Sunday, November 7, 2010

RLAM Shout out AND the winner is…

No, I’m not speaking in code. RLAM, if you happen to be unfamiliar, is the official acronym for the book and website Run Like a Mother created by running mother extraordinaires Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell.

What they’ve put together on their site is THE virtual hangout hub for running mothers everywhere and the users (of which I happen to be one) refer to themselves as RLAM’ers. Really. If you haven’t seen it, you have to check it out here.  And then when you’re done checking it out, you really ought to think about “liking” them here on FB. Not only are they hilarious and inspirational, but they also give away running gear like it’s going out of style and I know how you all like free stuff. So go on and get it.

But why do I bring this all up? Well, we’ve got a whole new crew following along from RLAM. Probably because of this, but who am I to judge. I mean, it is possible that they all coincidentally stumbled over here at exactly the same time that this appeared all on their own. Highly improbable, but possible.

On any account, they’re in need of a proper welcoming. So, what’s up all you RLAM’ers? Glad you’ve found your way over here and feel free to comment away at will. In fact, I know you’ve been told I’M funny, but the truth of the matter is the funniest stuff comes from my readers in the comments. So really I’m feeling no pressure whatsoever to live up to that RLAM profile, but you all on the other hand, if you’ve  perused even just a little of the commenting wit that goes on around here **WHEW** you’ve got your work cut out for you ;-)

And at this point now, I’d love to be able to smoothly transition from the warm welcome to announcing our CSN contest winner, but let’s just say it’s been a really weird weekend, complete with being puked on, picking poop nuggets off the floor, and being buzzed by a bird at the deli counter while I was grocery shopping. Seriously. I’m not making that last one up. After whizzing by my head, the little fella landed on the the deli scale. Can’t say that’s ever happened before. If I’d have been quicker on the draw, I’d have snapped a picture on my phone, but instead I just pointed him out to my 4 year old who was half covered in strawberry ice cream from her “here eat this so I can grocery shop cone.” She gave him about half a look and shrugged it off as if it happens all the time and returned to the much more important task of devouring said cone. She’s can be very focused when she wants to be.

So anyway, I’m just going to skip all the fancy talk and get right to it, mostly so I can get to bed at a decent hour and start this next week off on the right foot. Besides, I know you all can’t stand it any longer and want me to just GET TO IT ALREADY.

So, the winner of the $50 CSN Gift Certificate is:




Congratulations! I’ll be contacting you shortly with all the details, so keep an eye out. And as for the rest of you, worry not! I’ll get to work on another contest asap (or at least I’ll go find a whole bunch of other people’s sweet contests for you to enter. That’s nearly as good right?). So stay tuned…

'Til next time...


JenniferLeah said...

how cool is that??
Thank you so much Kelly-
Thank you even more for a funny, well-written blog :) Only a running mom would really understand some of this stuff huh?? (poop nuggets? hilarious)

Here's to many happy miles~

runnanna said...

And wouldn't we all love it if that was on the flavor board at Meijers? The "eat this so I can grocery shop cone" It would be a best seller for sure! lol You crakc me up!

Christy Z said...

Ya got me. I did find you through RLAM. But I'll stay. :)

Oh yes, the "please tell me that is a raisin, please?" nuggets. Know it well. This is known in our household as the sh*tmit phase. Ya know the one where no matter how much scented softsoap you use....well. I'm sure you get the picture.

Look forward to more contests I mean posts.

Daphne - Curtains said...

Thanks for this post. Have a happy holiday (shopping) season!