Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grins & Giggles: Funny things kids say

I’m about to announce a new giveaway here in a few right after I get this last little darling to bed. In the meantime, here’s your mid week giggle:

Hope a few of them made you chuckle! Feel free to come back and leave us a comment with the funniest thing you’ve heard from your little one. I’ll do the same…if I can narrow it down to one that is.

'Til next time...


runsis said...

My son told me, "Mom, you look prettier than ever today... and this time I'm not lying!"

RunMom said...

Ok here's one of my favorites...early one morning for about the 3rd time I said to my 4yr old: "I TOLD YOU TO PUT YOUR COAT ON!" (caps indicating my most serious mom tone). My 4 yr old: OH! I didn't hear you. I thought you said "Come on upstairs. I have a present I've been wanting to give you for a real long time."

Tracy said...

My 6 y/o daughter is from China though the only Chinese she knows she learned from Ni Hao Kai Lan.

She and my 8 y/o son were arguing and she said very indignantly, "Oh yea, well you don't even know how to speak Chinese!"

He replied, "But I know how to speak gibberish!... Don't I, mom? I know how to speak gibberish, right?"

Kelli said...

OK, the funniest thing is totally inappropriate and offensive, so I won't post it, haha. BUT the second funniest thing is this:

We were doing our homeschool geography work and we had been talking about the layers of the atmosphere.

Mommy- "Abby, what special layer is part of the stratosphere?"
Abby - "The OZONE layer!"
Mommy - "Yes that's right, awesome! And what is the ozone layer like?"
Abby - "It's like a big net in the sky!"
Mommy - "Right! And what does that net catch for us?"
Abby - "Ummm....Aliens?"

The Simple Jocabell Life said...

My daughter was about 3 at the time when we were checking out of a store. She kept saying "Scary, momma thats scary." For the life of me I just could not figure out what she was talking about, until the check out clerk told me with her eye to look behind me... I looked around and say a teenager with her mom dressed in all black clothes, jet black hair, black lip stick and eyeliner about a mile thick. I turned around and just about fell over laughing when the clerk said "kids sure do say the darndest things!"

Tara Kieninger said...

I was nursing my newborn son and my 4 year old daughter was curious about it. When I told her he was drinking milk, she asked "Is it chocolate?"!

Jennifer Jones said...

Funniest thing from this week anyway...
In the car, listening to radio "California Gurls" is on.
5 YO Son "What's a Bikini?"
Me "A kind of Girls' swimsuit"
4 YO Daughter "Also, it's a vegetable"
Me "No...Not a Zucchini!"
I will always sing zucchini when that song comes on now!

RunMom said...

From Cynthia via email:

Here's one of mine:

Andrew just finished his preschool swimming lesson:

Me: How was your lesson, honey?
Drew: Good, except for when I had to stand forever in the middle of the water.
Me: What do you mean (as I envision my 4 year old either try to tread water or pretend he is Moses)?
Drew: I was standing forever in the middle of the water while my teacher was picking her nose. Really, how long does it take to pick your nose?

I guess a four year old would be an expert now, wouldn't he?