Thursday, June 17, 2010

Introducing…The Review Crew

So you all know already that I like to try new things and give my unsolicited opinion to whoever is willing to listen, but instead of me taking the blame if you are less than thrilled with one of my reviews, I figured I’d rope a few people into trying running goods out with me. You know, spread the blame around a little bit. Ok well that and I thought it’d be fun. And just in case you’d like to know a little bit about the people offering up their reviews, they’ve each put together a little profile for you in completely their own words (except of course for the ones I added, but that probably goes with out saying ;-) )

The Review Crew

racevinephoto Known As: RunMom (that’d be me)
Age: 31
Size: ok I know this one sounds weird but it might be important if there is something that would make a difference for reviewing a product. In my case, for example, I’m tall. 5’8. But most of that is my legs so it makes buying pants (and skirts and shorts) interesting at times.
Bio: Stay at home mom of two little girlies. Runner. Blogger.
Races Run: Couple of marathons, couple of half marathons, a duathlon relay, and a whole bunch of shorter stuff at various distances and each one challenging in it’s own respect.
Favorite Distance: Half marathon b/c it’s just long enough that it doesn’t render me useless for the rest of the day.
Why I started running: I have literally loved running ever since I was a kid and when you’re a kid you just like to run because it feels good to go fast (or you’re trying to avoid being caught with something). Now why I started going out for the long haul? That would be because my husband got this crazy idea to run a marathon. And you know how that story goes, the minute I finished the first one with him, I just had to see if I could do it faster. (So far no. But that will change this fall!)
How long I’ve been running: Ever since my little toddler legs could carry me quickly. Marathoning– 4 years.
Why I like to run: If you ask my 4 year old daughter what mommy’s favorite thing to do is, she will unequivocally reply “EAT.” Need I say more?
Current Goal: PR at the Air Force Marathon in September ideally by breaking 4:30
Someday Goal: Run Boston and Comrades Ultra (and I refuse to hear your laughing through my computer screen)
Running Pet Peeve: Turkey Duck and people who insist you meet their dog in the middle of your run
One thing I must have on a run: Fluids with higher electrolyte content than what the average bear might drink. I am a ridiculously salty, heavy sweater and as such highly susceptible to hyponatremia which is so very much not a good thing.
Random Fact: as if the 50 I’ve already given you aren’t enough
What you can expect from my reviews: parenthetical speech and thoroughness (otherwise referred to by my husband as a lack of brevity)


DSCF6044Known As: RunDad (or Love of My Life or FuelBelt Bottle THIEF)
Age: 44
Size: Linebackerish
Bio: Athletic Trainer, teacher that sells wine and golfs (what can I say? I married a Renaissance Man)
Races Run: Detroit Marathon twice, Buffalo Half Marathon, CRIM, 5Ks
Favorite Distance: how far is it from the TV to the refrigerator and do I have to run?
Why I started running: to stay in shape
How long I’ve been running: 13 years on and off
Why I like to run: feeling of accomplishment, good for the self image when you finish.
Current Goal: to get back into shape after my knee surgery last year
Someday Goal: break 4 hours in a marathon
Running Pet Peeve: not being able to get my shoes tied with equal tension on both feet
One thing I must have on a run: shoes
Random Fact: He’s a firm believer that toilet paper has a very specific way to go on the roll & is shocked that all people don’t know this
What you can expect from my reviews: An over scientific analysis


Willow Duathalon 026 Known As: Mighty Mole Man and Mobile Mile Marker
Age: 56
Size: Big Bio: Biker (as in cyclist. He also fails to mention that he just recently completely a 100 mile ride. As in pedaling. With 30 miles of head winds no less. Oh and also that he is the proud father of two delightful young women, one of which happens to be me.)
Cycling Races: Senior Olympics (Which he won. And the Willow Duathlon Relay which he also won)
Favorite Distance: 20 miles
Why I started biking: Doctor said I needed to get exercise or go on medication
How long I’ve been biking: 2 1/2 years
Why I like to bike: It's fun (he’s a man of many words)
Best Biking Moment: Competing with my daughter (awww….)
Current Goal: Win a 10 mile race at the Senior Olympics in August
Someday Goal: Cross country ride
Cycling Pet Peeve: Loose dogs, drivers that think that bikers shouldn't be on the road
One thing I must have on a ride: cell phone
Random Fact: If you're going to bike, start slow and work your way up. Get fitted for a bike.
What you can expect from my review: I have no idea! (oh I totally do. Short. Sweet. To the point. And if he ever gives you anything more than “It was alright.” You should immediately go buy that product because it must be amazing. No. Miraculous even.)


DSCF6168 Known As: Runsis
Age: 30
Size: none of your beezwax or if you must know, short
Bio: Sister of certain overachieving running mom/blogger. Married with children. (she only says overachieving because she refuses to acknowledge the sheer & utter disaster that would be my house on a somewhat regular sort of basis)
Races Run: Applefest 5k, detroit marathon relay, turkey trot, martian 1/2, Indy mini, dexter-ann arbor 1/2
Favorite Distance: Depends on the day, how much sleep I've had, how my kids behaved, what I ate for dinner, and if the moon and the stars have aligned.
Why I started running: I looked like the before picture in weight loss commericals and wanted to look like the after picture (which she totally does!!!)
How long I’ve been running: It'll be one year on July 1st!!!!
Why I like to run: To get ENERGY, to have time to myself, to STAY in shape, to set a good example for my kids
Best Running Moment: Seeing my kids at the finish line of several of my races.
Current Goal: Finishing the Airforce Marathon in September
Someday Goal: Total World Domination and maybe some triatholons
Running Pet Peeve: Fellow runners that don't wave or acknowledge my existence while on the trail and trail hogs (you know runners/walkers/bikers that would prefer to run you off the path then move over).
One thing I must have on a run: Shoes? Someone to tell me how far I've gone since my Garmin STILL hasn't shipped!
Random Fact: I refuse to belong to Facebook (I can almost hear the shrieks of horror!!) (don’t worry all. She spies on mine although I’m sure she’d never admit it)
What you can expect from my review: Spelling errors

**SPECIAL NOTE ON RUNSIS: Did you all notice she also speaks (writes) in parenthesis. See. It’s not my fault. It runs in the family.


DSCF4792 Known As: RunNana
Age: 56
Size: Hopefully, getting smaller by the minute
Bio: Nana, teacher, runner who also bikes and is trying to learn to swim
Races Run: 5K, 10K, 10 mile, half marathon
Favorite Distance: Half marathon (when I've trained for it) Actually, the shortest distance possible that still gets me a medal
Why I started running: I went to Runmom's first 5K after she got back into running and was totally SHOCKED at all the people who seemed older, heavier, limped, etc...and still had the guts to try and some did pretty well I might add. I suddenly realized that the only reason that they could do it and I couldn't was that they JUST DECIDED TO DO IT. I decided to try too. I had problems with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis and had tried to run when Runmom was running high school track...I couldn't walk for a week after that attempt because my heels were so bad. But, Runmom made me a nice, gradual running schedule. I had been walking for a lot of years and was pleasantly surprised that I could follow her schedule and was thrilled that I could run at all. Start slow and keep at it and you can do it!
How long I’ve been running: Almost 3 years
Why I like to run: That feeling of doing something you never thought you could spills over into other parts of your life, Stress relief, being able to do something with my girls, There's something addictive about that totally emptying yourself out feeling, running is very spiritual for me
Best Running Moment: Running in the dark through the park at 5 am, during a snowfall, Finishing my first half, running the connector-every time, Traverse city half, Seeing family members start and be successful running AND biking, It's never about my time-it's always about just being a part of it, the peacefulness and emotions in me and the people around me, being inspired by the courage of everyone in the race who had the courage to take the first step, the people in the back -near ME!- inspire me most.
Current Goal: Continue working through some joint issues and running another half this Fall.
Someday Goal: Get/keep myself healthy enough to run for a long time yet
Running Pet Peeve: Running snobs, persnickety joints, no pockets in my shorts, porta potty problems, other runners who don't at least give you a head nod when you pass them on the trail
One thing I must have on a run: lipstick-weird, I know but I can't stand dry lips, religious medal, sunglasses-even if it's not sunny-they're prescription, phone, watch
Random Fact: Can't stand running in a hat or with gloves, would NEVER run with an ipod-I'd miss too much nature, would rather run in the cold weather than when it's hot, So proud of my fit biking/running family,
What you can expect from my review: I'll be honest. I have no time or patience for products that don't do anything for me. I like it simple! (My mom would also be polar opposite of my dad. So if she ever just flat out says a product is horrible without putting some sort of positive spin on it, you would do well to stay far far away from that particular item.)


Known As: Spazz, always planning or doing something silly! (A.K.A. my neighbor who runs alot)
Age: 33
Size: 5’8’’ no curves, kind of like a pencil.
Bio: Mother of two, Nursing student, Runner, Hiker.
Races Run: Too many 5k’s to remember, Detroit ½ Marathon and Relay, Woman’s Only Triathlon (Sprint), Race for Recovery Triathlon (Sprint) Favorite Distance: Five miles. Just enough time to quiet the voices in my head.
Why I started running: Like most women my age to get back in shape and have a little time to myself.
How long I’ve been running: About 5 years.
Why I like to run: The health benefits and to get free stuff at races!
Best Running Moment: The first time my daughter ran with me.
Current Goal: To keep running while pursuing a degree in nursing without losing my mind.
Someday Goal: Find the time to train and run a full marathon.
Running Pet Peeve: Cars that don’t move over and fling dirt and dust all over you.
One thing I must have on a run: Food! I have low blood sugar and I tend to consume lots of energy on a run.
Random Fact: I have the attention span of a nat and I’m pretty silly most of the time. (Just ask my kids.)
What you can expect from my review: Probably stuff about nursing so I can show off what I have recently learned and pretend that I am smart.


And I’ve got a few more crew members to add, but I’m still waiting on their profile information. Hmm….wonder if they realize I’m giving them no products to review until they get it to me? We shall see now. We…shall…see.

I’ll try to post a review once a week as long as I’ve got stuff TO review. And if you have something you’d like me or one of the crew members to check out, email me at and we’ll see what we can do.


Cynthia O'H said...

This is something to tuck away for your girls when they are older. So, so special. What a family!

Maura said...

What an accomplished family! I am sending in my request for long lost cousin status :-)