Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey, whatever happened to RunSis?

And the rest of The Crew for that matter. Because I know, you’ve had sleepless nights wondering what they’ve been up to now haven’t you? So here’s a little update. And for those of you who’ve joined us fairly recently (we love having you btw) and have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to take a peek over in the right side bar. I’ve added a list of the “cast of characters” so you can catch up quickly. But I’ll weave a bit in here too, in case you’re eyes are too tired for a busy day of chasing the kiddos to look to the right or you just generally aren’t in the mood for a little scroll down bloggy lane.

RunSis: Let’s see, when last we left my little sis she was training for the USAF Marathon with her husband and I. Then **POOF** she vanished into thin air and you’ve all heard not a word about her since (she’s mortally offended btw that no one has asked about her mysterious disappearance. I told if her if she’d write that guest post I’ve been bugging her to write you’d all fully appreciate her wit and humor far more than when I do my best to retell it and then you’d all never let her out of your sight again. Not sure if she’s buying it though.)

Right about that last long run pre-marathon, she and I were on the phone trying to work out arrangements for who’d run when and who’d watch who’s kids. When RunSis all the sudden tells me she probably wasn’t going to do that long run after all. I’m sorry what? You don’t just train religiously for your first marathon to bow out of the very last long run. Unless maybe you’re some sort of crack head. And even then, I’m thinking no. Even a crack head would not just randomly for no apparent reason opt out of their last major workout before running a marathon. There could be only one reason for this sudden drastic change to her training plan and I asked her as much.

“What?! Are you pregnant?” Her pause before answering was all I needed to hear. RunSis’ new baby will be arriving sometime in May. The marathon is TBA. BUT it will get run. Count on that.

RunDad – My Hubz. Well, he gets hit hard at work November and December and by hard I’m talking like catch a line drive with your forehead hard. Every waking minute is spent working, either out on the job or home stuck in front of the computer. Running was not so much. Now he’s back at it though PLUS Power 90X. Go RunDad!

RunNana – My Mom was unhappily dealing with a nagging foot and took some time off to nurse it. Now she’s planning her race schedule and revving back up again, possibly making a running partner out of a walking buddy. The bug bites again.

Mobile Mile Marker – When it snows here, we lose our trails. They are not maintained and actually are blocked off in the winter. So my Pop’s been stuck inside, except, that is, for when he’s been outside plowing driveways for people (most of them) pro-bono. (Awww….what a nice guy).  But he’s taken a big plunge and ordered himself a trainer so he can ride indoors probably because he’s committed to the Willow Duathlon Relay with me again. We do after all have a title to defend Smile

MuffinMan – My brother-in-law (RunSis’ husband) is the only one who survived the holidays. He took something of a break after the Mackinac 1/2 Marathon, but he’s been moving on steadily ever since. Plans include a Half IronMan in the early summer and the Full late fall. IronMuffinMan. Good luck!

The Spazz – My neighbor finished her first marathon this fall! She was however injured when she ran it and as could probably be expected was not fully satisfied with her finishing time. She hadn’t quite decided what she was going to do this year when last we chatted, but I have a feeling she’ll be destroying her marathon time in the near future.

The Kenyan – My brother-in-law who jumped into the Indy Marathon training with me in the very last month of training in 2009...and survived had some indication that Disney 2011 might be on his plate, but since that’s come and gone already and we were both at a the same birthday party that weekend, I think it’s safe to say that just wasn’t to be his race this year. But I’m thinking it’s about time for another one for him. We’ll see.

My Brother-in-law- My other running brother-in-law, had planned on another Detroit Marathon, but got side tracked with injury. He’s recovered I do believe, but no immediate racing plans that I’m aware of.

And as for the Little Miss and Tiger Toddler? Well, you hear about them all the time. So there’s really no need for an update. I will tell you that I heard the first swear word out of Little Miss’ mouth today. She was doing a puzzle on RunDad’s IPAD and some song was playing. I don’t even know what the song was. What I do know is that there’s a line in the song that goes something like, “I was so d%$n lost…”. She sang it.  Now, she has no idea what it was that she sang that I was unhappy about. In fact, she’s pretty sure it was the word, “frisco”. (The song said something about San Fransisco too I think. Or else she’s just entirely mispronouncing something. Or maybe there singing about a Denny’s sandwich? I have no idea).

I refused to tell her what the word was. I just figured there was no sense in bringing it back up. Maybe she sang it dan, or man, or pan or something. I didn’t want to highlight just in case she didn’t have it entirely correct. I just took that sucker straight back to my husband and he deleted the song. Hopefully, I’m in the clear. If, however, she tells me tomorrow morning she couldn’t put her shoes on cause they’re so you know what lost, then I got a problem on my hands.

Stupid rock songs.  Really. You’re either lost or you’re not. The expletives are not necessary for us to get the picture no matter how angry and frustrated you might be. 

On the other hand, it might be kind of entertaining if she gets angry and starts saying, “Frisco it!” Wonder how long I could keep her from using real cuss words by substituting made up ones? Hmmm….

'Til next time...

P.S. For an update on my running plans, click on the calendar. Feel free to leave a fall marathon suggestion for me in the comments, cause I literally have no idea right now.

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Angela said...

You want a Marathon in October? I know of one! Marine Corp Marathon. I could even be convinced to try it if you did it too! You could stay with me for free. Just saying. DC is very nice. :-D

runnanna said...

The rest did me some good ! Back running and all joints are a GO ! Happy to be back !

Detroit Runner said...

My suggestion for August is The Crim. I loved that race.

JenniferLeah said...

Gotta agree, I hear MCM is just an amazing experience!
Wanna come to Maine and run the countries most scenic marathon per RW? Loaded with views (and hills) Mt Desert Island baby!! Come join me-

You can throw my entry into NEWBIE if you like!! LOL Im not that badass!! :D

Cynthia O'H said...

Hey, you can come here to run if you want. I'm thinking of going south, though. One day our running paths will meet.

By the way, I also just dropped out of marathon training with three weeks left. No, I am not pregnant - just insane!

RunMom said...

MCM...I'm thinking about it!

CRIM!! Been there. Done that. Love it! (But I might give another race a shot in Aug)

Mt. Desert Island...hmmm...have totally fond memories of Maine from when I was a kid. Think I'll have a little looksie :-)

CYNTHIA!!! We need to talk!