Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel + Giveaway!!

DSCF6347 Wait…let’s refresh here. First there was the delayed onset chafing and then the painful reminder of a silly little mistake. So is it any wonder that Lanacane wanted me to test out, their new Anti-Chafing Gel? I can just hear them over there. “Poor pitiful funny walkin’ girl. We’ve got to send her some of this stuff.”

But seriously folks, chafing while running, for those of you who have perhaps not quite worked up to chafing susceptible mileage just yet, is really no laughing matter. It’s a very serious issue because…IT FRICKIN’ HURTS! Even the most seemingly insignificant loose string or piece of fabric can cause a major flesh wound when it rubs against your skin over and over and over again for 10, 15, or 20 miles. I kid not.

For me though, it’s not my clothing. No, I’ve learned (the hard way of course) the fine art of selectively choosing my runwear and testing it out carefully on shorter runs before weaving it into my long run wardrobe (which btw consists primarily of one running skirt and a multitude of race tech shirts). Any article of clothing that causes the most minor of skin irritations, and I’m talking about the slightest change in pigmentation you can possibly imagine, is automatically ruled out for endurance work and sent rather to the speed, tempo, hill or even cycling department.

But despite my best efforts, I am sadly not chafing free. It’s inner thigh trouble for me and it becomes painfully obvious oh…around mile 8. So typically I use a little Body Glide (when I remember) to save myself the horrible misery of forcing myself to finish a run despite a worsening condition and the weird waddle walk that will necessarily follow.

So how does Lanacane’s new product stack up to the competition? Very nicely actually. I gave the Body Chafing gel a test on my 15 mile run. Right away what I liked about it is that you only had to use a little bit according to the directions. It didn’t stink (although I don’t necessarily think Body Glide does either) and it absorbs right away. You really can’t even feel it’s there, not so with Body Glide. The weird thing about this though is that it actually does feel like you might possibly be on the verge of chafing. I mean you can feel skin on skin. But it doesn’t hurt. It’s not even annoying or anything. It’s just different.

Still at mile 7.5, at a quick bathroom stop, my Dad asked me if I wanted to reapply, we had brought the tube along as a precautionary measure. I was tempted, but really wanted to review the snot out of this product for you all (see how much I care :-) so I risked the damage that might possibly await and refused the re-app.

Results? After 15 miles, not only was I chafe free, I wasn’t even the slightest shade of pink in the usual problem area. So despite feeling like, uh oh, I might start chafing here for pretty much the whole run b/c I couldn’t actually feel the product (as compared to the way Body Glide feels), I did not. And really, I only used a teeny tiny smidgen of product. So I think the tube will last you a pretty long time.

Other positives? This product is available at Walgreens and CVS among a whole slew of other locations both on and offline which for me is a good thing, because there’s a CVS around the corner. My local running shop, on the other hand, which is generally the only place I can find Body Glide not online is 20 minutes away (and that’s the one I don’t like. They’re not friendly so usually I drive the extra 15 minutes to go to the other one). Not good in a pinch if you’re like me and wait until the absolute last bit of Body Glide can be scraped from the container before you go purchase another stick.

Also, Lanacane’s Gel is supposed to help heal chaffing, which I really could have used about a month ago because lotion is about as effective as trying to smooth it away with sandpaper. Body glide and Aquaphor are a sticky mess on your clothes. And nothing…well…then you just have to attempt walking without allowing your clothes to touch your body and/or your legs from touching each other until it finally heals itself. Which is pretty ridiculous to watch.

Price? Similar to Body Glide. I searched online and found it for $7.99 which is about a buck more than I’d pay at my local running shop for Body Glide. You know, the one I’d have to load two kids into the car, drive 20 minutes to, and then have the guy in the running shop devoid of customers act seriously annoyed that I interrupted him from God only knows what he was doing in the back room. Which would you prefer?

Negatives? I really wish they would make this product in little single use packets you could purchase, like the way you get a sample of lotion, so I could stick one or two in my fuel belt just in case some weird random chafing issue pops up or I do in fact need to reapply at say mile 20 or so. There’s no way I’m carrying the tube with me on a long run. I just don’t have room in my fuel belt pocket. So little packets Lanacane people. Little packets. You guys would totally be ahead of Body Glide on that too, because even their sample size has to come like a deodorant applicator which would be much bigger than the little squeeze packet you guys could do.

My verdict: Thumbs Up!



“So, I tried out the Lanacane. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I typically run in bike shorts/ compression shorts since part of my legs do rub together when I run. I have recently bought a pair of real running shorts (you know, short with the mesh sides) that I desperately want to wear but the threat of chafing has sidelined my purchase.

So, I tried out my new shorts with Lanacane last night. It comes in a tube that you have to squeeze onto your finger or the troubled area and then rub in. It doesn't smell or feel sticky. I made it about 30 minutes into my run when I started to feel a little sticking when my legs would rub together. I was wishing I had brought it downstairs for a quick reapplication, but I didn't. I made it through the rest of my run without my legs catching on fire or feeling too uncomfortable with the leg rubbing. When I checked my legs, the Lanacane was kind of peeling off my legs like when you get a sunburn. But, I did not have any chafing. The next morning my legs did feel really soft where I had applied the product. So, I'm thinking multifunctional product. Stopping chafing (with reapplications as needed) and good for dry skin, maybe even diaper rashes. Just to be clear, I am NOT a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, so please do not take this as medical advice.”

RunSis Verdict: Thumbs Up! (I think)

Want to try it out yourself? I’m giving away two tubes thanks to Lanacane. All you’ve got to do to get your hot little hands on one of them is:

1. Become a follower of this blog and leave me a comment to let me know you did so. If you already are a follower, sweet! Just leave me a comment so I know you want in.

Bonus entry:

Include in your comment why you deserve to win the chafing gel. And let’s see…if you can do it in the form of a haiku, I’ll give you two bonus entries instead of one. I don’t know why exactly, I’m just feeling particularly poetic tonight and a haiku about chafing and/or chafing gel, well, that has got to be funny and you know I’m always up for a laugh.

All entries must be received by June 29th, 11:59PM and I’ll announce the winners on June 30th.

Good luck!

'Til next time...


Knitting Magic Girl said...

I want in on the contest! I already follow your blog and I'm about to write a haiku :oP

Knitting Magic Girl said...

My legs are flabby.
Side effect of losing weight.
I need lanacane!

Kelli said...

I am already a follower.

I try to run far.
My thighs rub together.
Lanacane would help.

Kelli said...

I just realized my haiku was a fail - so I am fixing it.

I try to run far.
My thighs rub together - sigh
Lanacane would help.

S Club Mama said...

I am a follower

S Club Mama said...

I am kind of scared of my long runs - I've only gone 6.2 so far and this weekend is my first 7 miler. I'd feel better knowing that I wasn't going to chafe all over - I have serious thighs.

Raine @ Mama Rants said...

I'm a follower.

Chubby girl running,
Thighs feel on fire, chafing red;
Will this make it stop?

Beth said...

I'm already a follower! A haiku is on the way.

Beth said...

I got some new shorts.
Now, I have new chafing spots.
Time for Lanacane!

Karen said...

I follow you...and I'm working on a haiku.

Karen said...

Thighs rub, oh the burn
Little red pinpricks of fire
Please stop the chafe

Mama on the Run said...

I'm a follower!

As for the haiku...gonna have to work on that one!

Mama on the Run said...

I'm a follower!

As for a haiku...gonna have to work on that. I'll get back to you.

Judy said...

I follow and would love this product so I could run in shorts.

Judy said...

And now the haiku -

Heat Index One-Ten
Mocked for Wearing Capri Tights
Thighs too fat for shorts

Cynthia O'H said...

I'm loving the haikus. Don't hate me, but I'm not entering the giveaway.

But, don't forget to enter mine! It's a good one for us Running Moms!

Berryfine said...

There is something besides Body Glide?!?!?! And I'm a follower!

Tracy said...

I'm a follower

Tracy said...

I had to go pick up my kids from camp, but that gave me a few minutes to write my poem. :)

My big thighs, they touch
Under flabby arms gets chafed
No-chaf gel brings peace

runnanna said...

These are hilarious! You have the greatest, craziest followers EVER!

Angela said...

I follow your blog!

Angela said...

I'm a new runner
Of chafing did I not know
Now my legs hurt so

haha my sad little haiku!

Jennifer said...

I'm a follower now!

I need this because I am starting to train for a half marathon, have only done 5K's up to now! I didn't know I had this to look forward to when I get into my longer distances!

Anonymous said...

I use it's a body wrap that you wear almost like a bandaid. Peel and stick lasts all day. I just found it on Ebay cheaper than their web site.