Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review Crew: Gu Chomps + Giveaway?

_0030_products_chomps_flavors Ok before I can review this product for you honestly, you should know I have issues. If you have perused over my about me page and deciphered my random facts, you might remember, I am a freak about choking. Really.

I’m not exactly sure where it stems from, but let’s just say ever since my oldest daughter (now 4) was big enough to eat solid foods, I wake up in the middle of the night on a somewhat frequent basis due to choking dreams. I still cut up her hot dogs to this day. Blueberries that are on the bigger side will get split down the middle for my now almost 2 year old.  I have nearly lost a finger on more than one occasion trying to retrieve a bite of something from that same toddler that looked just a tad too big. And basically my kids are not allowed to move while eating…anything.

So perhaps you see the problem for me and Gu Chomps. Running while chewing. Can you see me twitching? But our friend Scott over at Outside PR asked me to give them a shot. So I did (actually for the second time).

Gu Chomps are designed to give you an energy boost during your runs just when you need it most and keep you from tanking. Do they? Well…I don’t know. I tried guys. Really, I did. But I just can not seem to chew and run (not a shocker considering I couldn’t even drink and run for a looooooong time). I’m sure it’s all a mental thing, but for me mid run, it’s not happening unless I stop and, well, you know. Who wants to stop mid run?

But let me tell you how I DO use these in a not necessarily recommended but it works for me kind of way. I run a lot in the evening after my babies are put to bed, usually 9ish. The thing that blows ginormous chunks about this is that although it’s long enough past dinner that my stomach won’t be upset (usually) by whatever I ate, it’s also long enough that I’m a little bit hungry again. Now, at this point, I am totally not up for eating something, waiting half an hour to an hour to digest, then running for an hour. I mean, the only thing that I like better than running is perhaps sleeping (although eating also ranks right up there) and so I’d like to get to it at a somewhat reasonable hour.

So what do I do? I eat some chomps, 4 to be exact and it seems to be enough to get me through my run without feeling like I’m going to pass out or just completely dragging (which is definitely something to be said for this product, because after chasing around a 4 year old & almost 2 year old all day, it’s a miracle NOT to be dragging even without adding a run into the mix.)

So I am a big big fan of this product pre-run, at a stop mid run, or even post run. It tastes terrific and it works. But during a run, eh…not so much. Best flavor for me is blueberry pomegranate…or maybe orange…ok no, I actually really likes the cranberry apple. Shoot. They’re all good. Just pick the flavor you think you might like best and give it a whirl.

karenRunSis says:

“I prefer Gu Chomps to energy gels any day of the week. But I like them best in the summer when they’re easy to chew, not so much in the winter when they’re frozen (it gets mighty cold here in MI in the winter time, enough to turn a chomp into a rock on a 2 hour run). Strawberry is my favorite.” 


marie The Spazz says:

“Before I start off let me state that I am not a big fan of energy chews while running. I have a hard time chewing while I run, and I always feel like I’m going to choke. I am more of a liquid Gu fan. However, I did enjoy the flavor (blueberry pomegranate) and they seemed to dissolve quickly. I ate one chew every mile and my energy and glucose levels seemed to remain in the normal range. I would recommend consuming these while hiking, climbing, or mountain biking instead of running.”

momRunnana says:

“I had two chomps on a longish run. I really did like the flavor (cranberry apple) and they seemed to do the trick just as well as a Gu packet. I found the package a little difficult to open with sweaty hands, not horrible, but they aren't as quick and easy to open as regular Gu packets. I usually don't have any problem swallowing Gu, but my last race was a hot one and I squeezed in a packet of gu and didn't think I was going to be able to swallow it. At the time I was thinking that probably the chomps would have been a better choice on that day. I think the Chomps might be a better consistency if you're feeling a little queezy. I will probably use them in the future.”

dad Mobile Mile Marker says:

“Gu Chomps, Gu chomps taste great!
Wish I had some,
Can't wait!”

(Ok, so I told you my Dad would always be short sweet and to the point, but I forgot to mention that he is also the king of cheesy, I mean, poetic lines which frequently rhyme. There you have your first one. He had strawberry btw.)

olliechloe RunDad says:

“Chomps....I Like Them. No sticky fingers like I get when I take regular Gu packs. They are a little to big for me to chew all at once so I stick a Chomp in my mouth, bite it in half. Stick half in my chimpmunk cheek and chew the other half.

When I'm huffing and puffing a full chomp can get in the way.
I tried the strawberry flavored Chomps. They had a nice, not too intense, flavor with a pleasant finish (wine geek talk for after taste).
Two Thumbs Up for the Chomps”

 'Til next time...

P.S. Wait…what are you still doing here? We’re all done. Oh that’s right! I mentioned giveaway didn’t I? Well, not just yet, my running pals. Not just yet. There IS a Gu Giveaway coming and I believe the exact word Scott from Outside PR used was “big.” If you could only see the giant mound of Gu goods I got when he used the word “smattering,” you’d be chomping at the bit (pun intended). So stick close. I’ve got a whole number of Gu products to tell you about so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. For a sneak peek at the reviews to come and some of what you might get the chance to win, go check out the Gu website.


EricaH said...

I agree that most of the Chomps taste wise are good Cranberry Apple being the best but I am a gel girl all the way. Chocolate Outrage and Mint Chocolate are sooo good. Hopefully they'll be some gels in your giveaway. :)

Allie said...

Ohhh I can't wait! I've tried Chomps once before, I don't really have a preference as far as gel or chomps go, both are good for what they are. :)

Middle Name Marie said...

I am with you on the CHOMPS. I don't like chewing mid-run, but they do taste great! They are good before the run, and traditional GU (chocolate outrage, baby!) is good during the run.

I am so pumped for the GU give-a-way! I am to the point in my training when I need to start hoarding the stuff!

Basha's Mama said...
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Judy said...

Oops - posted under the wrong blogger name.

I also prefer the chomps over Sports Beans (which made my stomach revolt after a 15k). The Chomps got me through a horrific 10 miler and my only complain is that it's hard to breathe while chewing and running - but that's not really Gu's fault.

Tracy said...

I've never had Gu Chomps, but I love reading your reviews. They're informative and entertaining!

I can't wait for the giveaway!

trifitmom said...

love teh gu chomps. i like the strawberry...they need to find a better bag, so that while on bag it is easy to grab them out and eat them.

Andrea Tilley said...

I love Gu Chomps. This is all I buy now. I love the Blueberry Pomegranate as well. I usally only use 4 of them and share the other 4 with my partner when she's with me. I cannot swallow the gels. They make me gag. I hope they keep making them bc I don't really like anything else. I'd love to win the giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Runmom! This is Scott's boss, Gordon. And before I get into that, can I just say that your kids are adorable?

I love this blog, and this post especially, which Scott forwarded because we both laughed our asses off. Not at your attempts to chew and run at the same time, but at our familiarity with Chomp Snacking. Do you know how many CASES we have in the office? And yeah, sometimes it's just a Chomps Lunch Day.

Anyway, looking forward to your give-away and getting some of these out the door.

And WAIT until you get a chance at their new Chomps flavor. I can't divulge it yet, but think, "Jolly Ranchers"


For a long time I wouldn't eat anything on my runs, or drink anything besides water. However I knew I needed something to "boost" me a bit after mile 18. I CANNOT do any flavor of GU! I did try the chomps after a few running friends said they reminded them of gummy bears. And LOVE them! My favorite is the Strawberry. And I eat 3 before my run, and 3 around mile 18. I can see a difference....from having nothing before to using the Chomps now.