Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A picture’s worth a thousand words: The Willow Duathlon Relay

Willow Duathalon 010 So maybe I should have used a few less on that last post eh? That was one loooooooooong post. I don’t even know if I would have read that whole thing. Sorry about all that. For those of you who’d like the abbreviated more picturesque version, this posts for you. Here’s the shorter version of our big win. Although I won’t be recapping the whole entire controversy surrounding our win, you do actually have to read the long post for that. Otherwise, enjoy!

Willow Duathalon 001

Insert Rocky Theme here as we make our entry

Willow Duathalon 003

Stupid bib pins. I’m faking that smile.

Willow Duathalon 004

On our way to rack our back at the transition area. Um…what is it exactly we are supposed to be doing here?

Willow Duathalon 007

Not sure. But we asked this dude who was looking at us kind of funny. He said, “I have no idea either.” We laughed (see us laughing) and my dad said, “Oh is this your first time too?” Reasonable assumption right? His reply: “No.” Then continued to stare at us. Um…ok.

Willow Duathalon 008

Plotting our transition and what exactly we’ll be doing with that ankle strap.

Willow Duathalon 013

Just putting this one in here because I want you all to note the extraordinary reflective powers of my dad’s jacket. You will never ever miss him on the bike. His coat was designed by angels.

Willow Duathalon 017

See me there #187. Please note that I would be the only female in the bunch. I am just that fast. I mean look at that one dude’s arm. Ok technically you can’t see him because he’s hidden by #94, but just look at that arm! And where am I? Oh yes, right behind his royal highness, King Superfit. Ok either that or maybe there just needs to be way more women participating. Come on ladies!!!

Willow Duathalon 020

That would be my dad indicating to our loyal support crew the exact number of relay teams we are competing against.

Willow Duathalon 026

My dad looking focused and determined getting ready for his leg.

Willow Duathalon 027

Transition #1. Please note the lady in Red waiting with her bike watching. That would be Team Ray (dun dun duuuuuuuun…..) 5K Run #1 24:40 (a PR),

Transition #1 0:23

Willow Duathalon 028

Dad on the bike just getting cranked up.

Willow Duathalon 032a

THIS is what I did in between runs. I raced my daughter. She won. Are you shocked?

Willow Duathalon 049

Almost finished with his leg. 20K in 38:36. He had estimated between 40-45minutes. Transition #2 was 0:24.

Willow Duathalon 050

Me about to pass that dude. I have no sympathy even if he did just bike 12 miles. I had a team to beat.

Willow Duathalon 056 Sprinting to the finish. Well at least I’d like to think I was sprinting, but that might be a stretch. 5K Run #2 25:15 (would have been a pr if I had not just pr’d :-) It was a good day.)

Willow Duathalon 057

Victory hug. Finishing time 1:29:15

Willow Duathalon 064

Chloe rocking out at the finish on her “stage” and cheering the runners to the finish line.

Willow Duathalon 066

A victory dance with my baby because I’m pretty sure we just won.

Willow Duathalon 068

Papa’s turn.

Willow Duathalon 061


‘Til next time…

P.S. Giveaway is coming! Be sure to check this blog on Mother’s Day for the details and a little surprise :-) As a matter of fact, you might not hear from me until Mother’s Day. I’ve got some work to do to get this little surprise in order. Sorry no hints. You’ll have to come and see for yourself.


Cynthia O'H said...

Awesome job! And, yes, the muscle arm was quite impressive.
Congrats to you and your dad. What a great team!

runnanna said...

Great job! A very fun race to watch too. Ready for a tri?????

Erica said...

Great Job! How fun to do it with your dad!

runsis said...

Shake and Bake!!

Staci Dombroski said...

Great job!!! I love all the pictures :) The girls look precious!!

Maura said...

Looking good, Kelly!

Heather said...

I love that in the sea of men, you're rocking it out in your skirt!!