Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Martian 1/2 Marathon Photos & Runfam results

So the thing about me running and my husband watching the girls, one of whom would take off on her own little run if the slightest opportunity to make a break for it presented itself, is that there's not a lot of pictures of me actually running the race. It's not necessarily the easiest feat in the world snapping photos while holding the little baby tiger that happens to be my 1 1/2 year old especially since we've discovered she's not only a runner, but an aspiring photographer to boot.

But he was able to snap this one. I'm almost at mile 13. Perhaps you can pick me out by the Divas and my magnificently white socks.
I'd be the one in the pink shirt with the black tights that I REALLY didn't want to wear because they don't really fit me very well anymore. They're kind of getting big (yay!) which ironically has pretty much the same effect as the tights that are just a little too small on my 4 year old, but I refuse to buy another pair because tight wearing weather should be over in my opinion. It puts the crotch of the tights about mid thigh instead of where it's supposed to go, so your forced to keep tugging them up all the time or else adjust your stride to a waddle. I thought I was going to get to wear my skirt but, it was only mid-upper 30's at start time. Bummer. I'd be smiling (really that's a smile, but I don't have much left in me so that's all I can muster) because I just gave my husband and the girls the thumbs up. I knew that goal was coming smashing down at this point.

But here's the rest of the pictures my husband took or rather Madelyn tried to take of me running. There's this one of the people behind me:

And then...oh look! Some trees...

But he did manage to capture my sister just about to finish her first ever half marathon!

Doesn't she look awesome? I nearly hyperventilated when I caught up with her at the turn around point. I gave her a pat on the back and told her we were half way there and suddenly was overwhelmed with pride for what my little sis, and FANTASTIC running mom was about to accomplish. I started to cry a little bit. Not so good when you're in the middle of a half marathon and your breathing is a little heavier then normal. All I could think of was great, now she's going to have to stop when she sees I've passed out on the side of the road. Fortunately, I was able to pull it back together.

And just FYI: Runsis not only completed her first 1/2 marathon which was goal #1. But she ran a whole 13 minutes faster than she set for goal #2. Woohoo! But I'll give you one guess what she's already thinking... "I know I can do it faster." Oh and did I mention she's only been running since last June? Stellar performance sis!

And as for my mom, Runnana: That's her crossing the finish line, after which she'd be collecting her age group award in the 5K! She finished 5th and won herself a nice little light up martian key chain. And to answer your question...YES! There were more than 5 people in her age group! This was not an award by default. She acutally had to beat out 11 other ladies to take home the prize and all the glory. Best part...she wasn't even really trying. She actually ran part of her race while holding hands with my 4 year old. So yep, I think it's fair to say my kids have the fastest Grandma around these parts! Nice work mom!

And how 'bout a little bit of the support team eh? My Dad and the baby tiger...

Here's the girls looking for me. Madelyn's ready with fluids, just in case I need it:

And ok I've got a couple more for you, but since blogger is frustrating me right now and I'm in dire need of a snack I'll save it for later. There's no posting for me on an empty stomach.
'Til next time...


runnanna said...

Good job runfastmommy and runsis!

RunDad said...

For the record I'd like to state that Madelyn kept grabbing the lense cap that was attached by a string to the camera. That's why the pic of the tree and the people behind you. As soon as I got you focused in she'd pull the string and laugh.

Stacey said...

Just found your blog...Great job on the 1:58 half marathon!!! Congrats.

Ron said...

Nice! it was a great day for a race, weather was perfect :)

Cynthia O'H said...

My husband can't take pictures at races at all! I'm now relying on my 9 year to develop an eye and quick finger reflex for photography.

Nice running, ladies.