Monday, November 29, 2010

The greatest lesson you could ever get out of a turkey trot

One that we didn’t even actually participate in.

Sadly, we’ve been battling strep throat around here. And yes, I’m totally that parent that sent their plague infected child to school and passed it around to the rest of the student body just before the holidays. **SIGH**

But before you start booing or throwing things at me, in my defense, I just have to say that the day she told me her throat hurt, it was kind of dry in our house. My throat was kind of sore too (DO NOT whatever you do say I probably had or have it too. I refuse under any and all circumstances to admit that I may have had or may currently have now any sort of virus. I just don’t have the free time to deal with it right now dangit.)

She had no other symptoms. Was not running a fever. And I did even actually whip out the flash light and take a little look-see down her throat. But then again, I’m no doctor and much like I can’t tell you what’s wrong with my car should the check engine light come on (except for maybe in the extremely unusual and rare case of there being, oh I don’t know, let’s say a little leprechaun sitting there on the engine drinking a cup of coffee, tippin’ his hat saying, “top of the morning to ya!” or some other one of these things does not look like the other kind of completely obvious problem), so too am I completely clueless as far as what I’m looking at or for when I shine that flashlight and tell my kid to “say ahhhhhh….”

But, of course, by the time I picked her up from school later that day, I could hear it in her voice, feel it on her forehead, and see it in her eyes. She had something, or in her words, she “got germs.”

A little later that evening, when I took another peek under the hood, there in all his green glory was the leprechaun I’d been looking for . I almost had to bite my tongue to keep my initial shocked reaction of “Oh my God!” to myself. I may not know what strep looks like exactly, but I do know that a throat should have a fairly sizable hole in the back of it and hers was quickly disappearing. It seriously looked like a giant marble or one of those super high bouncy balls you get out of a machine for a quarter (I love those btw) had been implanted in her throat. To the doctor’s asap we were. Strep positive. Say it with me now: “fun, fun, fun.”

But it rarely if ever ends there around these parts. We should have been pretty much all set with the antibiotic. We were at that point still 5 days to go before the annual Turkey Trot Tradition (you know, the convenient tradition that justifies consuming mass quantities of Thanksgiving dinner since almost like magic the EXACT caloric equivalent of what you burn during the race will match what you chow down on later, even if you just do the one mile fun run. SSSSHHH!!! No one tell me otherwise. You’ll ruin my fun for next year!)

But no, for us, things got a little more complicated. The night before the race when she should have been well on the mend, that same little tootsie of mine was up nearly all night with a stomach ache. And so when 5AM rolled around, I wasn’t about to get me…I mean, her out of bed. (Ok maybe both of us. But really, she didn’t need to be out in the cold, wind, and rain in her immune weakened condition. It was completely NOT because of how warm and toasty my covers were. Swear.)

So we missed it. I let her sleep. And wouldn’t you know the very first thing out of that child’s mouth when her pretty little eyes opened just after she got her bearings when she woke up was, “did I miss my race?” Nearly broke my heart to tell her she did. Poor baby. Apparently, it’s become just as much of her tradition as it is mine (muh wah ha ha…my master plan to suck her into my running world is right on schedule ;-)

But it was her reaction/retelling of the missing of her very big race that I wanted to share with you all. (So yeah, you could say that was a WHOLE lot of talking to get to this point eh?)

Later that day the Little Miss very matter of factly said to my mom, “Nana. I didn’t win my race today.” To which my mom slightly perplexed knowing full well the details of the entire situation already replied, “You didn’t?”

“Nope,” she said. “I didn’t win my race because I didn’t go.”

And there you have it folks. Little Miss Obe Wan Runner Kenobi in all her mighty 4 year old wisdom once again. So simple isn’t it?

But you know what? She’s right. You’ll never know exactly what it is you are capable of until you lace them up and try. In running…and in life.

So whatever it is for you, that something you’ve got on your heart to do…go! And know that once you take those first steps to go, you’ve already won.

 'Til next time...

P.S. The Little Miss is feeling much better now btw although she is  currently a terrific color of speckled pink and a tad on the itchy side as we discovered on day 8 (of 10) on her anti-biotic that she’s allergic to it. On a positive note, now we at least know about the allergy and we found out with a fairly mild reaction. Plus, if I ever needed a sign that now’s a good time to slightly back off the training for me, I believe this last week was it. Yeesh!

P.P.S. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, survived Black Friday (that’s my Christmas tree putting up day), and have your clicking finger well rested for Cyber Monday!


runnanna said...

Why are we so wise as children and become so stupid when we grow up? ( least for me that is...) Great post...You should keep a diary, get some input from your readers, and write a book-Running advice from children...for adults!

bobbi said...

oh, poor baby! strep is bad enough, but then throw the allergy on top of it and UGH. I'm glad to hear that she's on the mend.

kids are so so wise. then they grow up, and well, I wonder what happened to all that wisdom? ;)

Staci Dombroski said...

Poor girl!!! Glad to hear that she is feeling better! I had strep awhile ago too! Not fun!

Danielle said...

Strep is no fun! I'm a teacher and have had a lot of kids out lately with strep. I'm trying my hardest to stay away from it.
Glad your baby is feeling better! : )

Heather said...

Good Grief!! I am glad she is feeling better.

I don't blame you for skipping the race...just cold would have done it for me.

(Mine waited until I went BACK to work to run a fever.)