Friday, August 20, 2010

Sylvania Tri in Pictures…sorta

I know. I know. The tri was how many weeks ago and I'm just getting these up here??

But in my defense I was waiting on an old friend to see if I’d get any pictures from her to post. But it seems the she’s disappeared just as quickly as she appeared (I have that effect on people).

So I don’t actually have any real live action shots for this race because my husband (the master photographer) didn’t come. It was just me and my mom, who were participating and my dad, who had a far more important job than photos, mainly being our pit crew. Well, ok, for that reason AND the fact that every time you hand him a camera and ask him to take pictures, you get about the same response as if you handed me a wrench and asked me to change the oil in your car. (Do you even need a wrench to change oil? I have no idea. Seriously.) It’s not that I couldn’t learn how to do it or follow directions if I was told. It’s just that I have absolutely no desire to learn and I know there’s someone else in the family (or someone I could pay) who’s far more talented and at least slightly more interested in doing it than I. It’s kind of like that with my dad and a camera. He COULD do it, but would just prefer to use his talents and abilities elsewhere.

But anywho…

This tri was not very spectator friendly. The swim was nothing but a sea (or quarry rather) of pink swim caps. Spectators had to stand outside of a fence waaaaaaaay up on a hill and chances were slim to none that you’d be able to identify the person you came to watch unless perhaps they threw caution to the wind, ripped off their cap and swam without one. Take that race officials and your silly silly rules!

The bike course was about the same (although, is a bike course ever really spectator friendly?). It was a big giant square in a rural area with really nowhere to setup a cheering section other than somebody’s front lawn. And as for the run, well, even though the run was in a park, that park was 1/2 mile away from the finish so it was highly likely that if you saw your runner at the park, you’d see them at the finish. And who wants to miss their runner at the finish?

Realizing all this the night before, I called my husband off. No sense waking the kiddos up super early not to see me even despite knowing this would be extremely disappointing to my 4 year old who had told me the day before that she, “couldn’t wait to watch me float on my back when I panicked during the swim like that nice lady (race director) said I should” at the rookie clinic. She’d just have to watch me float some other time.

So no husband meant no pictures. But being the extraordinarily perceptive blogger that I am, I knew you’d all want to see some. Had I been slightly more talented, I would have taken them on the fly, but considering I currently can not even take a drink from a water bottle while on the bike (or do anything that causes me to remove even one hand from the handle bars for that matter) without crashing, I was advised against this.

Therefore, I was left with just two options. Option #1: Get the pictures from that long lost friend of mine who’s dad and husband were snapping more than few, including some of me, myself, and I at my dad’s request. Or option #2: Try to recreate the event for you after the event had ended. Since option #1 has not panned out, I am left with only option #2 which I had the tremendous foresight to go ahead with purely as a precautionary measure in the event that option #1 did not end up being, well…an option. So here’s the Sylvania Women’s Only Tri in pictures…sorta:

First the swim, here’s the quarry:


We swam 1/4 mile around the perimeter in a counter clockwise circlish fashion way out past those blue buoys and that line that the casual observer might assume meant something like probably not a good place to swim. But apparently, not so since we swam right on by them.

It’s a quarry so pretty freaking deep. 20-25 feet at least at all points. The good news is that generally speaking you only have to swim on the surface, so it’s not really a problem. Plus you can’t see the bottom anyway which is both reassuring and very creepy all at the same time. You will also notice that it is completely calm. One major plus to quarry swimming. The only wake you're dealing with comes from other swimmers.


Now those are the actual buoys that marked the course. They were at one point in the water. I swear. If you’d like, I give you permission to take photo #1 and superimpose photo #2 to give yourself a better idea of what the course looked like.

And upon exiting the water, then we ran up this:runstairs That’s what I would’ve looked like running up the 35 steps to transition, if I swam with a hat and back pack on, my competition was invisible, kids were allowed to play in the middle of the swim and by running I actually meant standing still pretending to run.

Transition #1 (and 2 for that matter). Um….well…racks, bikes, people. You get the idea right? It was down already by the time I got back there to take a picture. So I got nothing.

Then there was bike (no picture), run (no picture) and FINISH!!


Ok so I might not have done well in the photography department, but I did get at least one good one…

moms trophy

That’s Runnana (my mom) winning her first EVER trophy for 2nd place in her age group at the Duathlon. Have I mentioned yet, that she was never really athletic (besides a brief running affair when I was a little tyke) until she was in her 50’s? Yet now, she’s kicking some butt in her age group left and right (even though she can't resist talking to everyone while she runs). In fact, she also WON the Senior Olympics 5 mile bike in our county earlier this week AND came in 2nd in the 5K run. I have a feeling she’s just getting warmed up too. Not your average Grandma is she? Way to go Mom!

OH! And how could I forget? I also snapped this super creative post race breakfast photo for you (by accident)


You don’t even have to say it. I know. I’m a photographic genius. The abstract artistic expression in that photo is almost unreal. I’m thinking of having it framed actually. I believe Christie’s has already contacted my agent.

But enough silliness already. Want to see some actual photos of me participating? Here’s a link to the “real race photos” by the pros. You will notice that I maintain my streak of crookedness. I’m starting to think it’s my head and not the stuff I put on it. I suppose only time and more races will tell. And yes, I still refuse to buy actual tri clothes and thus I again biked in my bathing suit. Buying tri clothes (in my head anyway) means I am officially a triathlete and no longer just giving it a try. And I’m not ready to go there yet. Maybe one day. But not yet.

For now, the focus is the marathon and finally grabbing a hold of that solid performance that has of yet eluded me. Just 29 days folks…29 days…

'Til next time...

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P.P.S. For those of you who want to know more of the specifics about the Sylvania Women's Only Triathlon. Here's my review on Racevine.


Holly said...

Um. So I've been reading your blog for a while now... are you from Sylvania?!!??!

Cuz that's totally where I was born, raised and lived for 20 years.

P.S. Congrats on the tri :)

RunMom said...

Close. I was born and raised your neighbor to the north in Michigan.

After that plowed over swim start on the first tri, I'd have driven just about anywhere for a time trial start. Sylvania wasn't too far except for the whole getting lost and ending up somewhere in downtown Toledo.

Runners Fuel said...

Good job on the tri.

JenniferLeah said...

When will we be able to order framed reprints of PostBreakfast??? lol :)
Great job-that quarry looks really cool too, nothing like the ones we have here!

Lani said...

That actually looks like a cool course! I hope someday to do a tri. Still working on getting the running down here:)