Sunday, July 25, 2010

Epic Fail

Don’t ever ask me to go with you to a casino. Unless of course you’re looking to leave a lot of cash one their tables. Then I. Am. Your. Girl.

Let’s just say my gamble with the weather this weekend did NOT pay off. I am currently 20less and you might have noticed no second contest has been posted yet.

Quick re-cap. Friday after my post weighing the options of running through a thunderstorm Saturday am or pushing it off to a more pleasantly forecasted Sunday and promising to post another giveaway later that evening, my family and I headed out for dinner only to have our plans thwarted by a faster moving than expected storm front. Yeah, when the clouds appear to start dropping down out of a nearly pitch black sky, it’s time to seek shelter. So we did at our nearest relative’s.

With two little girlies hopped up on an evening at Grandma’s and all the fun that entails, it was a late bedtime for them and alas for me, no second post.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, you know, the Saturday morning that I had decided not to run and the rain was…absent. Mr. weatherman got it wrong AGAIN. Yep. Nada on thunderstorms. Just a little rain on and off but nothing one wouldn’t run through. I’d like to say something here to the effect of on the bright side I got to sleep in, but my youngest got up at 5:30 am. So, not so much.

All day Saturday was spent grocery shopping and cleaning because we’re kind of sort of possibly planning on going out of town (going out of town = the one time I must have my house clean from top to bottom. Who wants to come home to rest from a busy vacation of resting and do it in a messy house? Who can rest in a mess?). But I began to notice a little twinge in my neck and it was progressively getting worse. By the evening it had spread to my shoulder and I was begging my husband to massage it.

So yada yada yada, I’ll spare you all the details of trying to get to sleep with a shoulder/neck in a great deal of pain (sort of similar to trying to find a comfortable sleeping position when 9 months pregnant). It just wasn’t happening. At 4:30 am I finally got up, scratch that, sort of rolled out of bed (the way you do when your neck is useless to you) to get ready to run.  At this point now, I can no longer really turn my head and I started to think running might not be such a good idea.

Now technically, I realize, you don’t actually need your head so much to run. Eyes ahead. Go. That’s pretty much it right? Though without the use of my head, I might risk being branded a running snob not being able to give the casual nod to my fellow runner passersby and all. But perhaps that could be overcome with a mild to moderate wave. But the shoulder, now the shoulder was going to pose a problem as my early morning pajama pretend running in the bathroom would attest. I couldn’t really swing my arm.

Having experienced before how 20 miles can turn something minor into something major (like say for example how a teeny tiny annoyance of a thread out of place on a shirt can turn into a serious flesh wound) I was more than a little nervous about what three plus hours of running would do to enhance an injury. So despite knowing exactly what skipping out on my morning run would mean (20 miles on the treadmill Monday morning after a visit to the chiropractor), I went back to bed.

And as if some grand sign from God, the skies opened up about a half an hour later with massive thunderstorms. Some of which I hear seem to be repeating themselves right about now. **SIGH** Looks like I’m cutting this one short tonight. Power off for me.

'Til next time...

P.S. Really. Tomorrow. Review + Giveaway. Swear. It can’t storm all the time.


Kadie said...

Oh ouch! I hope you neck feels better soon! I know it's not as big, but my long run this weekend was to be an 8-miler that didn't happen. Maybe it just wasn't the weekend for us! :o) Good luck on the TM tomorrow!

Tracy said...

I hope your neck and shoulder are better soon!