Friday, July 23, 2010

The Runner's Gamble: The Weather

And so I find myself here once again, staring at the weather for tomorrow weighing the options for my weekend long run. It is not looking least not for tomorrow anyway.

Hot. Mid 80s even in the early am (and by early am we're talking butt crack of dawn early). And thunderstorms. To start tonight and hang around for most of the day tomorrow. And while this slightly excites me because I won't have to water any of my plants (it's the little things), it's not exactly the forecast you hope for when you've got 20 miles on the agenda for morning.

Now Sunday, on the other hand, Sunday's looking good. Mid to high 60's in the morning and not a storm in sight. I don't think you could ask for a better running forecast, at least not in Michigan at the end of July.

It's the great gamble. Do I re-arrange my schedule due to the impending threat of storms and push my long run off 'til Sunday? Mess up my training plan? Call in someone to babysit on Sunday? Risk a whole nother* day of life with the kiddos that provides a plethora of the unexpected with always the potential to get in the way of a run?

Or do I chance that the weather man might just possibly, albeit schockingly (in a world where even the most highly anticipated events are shocking), be wrong? I mean, I have afterall on more than one occassion found myself stuck on a 15+ mile run on my treadmill in the basement due to a gloom and doom forecast that turned out to be bogus all the while watching not a single drip drop fall outside my window (no, no, that wasn't frustrating at all.).

And it's not like I can just take a peek outside the window and decide in the morning, because first of all, who wants to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to check the weather? And secondly, I've got to make arrangements for the girlies. Lastly, maybe this is just me, but when I've got a really big run to do, I want it done not hanging over my head. It's almost as if at any moment I might lose my motivation. So I've got to get it in while the motivation is there before it slips away into the cozy comfort of my bed or some giant bowl of ice cream (nah...let's make that a slice of chocolate cake. I'm not a huge fan of ice cream). I love running. Really, I do, but I'm nearly always on just this side of skipping my run and letting the lazy side of me take control.

So it's a gamble. And here I sit, watching Beauty and the Beast silently debating whether or not running in thunderstorms would actually be THAT bad. Aren't the chances of being struck by lightening like one in a bazillion anyway? Hmmm....

'Til next time...

P.S. Think I'll be posting another giveaway tonight. So keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, be sure to enter the giveaway for one of Kat's running head bands here.

*a whole nother: (adj.) completely or entirely another as opposed to half another or a part of another (come on you all know you say it or have heard it said).


Middle Name Marie said...

I know the feeling. I live in the lower Midwest and we have a very similar forecast this weekend. Do you think you could make it in the rain? It might be worth it just to have it done as scheduled. Good luck..maybe the weatherman is wrong.

Teamarcia said...

I am contemplating the exact same thing. Add the fact that my new trainer whipped my butt today, I think I'm pushing my long run to Sunday. You really don't wanna run all wet when there's lightning.

Cynthia O'H said...

We've got rain all Saturday too. I got 5 in last night and am up early tomorrow for 12 - forecast, clear.

The things we have to worry about.