty baby. The minute I opened the package and took a look at the knee wrap, I could just tell it was really solidly made, which is probably why they feel totally comfortable putting a warranty on their wraps.

wrap1There are three parts to these wraps: the hot/cold pack (you can freeze or microwave it for cold OR heat therapy whichever you desire), the bag you slip the pack in, and the outer wrap that you attach the bag to via some serious velcro then wrap around your knee.
wrap2Besides the fact that I think this sucker is going to last a REALLY long time despite the ridiculous number of times I may be using it, here’s what I LOVE about these wraps:

1.) You can wrap them really tight around your leg so it doesn’t move if you walk around, but it’s not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.

2.) The cold part of the cold pack doesn’t get bunched up in any one particular area. It stays spread out all across the area you are icing.

3.) You get two cold/heat packs. With my other wrap, there was only one. I’d always forget to put mine in the freezer when I was done using it. Then the next time I needed it, I’d pretty much be screwed. While really you can ice anytime, it’s not nearly as effective as icing immediately after you finish running. So having to wait an hour or so for my cold pack to freeze up kind of seemed like a waste. I’d just use something else. But with ActiveWrap, I’ve always got a cold pack ready to go.

4.) They are REALLY REALLY cold. And yeah, I know cold wrap3is cold, BUT if you happen to be wearing running tights,  you can just strap that puppy right over top of your clothes and let me tell you, it is PLENTY cold. You can ice right through a pair of blue jeans if you have to. (I know this because I did. See the pictureSmile)

5.) You can adjust the position of the hot/cold pack within the wrap because of the various locations of velcro so you can get it right where you need it.

So all and all, this wrap gets two thumbs up for me and I am super excited to have it for my next marathon. Unfortunately, I only received one so I don’t have another one to giveaway. I could give away mine. But really, who’d want a wrap I’ve worn it on my sweaty smelly knee a fee times? (ahem…ok. Maybe it’s also completely washable and I just REALLY REALLY want to keep it. Can you blame me? My other one is falling apart for crying out loud!)

BUT I hear you can possibly score yourself a little discount if you follow along on Twitter or you like ActivWrap on Facebook. So you might want to check that out. Also take a peek at their website if you get a chance. You’ll find more detailed information on all their wraps for just about any body part that might cause you some grief for being an athlete and far better pictures than I was able to take with my silly little camera phone.

Big thanks to Ashley & the good people at ActiveWrap for giving me the chance to try out such a sweet product for runners. And especially thanks for all their patience, waiting around for me to write this review. I got the wrap in the mail just prior to the plague hitting and here a month later, I’m finally getting around to writing the review and letting you all know what I thought.  I’m sure they were starting to wonder if I just took their wrap and ran. Literally. If Ashley is representative of what their customer service is like, you all should go buy a wrap just to chat with them. So friendly, polite, and did I mention patient yet? Just an all around good company. Seriously, go check them out when you can.

'Til next time...

P.S. So maybe no ActiveWrap giveaway, but there’s still a few hours to get in on that No Snow Snuggler giveaway for your little ones. Speak now or forever hold your peace (and toddler with frozen popsicle fingers as you carry them into the house sobbing because MOM, they want to play in the snow gosh darn it and for more than a few minutes! Details on that one here. And don’t forget the newly announced CaptivCrochet Giveaway for the grownups too!

P.P.S No my foot is not a freaky shade of glowing white. Nor is  that a digitally imposed foot. That’s just the flash people making it look all bizzarro. The flash.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Giveaway: I’m FREEZING here, are you?

frozen forestIs it just me or is anybody else sooooooooooo ready for Spring?

Maybe it’s just the cold talking here or maybe it’s that RunDad and I are engaged in an epic battle for control of the thermostat, I don’t know, but I seem to be far less tolerant of winter, cold, snow, and ice than ever before. I mean I live in MI for Pete’s sake. I’m fully aware that I should just EXPECT to freeze my tootsies off for oh…a good 5-6 months out of the year.

But I just can’t help but feel SO ridiculously tired of it right now and with another 4-7 inches on the agenda for tomorrow, I’m pretty sure you can all audibly hear me groan from this side of the computer screen.

But I will say this, besides being pristinely beautiful like in that gorgeous photo above taken by my sister-in-law who’s got a serious eye with a camera, winter has one other thing going for it…hats.

Now hats can be any number of things:  a way to protect your head from the elements and keep warm, a fashion statement, a political statement, an advertisement, a show of support for your favorite team, charity, or cause; but for me, a hat is really one thing and one thing only: a way to get out of doing my hair Smile. If I can do so with a super chic looking hat, even better.

Fortunately for me, I have a very talented aunt wholisa crochets (that’d be her in the picture there wearing one of her original pieces). Fortunately for you, that tremendously creative aunt of mine has decided to launch her own business. Being that I am her good niece Winking smile, I told her I’d love to help her spread the word about her site. And since she loves me more than all her other nieces  (I’d also wink here, but that actually is true. She really DOES like me better than the rest. For real. Just ask her. Oh right…you can’t because you don’t know her. Guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. Hee hee hee), she offered to give away one of her extremely sweet hats to a blog reader of mine. YAY!

So let’s lend her a hand and spread the word about her shop CaptivCrochet on Etsy where she sells not only some very unique crocheted pieces as they are available, but the actual patterns so you can recreate her designs yourself. (And btw, she’s also completely open to ideas for creating new patterns if you happen to have one). You’ll help out my aunt and in the process enter yourself in the giveaway for one of her three fabulous hats. You select the style you want if you win. Here’s what you need to do:


1) Follow this blog. If you already are sweet! If not, upper right corner with you please. It’ll take about 2 seconds.

2)Like CaptivCrochet on Facebook. What? No FB account and you don’t want to get one? No problem. Tell your sister, brother, cousin, friend, coworker, or whoever to go like CaptivCrochet in your place.  That’s close enough!

Once you’ve fulfilled those requirements, leave me a comment to let me know you’ve done so and voila! You are entered. But if you want to better your chances, because after all, those hats ARE pretty gosh darn cute, then read on my friend and see how to score a few more entries.

Extra Entries:

1. Go take a peek at CaptivCrochet on Etsy and tell us which of the three hats you would choose if you won. Please note, the hats on those extremely gorgeous little girls (who happen to be my just as full of personality as they are adorable cousins), could be worn on an adult or child. (1 entry)

2. Become a follower of CaptivCrochet’s blog. (1 entry)

3. Suggest CaptivCrochet on Facebook to your friends. (1 entry)

4. Like Secrets of a Running Mom on Facebook. (1 entry)

5. Follow Secrets of a Running Mom on Twitter. SIDENOTE: For the record, I suck at Twitter. I’m only on Twitter b/c I know some of you way prefer that over Facebook to stay updated. So please accept my sincerest apology right now if you do decide to follow me on Twitter and you’re less than happy with my tweeting. I know. It’s shameful. (1 entry)

6. Spread the word about this contest or Captiv Crochet. Email, word of mouth, snail mail, instant message, status update, whatever you can think of. I’m not picky. You’ll be granted one entry for each method. (limit 5)

7. Leave my aunt an idea she can use to create a new pattern. (5 entries…that’s right FIVE. This is a good one.)

Which brings your max entry total to a whopping 16 should you choose to partake in EVERY method, which is not at all necessary but very helpful. In fact, if you take the time to enter this contest 16 times, I’ll reward your hard work with an additional 4 entries to make it an even 20. Fair enough?

Leave me a comment to let me know how many ways you’ve entered by March 6th, 2011 11:59:59PM. One of my little gals will draw one winner’s name from a big bowl of entries on Monday, March 7th and I’ll announce the winner that day. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions.

Best of luck!

'Til next time...

P.S. And while we’re all thinking cold, winter, and more snow, snow, snow,  don’t forget a little something for your tots. THREE No Snow Snugglers are up for grabs and there’s still time to enter. Click here for details.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ok, really…time to suck it up!

Because this is on the verge of becoming ridiculous. Really. It is.

I’ve been sick for nearly a month now. A WHOLE FRIGGIN’ MONTH. Seriously, how long can a stupid virus hold on? Why am I still  coughing up what I’d love to describe but I also think you’d like to keep the content of your stomach contained so I’ll refrain? And furthermore, at what point will my eyelids return to their normal position which is something a bit more than just barely open?


I don’t know, but for real, this is absurd. I have got to run and more than just a couple winded miles like I did in rare moment of sheer and utter determination three nights ago WHICH I’M STILL SORE FROM!!! (Can you just hear the frustration in my bold capital letters or what?)

So enough’s enough. I may not be the glowing picture of health at the moment. I may be less than the epitome of energized, but it’s time to get back on that treadmill and stay on it for awhile.

So it’s 3 tonight dangit. THREE!

Now if only the Little Miss would tucker out and not thwart my plans. Send your positive vibes my way and your sleepy ones a room over please. Thank-you.

'Til next time...
P.S. More snow’s on the horizon in my neck of the woods and even if it wasn’t, we’ve still got a couple of months of cold ahead of us. PERFECT for a No Snow Snuggler and wouldn’t ya know, I’m giving away three and the odds are looking mighty fine right now. Mighty fine. Get in while you’ve still got the chance! Details are here.

P.P.S. And how about a little something for the snow and cold for the mamma’s too eh? I’ve got just the thing. Tomorrow…

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In light of Boston…

Which for the record, I don’t really think is THAT big a deal, I’m going to be working on my half time for awhile.

Now don’t mistake me here. This isn’t some form of surrender or dashed marathoning hopes, not in the least.

But I will admit, when I heard that the Boston marathon folks had made the qualifying times faster and changed their registration process, I was a little bummed. And yes, I fully understand if you look at my marathon finishing times to date, you might get a chuckle at that fact that I have even the slightest desire to qualify for a Boston one day. But I do and I’m a determined little cuss and with the right focus and training that doesn’t get interrupted by 9 months of not running during complicated pregnancies here and there, I completely believe that one day when the stars align and I’m on a downhill course with all the right weather conditions my minute per mile pace and my age group will collide and VOILA! I will qualify for Boston.

And slowly and steadily as my running has improved, those qualifying times have seemed more and more doable. Tough, yes. But out of reach, not so much. So when I initially got the word that times were changing this morning, yeah…that took the wind out of my sails some.

But really, what are the Boston people supposed to do? It seems we, the running community as a whole, are getting faster and faster. Boston sold out in less than 9 hours last year and had to close the door on a lot of very fast people who qualified for the event. I think it’s a fair move to let the fastest register first and make the qualifying times faster. What else are they going to do? (although after I wrote this I stumbled on this little Amby Burfoot article and maybe BAA would do well to take a listen. He knows way more than little ole me.)

So the new game plan is I’m going to work on bringing down my 1/2 time to the 1:40ish region and then make a real solid push to qualify for Boston after that (as opposed to my old game plan which was…ahhh…none.) And when I do, it’ll be 5 minutes faster than originally planned…and that much sweeter.

Other Boston thoughts anyone? Feel free to vent here if necessary. I won’t mind.


'Til next time...

P.S. Listen!! More snow’s coming. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I saw it on the 10 day forecast. So quickly run over and enter my contest for the No Snow Snuggler. THREE are up for grabs and the odds are looking mighty fine. Your little tyke will thank-you while eating giant snowballs later. They really are EVERY bit as awesome as I described. Swear.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

No Snow Snuggler: Review & Giveaway

zoo lights winter11 591This quite possibly could be the best mom giveaway ever. EVER!!! The No Snow Snuggler – you all are so gonna love it. At the very least, it’s the best mom of small children who like to play in the snow but would also like said children’s teeny fingers to remain more fingerish and far less popsiclish. If that is, in fact, a giveaway category of sorts.

And yes, I realize this is not a running product, but it so very is a mom product. In fact,  not only was it the brainchild of a couple of moms and the company those moms founded strives to employ moms “on a part time kid friendly basis.” Score one all around if you ask me.

I was introduced to this product via RunSis and quite frankly when she told me about it, all I heard was blah blah blah something for your kid to wear in the snow. Isn’t that what coats and gloves are for? I didn’t really give it much thought.

Fast forward to the first real playable snowfall of the year. I was slightly more intrigued when I saw my sister put it on her daughter under her snow suit. Ok yeah, I get it, I thought. The gloves can’t come off because they are a part of her shirt. Smart. But really, is it going to be that warm? Won’t it just get wet? And most of all, isn’t your kid going to pitch a fit that she can’t rip her gloves off? Tiger certainly would.

So with all of these questions and a bit of skepticism rolling around in my head, we went outside. Ten minutes later, I was carrying my screaming squirming toddler back in the house like a football, due to frozen, wet, beat red fingers because her gloves had managed to come off (again, and again, and again) and were full of snow.

“HALP! HALP! HALP! NOOOOOOO!!!” She  cried watching her sister and cousins, including the happily No Snow Snuggled toddler I had been skeptical of, enjoying themselves in the snow as I hauled her away. Once inside, I took her snowy wet clothes off, wrapped her in a blanket and promptly walked over to the computer and ordered her a Snuggler too. At that point it probably could have cost me a thousand dollars (it didn’t) and I’d have still ordered it. I didn’t care. I was frustrated. There’d be no more Tiger free snow days at Papa & Nana’s house if I had anything to do with it.

Still, I wasn’t exactly sure how she’d like it. She’s not onezoo lights winter11 594 to be confined in any way whatsoever if you know what I mean. But to my surprise, not a single complaint was uttered when I first put the No Snow Snuggler on her. In fact, she was quite pleased to discover that when she smacked her palms together while wearing it, there’s a delightful little clapping noise. So far so good, but could it withstand the outside cold test?

I took her out in the snow for about 1/2 an hour that day (it was really cold, that’s all I could handle. I may zoo lights winter11 613need a Snuggler of my own) most of which she spent stuffing her face with as much snow as she could possibly eat. Never once did she try to rip her gloves off, (not that they’d have come off if she tried) and she seemed fully thrilled to FINALLY be able to have some time in the snow uninterrupted by mom trying to force her wet snowy gloves to go back on.

zoo lights winter11 630

When I finally got her back in and I took her jacket and Snuggler off, I completely expected to feel some little red cold hands. Surprisingly, they were just the opposite toasty warm and not even in the slightest bit wet.

Needless to say perhaps, but I LOVE this product. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! FINALLY, a way for my kiddo to play in the snow without frustration and soooooooo much easier to put on than actual mittens. It’s awesome and it’s going to be SWEET for all those cold early morning races. They’ll be no major mom guilt when I finish the run to find my peanut’s fingers have turned to ice at some point during my race. It’s perfect for race spectating and/or jogging stroller bundling. Perfect. Seriously, you’ve GOT to get one.

And good news! Just on a whim, I thought I’d toss the No Snow Snuggler ladies a line and see if they’d be interested in a giveaway. They were! THREE lucky blog readers are going to win a cranberry red No Snow Snuggler for their little one, size 3T. Now, don’t be too bummed if your little one is not quite size 3T just yet.  Even if you have the very newest of newborns, or perhaps maybe even your baby’s still in the comfy coziness of your belly, TRUST ME. You will want one once they get to be that size. You can always set it aside and use it later.  And personally, I think it’d make a  very cool shower gift, a gift not found in stores, at least not any I’ve been to.

So let’s get to it! How do you enter?


1. You must be a resident of the United States.

2. You must be a follower of this blog.

3. You must leave me a comment.

And badda boom badda bing! Once you’ve done those three things, you are officially entered in the contest.

But if you’re anything like me, you’d really really like to up your chances on this one. So let me give you a few more ways to do that:

1. “Like” my page on Facebook OR get someone else to if you don’t have FB

2. Follow me on Twitter OR get someone else to if you don’t have Twitter.

3. Spread the word about this contest via any of your favorite methods: email, word of mouth, blog post, sidebar link, update your Facebook status, tweet tweet tweet, DailyMile, MySpace, etc. Each method will be worth 1 additional entry. (Note: emailing or telling 2 or 3 people is ONE method and thus worth one entry.) Limit 5 entries via this method.

So that brings your maximum entry total to 8 should you so desire. Just let me know your chosen methods of entry via your comment. Only one comment necessary. All entries must be received by Saturday, February 26th at 11:59:59PM. The Little Miss and Tiger will draw three winners from a big bowl and I’ll announce them on Sunday, February 27th. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best of luck!

'Til next time...

P.S. Don’t worry, The Little Miss had fun in the snow too! We won’t let Tiger hog all the pictures just because she’s our Snuggler model.

zoo lights winter11 607


zoo lights winter11 625


zoo lights winter11 632

Infirmary Update: Tiger Toddler V the entire nursing staff plus one doctor

For those of you who’ve been wondering what the crack is going on over here exactly, here’s the deal-e-o.

Back up to last weeks “blister” (blizzard to my 4 year old). At some point mid-snow, The Little Miss stumbled into my bedroom and asked if she could sleep in my bed. It was icing and loud and scaring her so I said, “sure.” Not 5 minutes later, I was wishing I hadn’t as we began to wage a little blanket war. I wanted covers on. She wanted them off. Back and forth, back and forth we went until she sidled up close to me and I realized she wanted the covers off because she was literally burning up. I ran for the thermometer.

103.6 degrees later, I was stripping her fleece pajamas off, coaxing down some tylenol, and attempting to cool her forehead with a wash cloth. THAT was the official beginning of what is now going on an 11 day and counting sickfest at my house.

Here’s how were stacking up:

For The Little Miss, it was 2 days of very high fevers with a little bit of congestion followed by an ear infection and eye infection. Then right about the time I thought she was over it…her eye started bleeding. It was awesome. Just friggin’ awesome. Current Condition: Just a minor cough every once in awhile, pretty much back to normal in every other way and no random bleeding from places you generally don’t ever want to see blood.

And to answer that question I know you’re asking right now, mainly “Why on earth would her eye bleed”?, I’m sorry, but I really don’t know. Because when you take her into urgent care and the doctor says he wants to put a numbing agent in her eye so he can check for an ulcer, you naturally tell your child in response to their questions, “No. It won’t hurt.”

At least in my world, numb DOES NOT = pain. Upon not being convinced however, that this stranger, doctor though he may be, was not going to hurt her, I asked him for a little back up, “is this going to hurt?” FULLY expecting him to say, “no, not at all. It will just feel NUMB” (numbing agent = numb in my world remember). His brilliant response: “Yes….It will burn.” Seriously dude?! You couldn’t have just given me a look behind her back? Shook your head yes, while she had her face buried in my coat. You, a complete stranger, are telling a 4 year old that you are going to put something that is painful AND burns in her EYE AND you expect her to cooperate. Good luck with that, even with your stupid popsicle. Yeah. Let’s just say, we never got an official answer on that one.

As for me, I was the next one hit. At about the same time as The Little Miss, I started to get really congested with the vague sensation that I might be getting a sore throat. Like any good mother, I ignored it and carried on with my 9 million motherly duties. As of last Friday, I was pretty sure I had successfully fought it off, nothing more than a minor cold. Uh…no.

Sunday was the real beginning of my dance with the plague. It hit, and it hit hard. Lots of congestion, wickedly sore throat, coughing fits (oh the cough!), and a headache that basically left me useless. I literally felt like I couldn’t move and slept most of the day. Monday was pretty close to the same. Then finally it seemed like I might be getting better. Current condition: Relapsed plus some. (Oh hello eye infection, so glad you could join the miserable party.)  While the headache thankfully has not made the return, the sore throat has and the coughing fits just won’t stop. I actually have sore abs from coughing. Swear. And to top it off, I have not run in a full week, so you can imagine where my head is now. **SIGH**

2011-02-10_19.12.18And Tiger Toddler? Well here’s the funny thing about her. She’s been fine. Totally fine through the whole first week plus a few days. I was pretty sure she’d made it through unscathed. Until…Thursday. Actually, Wednesday, I heard a really weak sounding cough, but nothing of major concern.

Then all day Thursday, she seemed fine. She’d cough every once in a while but she didn’t feel warm and she was playing just as normal. The thought did not even occur to me to take her temperature. That’s how good she seemed.

But those nasty viruses can take hold quickly, and this one did. While I rushed to get her somewhat presentable following her nap in order to take her with me to the Little Miss’s dance class, I noticed her cough sounded really weird. She was fully miserable, but hey, I am too if you wake me up from a nap. So I still didn’t realize what exactly was happening.

Then came the car ride, her cough was getting progressively worse and her attitude matched. I took the Little Miss in and paid for her classes amidst stares from horrified parents. My hoarse little baby was (barely audibly) screaming, refusing to stay seated in her stroller, and, well, barking, or at least that’s the way her cough sounded. Really. Weirdest. Cough. Ever.

Long story short, I ended up high tailing it out of there and taking Tiger to urgent care. She was rapidly deteriorating on the way, labored breathing, and a hard time staying awake (yes. yes, I was just on this side of tears at that point.) When we got to urgent care, despite the full lobby of sickos waiting to be seen, we were taken to the back right away.

And here’s the thing about tigers, even a sick tiger will fight when provoked and despite the fact that she was having a hard time even keeping her head up, so too will Tiger Toddler fight when provoked. She wanted no part of anyone coming any where near her. In fact, she didn’t even like them in the same room.

First sign of a fight was when the nurse took her temperature. Even though they had a (really cool) thermometer that took her temperature without even touching her, she wanted it away and shoved the nurse. They got it anyway. Temperature reading: 103.6.

They brought back some Motrin. First she pushed it out in disgust with her tongue. Upon second attempt, she completely spit it out into mine and the nurse’s faces. (Motrin in the eye. Excellent.) As the nurse backed away to get some paper towels to clean the mess up, Tiger puked. EVERYWHERE. And let me just save you the entire frustrating ordeal and just say the word around that urgent care facility is that Tiger is waaaaay strong and very determined. I could literally hear the nurses talking about it outside our door.

A point which had it been at all in question would be put to rest when they tried to read her oxygen levels with a pulse ox meter following a breathing treatment and it only took  two nurses a doctor, and of course me, to get it done. I’d have totally loved to have shared stories about her brute baby strength with the staff in awe of her prowress at that point, stories of child safety lock destruction, toddler mattress tossing, safety gate smashing and such, but I was busy trying to prevent flailing limbs from seriously injuring someone. Current Condition: The Tiger has Croup, which pretty much has to just run it’s course, though we should be through the worst of it or so they say, despite another day of high temps today. She’s totally not happy with her current health status however, but in between high bouts of fever she does love her new hospital dress. It spins.


And yeah, let’s talk RunDad for all of two seconds. Current Condition: Fine. No excuse me, he has a mild cough. Poor baby. Mostly just trying to stay out of the way of the phelgm, vomit, eye goop, etc. that’s flowing heavily around this house.

So that’s where we stand and hence the reason for the lack of posts and the repeated giveaway postponements. BUT I do have one done, and  just as soon as these pictures finish downloading and I can add them to the post, I’ll get it up there. So really, stay tuned. It should be within the hour. In the meantime, if you’d like to pick up a special little sumptin’ sumptin’ for your immune system what with Valentine’s Day around the corner and all, feel free to stop on by. We have a wide selection available of only the finest viruses completely free of charge. Think it over…

'Til next time...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blah, blah, blah AND Giveaway Winners!!!

Yeesh! Looks like I haven’t blogged in nearly a week. What’s up with that? Although, in my defense, there was that whole blizzard deal to prepare for. Not that I actually, did anything to prepare for it, other than perhaps make blizzard jokes on FB (my apologies to those of you who did actually get socked with snow. Around here they were talking Blizzard. Of. The. Century. Up to 20 inches I heard at one point. Possible snow tornadoes, which we of course affectionately renamed snownadoes. We got 6 inches. WOW. Pretty typical. Although, we did get some pretty good ice for a good 5 or so hours. I’ll give them that much).

Oh wait no. I take that back. I did go fill my car up with gas, which quite frankly seems just a little silly to me because after all, why exactly would my car need a full tank of gas if I’m stuck at home in a snow storm. Will it be travelling somewhere without me? Because I sure as heck wouldn’t travel in white out conditions like the ones they were predicting.

But after a number of people gave me reasons that I didn’t entirely buy or didn’t seem to apply to me so much such as: the blizzard could knock power out at the gas stations and they might not be operating even after the storm’s over, if you do get stuck on the roads somewhere without a full tank of gas the stations might not be open, and something about water on the lines and it being a good idea to keep the tank topped off in winter anyway, I finally relented when a particularly scary thought occurred to me.

What IF we did lose power for a couple of days? And we were stuck at home with no heat AND NO TV? (**GASP** THE HORROR) Whatever would I do? What would my kids do? Well, if my tank was filled up we could just go sit in the van and watch a movie on the dvd player in the car nice and toasty warm. A little field trip minus the trip so to speak. Problem solved. So yes, yes I did buy the snowmeggedon gas. But you’ll be happy to know I did not however succumb to the pressure of buying the end of the world groceries. I figure I’ve got at least, a good couple weeks worth of expired condiments we can survive on in the fridge if necessary.

So between the “blister” (as my 4 year old puts it) and then waking up to The Little Miss in bed with me middle of the night burning a meager 103.6 fever, I guess I’ve been a little tied up. (But hey, we have been having some fun on Facebook haven’t we! And btw I WAS TOTALLY KIDDING about the blizzard running. I didn’t. Swear. Feel free to come join us on good ole FB if you haven’t already by clicking here.)

But let’s get to the winners already, right?! So my very sick 4 year old, who somewhat surprisingly was completely out and snoring the moment her head hit the pillow tonight despite sleeping in until 11 and taking a nap from 1-4 today (her fever’s finally coming down btw, lest I leave you worried. She’s barely over 100 now and I’m sure will be pretty much back to herself by tomorrow), was as thrilled as sick child can be to select:




as our contest winners. She completely loves when she picks winners that don’t have actual names but monikers to describe them that she can imagine. And for the record, when I told her she selected “Supermom,” she looked at me with her pitiful pasty pale white face and sickly eyes and mumbled hoarsely with the tiniest little grin she could muster, “I picked you?” (Insert collective awwwwwwwww!!! here) She’s so sweet!

But anyway, CONGRATULATIONS ladies !! Send me an email at and I’ll send you all the details so you can get to enjoying your tasty Red Gold Tomatoes asap.

If you didn’t win don’t worry, I do have a couple more giveaways in the works. One that if I can nail down I’m pretty sure could be considered best mom (of a toddler or infant who lives in a snowy or at least somewhat cooler area) giveaway EVER (of all time). For real. Keep your eyes peeled for that one. I’m just finishing up the details now.

Until then, stay warm!

'Til next time...

P.S. Did you know that every time I post a contest winner I link their names to their blog if they have one that I know about? I do! So be sure to go check out Pinkhat Runner (you ought to see what she ran her recent 7 mile race in! And no, it was not a pink hat.) and SupermomE12 (one guess what she has 12 of that qualifies her to be a Supermom? Not sure. Go look.) Yet another reason to enter my contests, a little link love :-)