Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year New Giveaway!

Happy New Year Everybody! Welcome to 2011! A year to set new goals and watch them come smashing down! Am I right or what?

Have you set any running goals for 2011 yet? I'd love to tell you I have, but I've been working all day on my new website and this giveaway for you all to try to get it in under the wire on Jan 1st. (which I see now in the corner I in fact did not do. CRAP! Sorry guys, looks like I just missed it) So I'll be spending most of tomorrow picking races and figuring out what it is exactly I want to accomplish. Well, that and celebrating RunDad's birthday. (Banana cake with chocolate frosting. No one tell!)

And this giveaway is from me!!! Now, I wish I could give you all an ipod or a sleek new running skirt to get you on your way this new year, but I just don't have the spare cash to get that done for the...oh look!...there's 300 of you now. Woo hoo!!! Welcome! It's so nice to have you all join us!

But what I can give away that might be of value to my running friends is my newly acquired coaching services. As many of you know, I took the RRCA Coaching Certification Class back in September. Well, finally folks, I'm pleased to report, my site is up and running and I'm ready to go.  So who needs a coach?

I'm going to give away 3 months of online coaching to 3 people (because I like the number 3 :-). One winner I'll select randomly from all the entries and then I'm going to select my favorite two entries from the following two categories:

1. Newbies: You are brand spanking new to running. You've never run a day in your adult life OR you are just coming back to running now from a year or more off of running. No previous running superstars here either (ie. I used to run marathons all the time, in fact I pretty much qualified for Boston every time I ran but I just had a baby 3 months ago and now finally I'm ready to get going again). Running superstars may defer to category 2. Sorta.

2. Bad A$$ Mamas: You are not new to running. Whatever your pace, your running habits, the miles you log, you've laced 'em up more than a time or two. But now, 2011, this is the year you are going to raise the bar and run a little further or a little faster. You've got a goal in mind (ie. your first race, your first 5K, 10K, Half or Full).
(Note to reader: If you're not really sure which category you fall in but still want to enter, just go ahead and send me your entry and I'll enter you where appropriate)

So how do you enter? First, choose your category. You can only enter one (although entering one gets you two shots at winning as you'll be entered in the random drawing too.) Next, either leave me a comment or send me an email at (email is actually preferred for this contest) and tell me which category and why it is you want to win 3 months of online coaching services. Be totally serious and tell me your story or come up with something creative and make me laugh. I'll select my favorite two responses (one from each category) to win. Deadline for entry is January 14th, 2011. I'll announce the winner on the January 15th.

If you just can't wait that long to score yourself a new coach, my new coaching website is feel free to check out. And since many of you have been with me from the beginning, and most of you through the big decision where I took a leap of faith to become a coach, I feel sort of obligated to give you all a discount. This promo code will only be available here to all my fabulously funny readers. It's buy one month of online coaching, get your second month free. Just enter SOARM (what else?) at checkout and it will be applied automatically.

Love to hear your big running goals in the comments if you care to share!

'Til next time...

P.S. Let's see goals to set, review post to write, Bday to celebrate...what was that other thing? OH YEAH! ANOTHER GIVEAWAY. But that's not 'til Monday. You're not going to want to miss it though. See you then!


fancy nancy said...

Love the new website!!! Congrats on such a big decision! This year I want to run 1500 miles! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Cat B. said...

Would you offer coaching from a distance? Or would your clients need to live nearby?
I would love the assistance of a coach as I attempt to run 1011kms this year. All while breaking a few PRs.

RunMom said...

Love the goals ladies!

And Cat absolutely! Actually, all the coaching I'm doing at the moment is online coaching. When my girls get bigger, I hope to be able to do some 1 on 1 coaching in person and lead some organized group runs. But for now, as a stay at home mom with 2 small children, I'm kind of limited to what I can do in front of the computer while they sleep.

runnanna said...

Congrats on your 300 plus followers!

ann said...

i'm sending you an email. love this giveaway and LOVE the online training. Great site too!

JenniferLeah said...

Congrats on your cert and coaching services! that's fantastic!!

I was really hoping you'd be giving away a night at the Macinaw Clairon loss I guess!!

Odelsa said...

My goal? Run a marathon in August...

I might need your help. This is a great giveaway!

SupermomE12 said...

I just sent you an email to enter. Pick me! Mom of 12, marathon number three is in 3 months and I'd LOVE to be trained to a faster PR. :)

Rachel F. said...

OK, I'll enter. :) I suppose I'm in the second category since I ran 2 marathons in 2010--my first and second within 16 days, qualifying me to be a Marathon Maniac. I'm planning to run a couple half marathons and one full along with various 5k's throughout the year. I'd like to work on my speed since I know I've got the endurance.