Monday, January 10, 2011

Tonight’s giveaway is…

Um…not gonna happen. At least not yet anyway. As I sat down to write it tonight, I realized it’s going to be entirely stupid unless I roll up my sleeves and really put these products to the (taste) test. And to do so, I’m going to need to get cooking which further means I’ve got to get to the grocery store. (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

So I apologize to those of you who came over here tonight expecting that giveaway. It’s coming I swear! I just want to make sure I do this right and you guys get a very thorough review so you know if it’s something you want to be in the running for. So bear with me here please. I’ll get it up asap.

In the meantime, how about that little Grin & Giggle from Liz at Running with a Baby on Board eh? Although it really is in no way going to make you grin…or giggle. What it probably is going to make you do is cry. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) But it’s definitely a mom worthy share so take a peek. I’ll make you laugh (or at least try to) when it’s over.


And just a few things today I’m glad I didn’t miss from my little darlings.

From the Little Miss (4yrs):

“Do bees sting other bees?”

“I’m glad mosquitoes eat my blood. I just wish they didn’t give you one of those bites.” Me: “Now honey, why would you be glad they eat your blood?” Little Miss: “Because mommy, if they eat enough of my blood then it would be all gone and when I get a boo boo I won’t bleed or need a band aid.”

Following her bath, “Mommy, you know, running makes my hair dry faster.” Me: “Why is that honey?” Little Miss: “From all the wind!”

And from the adventures of Tiger Toddler:

First there was a minor assault at our house this morning.  Tiger Toddler was attacked by my 4 year old’s red dress-up wig (she’s been both Ariel & Strawberry shortcake for Halloween in case your wondering). After trying to escape from the wig’s evil clutches to no avail, she burst into tears and came running as best she could with this giant wig attached to her shoe over to me sobbing “halp! halp! halp!” I freed her. She declined to press charges, but a restraining order is not out of the question.

And for the record, Strawberry Shortcake is constantly pronounced “Stawberry Wortcake” at my house by the Tiger.

Alphabet: …Cute R S T U V…

On seeing the picture of me & The Little Miss next to the giant nutcracker at Christmas time: “Knee cracker! Knee cracker!” He must have looked particularly tough.

But my favorite, today was the “Cute Baby Cheezit” (cute baby Jesus) she saw. We might need to work on enunciation just a little don’t ya think? (Better than what my daughter used to call a popsicle though. I’ll give you hint, the end of the word was sicle, and the first part was a male rooster. “I wuuuuuuuuv …sicles! She’d yell. Really. )

And of course, watching the two of them play together at their little kitchen “making dinner” while I was making dinner, that just melted my heart.

We only get each one of them when they’re little once. Don’t miss it. Even on the roughest of days when it really doesn’t feel like it, we are so blessed.

'Til next time...

P.S. Run Like a Mother posted a HUGE list of all women’s races. It’s the only place I’ve seen anything of the sort, so if you’re interest in a race without the fellas, check it out here.

P.P.S. Anyone else notice that cheeseburger count slide up a tad? I got my run in tonight as planned. Woohoo!! Lookout 2011. Here. I. Come.

P.P.P.S. Gonna = not a word. We all knew that right? But according to spell check, one of my options to change it to (since I of course used it anyway)was goanna. What the crack? Somebody please tell me what goanna means so I don’t have to go look it up. And you probably need to use it in a sentence too if I’m going to believe you.

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