Friday, April 2, 2010

The not so long run

Wait...let me check my running schedule again. Speed work...cross training...tempo run...cross day...long run. Just like I thought. Didn't see "not so long run" on there anywhere.

Somehow though, that seems to be exactly the way my brain read the schedule for Thursday. What started out as a 12 mile long run wound up being all of 6 miles before I called in the cavalry to come pick me up. Well, I suppose technically it was 7 since I had to walk a mile to the pick up location where my sister and her half dressed son rescued me (why was he half dressed? Oh...don't you worry I'm getting to that.)

Now brace yourself because here's the point where I leave you with nine thousand reasons why this doesn't reflect in anyway poorly on me nor will it be an indicator of my half marathon just one week away. For starters this was my first long run since I got hit with the upper respiratory bug...cough, cough...which still doesn't seem to have entirely left my system (hence the coughing). Next there was the massive lack of sleep for no apparent reason (other than I've heard insomnia's floating around so perhaps I caught that too ;-) the night before which was followed by a more chaotic than usual morning that consisted of me running all over God's green earth like a chicken with my head cut off (you can thank my grandpa for that analogy) for any number of should be easy to find items that ended up being nearly impossible to find.

And then there was the heat. Now my husband warned me it was going to get hot, but I blew him off. I mean how hot could it get in Michigan on the first day of April for crying out loud? It was near freezing earlier in the week. Besides I had only one free spot in my day to squeak in a long run and that was mid afternoon about 1:30ish. After all I'd run in much hotter weather last summer and my trail is shady anyway. It would be cooler in the shade.

Except I forgot one very important thing. In order for the trees to properly fulfill their duty as support team for runners, they must be properly equipped which currently they are not. For you can have no shade, when you have no LEAVES!

Ugh. It was so hot AND windy. Which doesn't seem to go together I know, but nonetheless did. I almost felt like I couldn't breathe at times (although that could also have been the virus or some combo of the two. Who knows?) Now the first mile was great, 9:30 min/mile pace. Which is good for me because usually I can't get loose enough to run that until mile three or so. I'll start closer to 10 minutes. But already by mile 2, the heat hit me and the very life was being sucked out of my legs. Seriously, they couldn't have felt any heavier if my kids had snuck out and decided to go for a little ride each one hanging on to a leg.

By 3 miles, I was zapped for energy but I was coaxing myself on with the thought of a gel at mile 5. Which was no where near the reward it should have been since I didn't rinse out my water bottle enough after washing it, so I basically chased my gel with dish soap. AWESOME.

I was practically walking that 6th mile and made the executive decision that another 6 was probably not going to be so good especially if I was going to have anything left in me to watch my girlies the rest of the day, part of which was going to include wrestling my toddler through a church service.

That's when I called for my sister, accompanied by my shirtless nephew to rescue me. Shirtless because it was so freaking hot. It was nearly 84 degrees. I kid not. And not to be a wah wah whiner about it, but the warmest temp I've run in outdoors since last fall has been oh something in the low 40's and most of my runs are inside on a treadmill in the basement where the running conditions are always optimal and the temperature is a cool 60-65 degrees.

But whatever my problem was on Thursday, it is what it is. There's not much I can do about it in 7 days to salvage my goal for this half. So here's the revised plan: I'm gonna just see how it goes on race day. If things are looking good and I'm feeling alright, I'm going to push it that second half to see what I can do. If my lack of training due to illness bites me in the butt or some crazy unseasonable heat wave strikes at 7am, I'm just gonna go out and have a nice sloooooow easy long run on a pretty course. There'll be other races and it's not like I have anything to prove. In fact, I'm a running mother. I think that proves plenty.

Ten miler for me tomorrow morning (you know morning, when it's nice and cool) and my friend Katie is running her first 5K! (Woohoo! Have a great race Katie girl! You're gonna do great!) Then the festivities for Easter begin. So just in case I don't pop in with another blog post before, I hope you and your family have a very blessed Easter! May the Cadbury Eggs abound!

'Til next time...


Prairie Mother said...

"In fact, I'm a running mother. I think that proves plenty." Great point Kelly! We running moms are awesome and we shouldn't put ourselves down for having an off run or a rough day! Keep it up and good luck in your race, hoping you feel great :)

runnanna said...

Funniest part is the label at the bottom of your post-"dish soap for electrolyte replacement" HA HA HA (Me laughing out loud) You probably ran the other 6 miles earlier when you were running your crazy self all over the place! Have a good run tomorrow and GO KATIE!

JEN said...

Awww...don't dispair!! I think you will do just fine for the 1/2M just from the "buzz" of race day. Slow & steady Mama...Best wishes & Happy Trails. Lay off the dish soap :)

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

the dishsoap is one of my biggest fears LOL I am in my 9th week of running and also a mom excited to follow you

Cynthia O'H said...

Sounds like a run I had a few weeks ago - and so do your feelings that followed. Some days, running just isn't in the cards. Just put it aside and carry on.

Take it easy with pushing yourself. You've got to be careful after a URTI; if anyone knows that, I do.

Christy said...

It's ok to cross train if you feel burned out! that's a pretty hefty schedule girl!

kathy said...

I am a mom of 2 year old twins that run my first marathon when they were a little shy of their 2nd bday. I did great (10min pace at the entire time) but definately had to be super flexible with the training. Also living in Virginia where it gets super duper hot I would run as early as the sun came out. That was great since I would be sleep running for at least the first 5-6 miles... Great idea for those loooong runs.

RunMom said...

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback guys! You're so motivating. Ok good news and bad.

Good: 10 miles on Sunday was waaaaaaay better.

Bad: Can't seem to get the dish soap taste out of that stinking water bottle. What the heck did I do? New one may be in order.