Sunday, December 26, 2010

Run Like a Mother Book Winner

I know I know…Christmas winner, yada yada…Let’s just say Santa’s elves didn’t exactly put the presents together before sticking them under our tree so somebody (read me) had to do it for them. Darn those lazy elves!

Once we got home from all the Christmas Day festivities, I was up late building a So Chic Stylin’ Salon (S to the O to the C H I C…Anybody else know that one? Guess how many times I’ve heard it. Go on. Guess. It really actually is pretty cute though. Little Miss is THRILLED).

Then this morning when Tiger Toddler was not puking on me, she was seriously attached to me. Seriously, as in a if I’m not close enough to be touching you I’m slowly, pitifully, shoulders hunched, feet shuffling over to get close enough to touch you while sobbing. Seems its her turn to deal with the funky funk that she’s pretty much been spared from over the last month. So my apologies for the delay, but this is the first free moment I’ve had to post the winner of our Run Like a Mother Giveaway.

Good news though, the fabulous authors have agreed to giveaway not one but TWO copies of their running mama’s field guide. Surprise surprise!!

And since I know I’m probably not the only one still putting together toys or cleaning up the after effects, let’s not dawddle and get to it shall we.

The randomly selected winner, who once received a used pen without even a lid from an Aunt-In-Law, is


And winner #2?  Anyone who receives on a consistent basis gifts for her “lady parts” (personal lubricant, feminine deodorant, cleansing wipes) from her mother-in-law has either got to have a tremendous sense of humor or is in desperate need of a chuckle. Either way this book is for her. So winner #2 is


Just think, now every time you get some highly inappropriate gift from your mother-in-law you can think back fondly on how it won you the greatest running moms’ book of all time. So smile and give her a big thank-you and of course, we all want to know what she got you for Christmas ;-)

And before we wrap this sucker up, I know you all want to know what my worst gift was right? So here ya go: I once got a yellow ribbon with a little red tiny glass ball on the end of it as a Christmas present. Yep, I don’t know either. It came in a really nice red box though. So weird. I used it as a bookmark. My best guess.

But anyway, congratulations ladies! Send me an email at and I’ll send you both the details.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! More giveaways right around the corner…

'Til next time...


Liz said...

I am SO excited! Thank you so much. Well, this year I got a travel size FDS (I guess you never know when you're going to feel not so fresh?) and a whistle to blow when you are lost at sea. No lie. The actual package says it is to be used for water rescue. I should say that I'm not a boater. In my entire life, I've been on a boat about 5 times.
And just a note to anyone who has a toddler and might be considering buying a water rescue whistle...
do not under any circumstances let said toddler blow on the whistle while indoors or within 1000 feet of human ears. I guess the whistle has to be really loud for someone to find you on the open sea. LOL!
Well, this book is by far the best present she has ever gotten me. :)

runnanna said...

Liz-Oh my gosh...Hilarious! some gifts are just fodder for great stories!i will be laughing about yours all day!

RunMom said...

I got it Liz! Maybe your MIL is going to be giving you another gift. A cruise, someplace sunny and warm, but she got it at a super discounted rate on some old retired barely floating ship that she fears may quite possibly capsize. Now being the thrifty spender she is she wanted you to have the fun while saving herself a few bucks, but she certainly does not want your life to be in jeopardy hence the water rescue whistle. That way you get the vacay, she saves a little bit a cash and your fresh smelling lady parts will be safe at all times. Really, it's win win win if you think about it. Enjoy your book on the trip ;-)

Running With A Baby said...

Haha! That's it for sure! Woohoo! I'm going on a cruise! lol.

Heather said...

Thank you!! Sorry I am so late, but glad to break radio silence now.