Thursday, December 16, 2010

RLAM Giveaway bumble AND I got nothing

So I realize this post tonight was supposed to be about my latest greatest trick to keep my 4 year old actually IN her bed after I put her there for the night. And really, that is EXACTLY the post I had every intention of writing.

In fact, I had it almost completely written earlier today during Tiger Baby's nap and my 4 year old's watch a show and have a snack time (some may call this quiet time, but since my little darling is incapable of refraining from talking for more than a few seconds, quiet time simply does not exist until everyone's asleep over here...and then actually there's snoring...from every room. So yeah, I guess you can say it does not exist here period).

And what I was good ladies and gents. It was good. Well, at least I was cracking up while I was writing it anyway.  I even had another antiquated phrase nonchalantly weaved into the story, one I didn't even realize I knew until it was staring back at me on the computer screen. You’d all have loved it. I just know it.

Then, as I went back to do a little editing (which I do actually do, despite what my many made up words, misspellings and punctuation errors may suggest)…my computer randomly decided to upgrade and turn off. And POOF!! That sucker was gone. Gone like the Cheerios I give my 2 year old for breakfast about a minute after I set them on her booster seat tray (except of course for the random one she sticks up her nose. I wonder how many times exactly she's gonna have to do that and not like it before she quits putting them up there hmmm? I’m getting tired of, albeit good at, picking them out. I no longer panic.)

And so I’m crushed. CRUSHED. Forty-five minutes worth of writing just gone. My ideas completely lost. **SIGH** (Did I mention it was funny? Like chuckle, chuckle, snort funny?)  So I’ve been trying guys, really I have, for the last 1/2 hour or so to re-write what I had earlier today. The problem is I got nothing.

Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I can’t even seem to unfunnily (yeah, I’m going with that word. See my problem?) write about my new bedtime strategy. It’s not really writer’s block per say, since apparently I can whip out the previous few paragraphs like ain’t nobody’s business. It’s more like writer’s depression and limited to just that one topic. Words don’t seem to want to fit together in anyway that makes even an oodle of sense on that subject. And I think I've had enough of that for tonight.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave you all hangin'. I promise. I know the desperation that can come from a kiddo who refuses to stay tucked in when you're at some of your weakest moments at the end of a loooooong day. So I almost feel morally obligated to help out and get this posted, because I think I might be on to something here. I just need to sleep and/or run on it so it's worth the read. All my good stuff comes either while I run or while I lay awake trying to convince myself to fall asleep. One more day and it'll all come together I'm sure.

In the meantime though, I did want to mention that I COMPLETELY biffed last night on that Run Like a Mother giveaway. While I love being able to give fun stuff away to my readers, part of the reason why I do is so we can find more running mamas to join the fun over here, because virtually, I'd be nothing without all your hilariously witty comments. And part of the reason why people send me stuff to giveaway is of course, so more people can find out about their goods. So usually when we do a little random drawing like we’re doing right now with RLAM, I’ll let you score extra entries for blogging about, tweeting, linking, or in some way letting people know what we’ve got going on here. The more the merrier.

However, I completely spaced it on that last night (am I allowed to blame that on the holiday hustle and bustle? If not I’m going with my 2 year old. She might be able to count to 10 in Spanish, but her English is limited so I don’t think she’ll be able to sufficiently defend herself). Now, I realize since there’s no bonus entries for spreading the word, it’ll better your odds and all if you do NOT do so, but it'd sure be a tremendous pick me up for me in light of the whole lost post episode today.

So if you can look deep within your heart this holiday season and have a little pity on this poor brain blocked blogging mama, I’d sincerely appreciate it. Besides, just think of it as that many more presents to snicker at. (Have you looked at the ones already posted yet btw? I’ve already laughed out loud twice because of your comments last night and am totally gonna have to Google some of this stuff. Face clothes???)

But if the answer is sadly no, you'd prefer not. No worries. I won’t hold it against you, at least not for too awful long ;-).

Alright it’s off to wrap presents and hope the I get bit by the writing bug tonight…

'Til next time...

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