Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coaching Giveaway Winners

Ok. So first off, (yes, I am going to make you wait for it) I just have to say, that this contest has thoroughly humbled me.

I can NOT believe the company I’m in here. Seriously. You’re all a bunch of super mamas out there and most of you don’t even realize it! As a matter of fact, can we just get one thing straight right here right now?

It’s not easy to be mom. Period. If all you did was your very best to raise your children, my hat would be off to you. I know the kind of self sacrificing you’re doing day in and day out, sometimes giving all you got to give and then somehow STILL finding a way to give more. I know you are even if the little people you love most (and sometimes the big ones too) don’t get it.

But then, you take it upon yourself to run too. And I’m sorry, but no matter how far or how fast you’re going THAT on top of everything you do already as a mom is BAD ASS (yep. I didn’t even disguise this time. I want to make sure we are perfectly clear.) Always remember that and NEVER let anybody tell you otherwise. Got it?

Ok. Now that that’s off my chest, let’s get on with the winners! And I’m sorry to say, I couldn’t exactly hold my end of the bargain. Since you all are so Bad ASS, I couldn’t decide which entries I liked the best. Really.

Every time I got one, all I could think is “OH! I SO want to coach her!” for whatever reason. Even the Newbies, were pretty Bad ASS themselves, coming back from major injuries, breaks due to kids and with major running goals. And so I must admit, RunDad was totally right.

My husband told me way back when I first brought up the idea of coaching that THIS was going to be my biggest challenge. I’d just want to coach everybody for free all the time. And he’s totally right. I completely do.

There’s only one problem with this. I have all these coaching expenses that I PROMISED my husband I wouldn’t be sucking out of the family budget for (books, classes, insurance, etc.) So as much as I would just  absolutely love to have each and every one of you as a client free of charge, and I am so thoroughly tempted to do so. I’ve got to save some room for at least a few paying clients so I can keep operating because I can only handle so many at once if I am going to do this job right and give you all my very best. Sad smile

BUT you all have my solemn promise! Since I now know that so many of you are interested, I WILL run more coaching giveaways in the future. Count on that.

So thank-you all for your entries. Many of you have inspired me and it’s been super fun getting a little peek into the lives of some of my readers (who probably already know way more than they ever wanted to about me Smile with tongue out).

And without further ado….

In the Newbie Category, as chosen by my 2 year old, who was fully thrilled to select her first winner I might add, the winner is:


who just recently started running within the last couple of months and is having a little battle with her head when she heads out the door. We’re gonna win that battle and fully move her from Newbie to Bad Ass.

In the Bad Ass Mama category, as chosen by The Little Miss, the winner is:


She had a 12 year break, but has been running for the last 3 years solid now including 5 half marathons. She’s looking to smash her half PR this year and move on to the Full Marathon in 2012. You can follow her adventures at

And the randomly selected winner, again by The Little Miss (Tiger Toddler was on to something else), is…


I would like to tell you more about Cathy, but I haven’t heard back from her yet tonight and I don’t want to go telling other people’s business without their permission. But I do normally post a link to the public blogs of our winners so I’ll go ahead and do that and then you can read more about her and her fabulous running goals there.  She’s at

So those are our winners this time around. Congratulations! If none of those three happen to be you, I’m so sorry about that, keep your eyes peeled for the next coaching giveaway or if you need a coach now, hop on over to my site, I’d be happy to work with you!


P.S. Still a little bit of time to get in on the Sporty Girl $50 gift voucher giveaway, if you haven’t already. But HURRY!!! That giveaway ends tonight. Click here for details.

P.P.S. If you do intend to head over to my coaching site, don’t forget, it’s buy one month get your second month free for all my blog readers to thank-you for reading! Enter the discount code: SOARM at checkout. (fyi: will be valid one per client, but don’t worry I’ll send you other discount codes once you’re a client :-)

FOR THE RECORD: I will not be blogging about my coaching clients, free or otherwise. Unless of course the story is super funny and/or tremendously beneficial to running mamas. Then and only then, will I make sure to get express written permission from my client to share their story. But primarily, material on this blog will come from me, myself, and I…and those unfortunate enough to be related to me in some way. While each and every story is true to the best of my knowledge, I will always change the names and disguise the characters to protect the innocent. (Unless of course, if they just give me their picture to post thus revealing their identity or something like that.)

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runnanna said...

Congrats to all the winners and good luck on your wonderful adventure. Luckily, since I gave BIRTH to runmamma, I am entitled to free coaching for life. I've totally taken advantage of her experience, insights (and humor) If she can take a 54 year old never really ran, heel spurred, anemic, fat lady and turn her into a half marathoner (OK a slow one, but I don't care!)I know she'll do a fantastic job for all of you! Have fun ! And Kelly, you're gonna' have to wait until all your children are in school to coach the world for free..patience..patience! Love you!