Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grins & Giggles: Funny Things Parents Say

So we did the kiddos last time and all the funny things they say. But how about us? Ever catch yourself saying something to your little one that despite being highly appropriate is also pretty hilarious in and of itself? I know I certainly have a few. Here's a few more:

If you've got one, be sure to leave us a comment so we can all get a chuckle.

'Til next time...

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RunMom said...

I have so many of these it's ridiculous. Let's see...

"Get Baby Jesus out of your mouth" is probably my all time favorite. (Also, out of your pocket, your bed, and your sister's crib. My daughter, at 2 1/2 had an infatuation w/ her grandma's nativity. Specifically Sweet Baby Jesus).

"Get that fish out of your ear" Goldfish cracker.

"Give me that booger!" otherwise I would find it later.

"Where did all my nipples go?" think baby bottles.

"Please do not take celery into the bathroom"

"Tell your feet they're going to timeout next time they're on your sister" which I once said after being told that her feet didn't WANT to play anywhere other than her baby sister's head.

And really, I have so many more. But I'll let someone else have a turn.

runnanna said...

Yours are the funniest!

RunMom said...

Would that be because mine are the only ones? ;-)

runsis said...

Me: Our son gets no more snacks tonight
Husband: why
Me: He already ate a booger
Son: But I only ate one!!

mommaof3ontherun said...

"If you don't get ready, I'll just leave without you"....really, I'm glad no one from child services has heard my threat because my 2 year old would never be left behind, but it is a good threat for now, LOL.

There are so many things that we say...I just can't remember them right now because I'm so tired!

Laura said...

"No you can't have a banana until you finish your hotdog."

Really? I think banana = better nutrition than hot dog. :D