Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My little runner in the making

And nope, I'm not talking the 4 year old, although I do have to say she is very confident she already IS the fastest runner in the world and will frequently tell me so. She has after all already had multiple pairs of running shoes,

Chloe in her first pair of running shoes

participated in a variety of races:

stretching pre-kids marathon (26.2) at the Buffalo, NY Marathon

Super fast but still finished last only because she ran twice as far as the other kids. Instead of straight from start to finish, she ran-correction skipped and ran diagonally across the racing field. Plus my husband still argues the age groups were not fair.

First turkey trot, this one my husband still razzes me about. He wanted her dressed FAST. I wanted her dressed WARM.

Getting her great big sweet medal at the kids mini Martian Marathon. She ran a whole mile!

This year's turkey trot

and she's pretty sure she can hang with any age group, even mine. "I'm gonna get you mommy!" She yells trying to chase me down on my long runs when her Daddy takes her to the park to play. And while yes, sometimes I let her catch me, even when I don't it doesn't seem to bother her all that much. Almost as if she is the one letting me win and she is ALWAYS ready to try again the next time I run by (oh how we could learn so much from these little ones).

While I hope she does become a runner someday, I must admit that currently, she runs kind of like Phoebe on Friends:

That's totally her, entertaining to herself and the world around her and just as pleased as punch to do so. She's got some work ahead of her I do believe, even when she gets her "speedies" on (which is not her colorful word for tight running shorts or anything. It's a variety of real and made up words she says right before she runs and insists make her much much faster). But she loves running right now and is confident which thrills me.

No, tonight I'm referring to the littlest peanut. She's the sleeper I do believe.
You see the thing about my little Miss Madelyn is that it took her FOREVER to learn how to walk. I mean she's 18 months now and still doesn't always have her feet underneath her whereas Chloe was walking at 9 months.

Now at first, this was cool by me. You see when your first baby comes along, you're keeping a close eye on what they're doing and when they're doing it and bragging about when they do something before all the baby books say they should. Nuh uh for the second. At that point, you're already chasing one kid around and exhausted not only from that, but most likely also the lack of sleep you're getting with the new baby and the thought of chasing another one around is well...just not all that exciting to you. I mean, you know they're going to take off eventually, but the second time around, now that you know what to expect, you're ok with them taking their time to become mobile.

However, at some point, they also start to become heavy, very heavy. And I had started to grow weary of carrying Madelyn everywhere and wrestling with the little tiger who wanted to be down on her own when we'd be out somewhere but would refuse to walk. Since you can't very well have your kid crawling on their hands and knees everywhere you go, I was getting very frustrated. So I started watching her closely to see what the hold up was thinking perhaps I could nudge her along a bit. She was well beyond a year at this point.

What I discovered is that besides the fact that Madelyn is super tall which seemed to make it mighty difficult to coordinate those long limbs in anything that even remotely resembled walking, she's also from the get go always wanted to go fast. When she fell down, unlike my first daughter, it wasn't backwards or to the side from losing their balance, it was always forward most of the time face first. With that great big heavy baby head leading the way so quickly, the rest of her body just couldn't keep up. This never stopped her of course, she'd just get up and go again.

These days the child has two speeds: run and I'm so tired that I have no idea where my legs are taking me but I will just aimlessly wander in random directions. The second of which makes perfect sense considering she spends nearly the entire day in gear one, run. Most of which is done on her toes, which leads me to believe she'll be something of a sprinter. Then again, with the vast amount of time she spends running her endurance is most likely phenomenal so maybe distance will be more to her liking.
All I know is we better keep an eye on this one.
She may be cute but she's already fast as all get out and can't even put on her own running shoes yet! (But she'll probably be a barefoot runner. She HATES shoes and socks!)

'Til next time...

P.S. Only a 6 days left to tell me which marathon to run. Go vote!

P.P.S. I won something!!! Thanks to Racing with babes for the sweet giveaway. I won a tag-along t-shirt. I'll post the picture when it comes in.


Cynthia O'H said...

When Andrew (now 4) was younger, he also had 1 gears: run on the ground, and run into Mommy's arms so that he could still move quickly.

Now he runs like the wind, trying to keep up with Batman and rescue Princesses from the bad guys.

We could promise these guy to each other now if you want.

And, congrats on the tee.

Erica said...

I think your girls would get along great with mine! It was just a few days ago I posted about my 3.5 year old running somewhat like Phoebe! They are so cute though when they do it! It is more of a skip then a run.

and my youngest she is plotting to take over the world, no time to think about running! ok maybe I exaggerate but she is at least plotting how to knock down all of her sisters blocks with out landing in time out!

very cute! I popped over from TMB's blog...I love finding other running Moms!

Staci Dombroski said...

I love this post, it made me smile! Your girls are adorable :)

misszippy said...

They're both adorable. I love to see my kids run, whether out in the yard with friends or during fun runs. Great stuff.

Tracey Kite said...

I think it is great that your girls love to run. I get very excited when mine wants to run, and she runs on her toes too. I just think it is so great that we all are teaching our kids this young how great running is. Wish I learned that when I was a baby too!