Saturday, March 13, 2010

High Maintenance Running Shoes

So some of you may remember a few weeks ago I got a new pair of running shoes. But they're no ordinary running shoes. They're black.

That'd be them.

It really was a no brainer for me. I like the pair of shoes I've been running in (Nike Zoom Structure Triax for those of you who care). They fit me good, but most of all nothing bothers me when I wear them which is not the same thing I can say about other pairs I've owned. So I figured when I went to the running store knowing exactly what I wanted I'd be in & out in true mommy shopping fashion b/c when a mom shops with little kids in tow, she must know exactly what she wants, where to find it, have the money easily accessible and certain toy or snack items on hand, lest there be a snag which could result not necessarily in kiddie meltdown, but rather mommy meltdown (seriously, shopping with both young children unprepared is enough to make me completely lose my mind, in fact, sometimes prepared shopping with young children is enough to make me lose it).

So, I walked in, headed straight up to someone who looked like they worked there and told them I needed Nike Structure Triax size 8 1/2 please and off he went to find them. So far so good right? He came back just a minute later and open the box...

(Insert Chorus of Angels here....ahhhhhhh)

Black. Sweeeeet was my first thought. Um....not so sure for me though was my second.

"They're black" I told him stating the obvious. "Yep." He replied. Apparently, according to the man at the running store, people really like black running shoes. It's the new thing. Saucony started it first and it caught on really big. (None of these things sell me btw). They also don't get as dirty as white shoes (which turns out to be a completely false statement. They are actually far dirtier looking after just two outdoor long runs than any pair of white shoes I've ever owned in my entire life. Not that I care necessarily. I'm just saying, not true).

"Do they come in any other colors?" I asked. Nope. It was the new model and that was all they had gotten in so far. I hemmed and hawed. Tried them on. Walked around. But ultimately, black would have to do. I mean what was more important color or how they fit on my feet?

But now that I've had these shoes a couple weeks, I've come to realize these shoes are high maintenance. Read that right, not high performance. High maintenance.

For starters, they dictate my running attire. They look ridiculous with a pair of white socks and my long brown yoga pants look a special kind of stupid with black running shoes. Navy blue running tights...also not good. My sister tells me I should get a long pair of pink socks and wear a black running skirt, but I'm not thoroughly convinced on that (yet ;-).

But one thing black running shoes ARE terrific at is accentuating the sheer & utter lack of sun my legs have seen all winter. So you know, I've got that going for me. Awesome.

In other words, I've got a couple of little Divas on my feet....but at least they feel good!

'Til next time...

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MarciaG said...

I like your shoes!
I totally understand about the matching though...what a problem! :)
Too bad they don't come in gray.....

MarciaG said...

I just voted: Grand Rapids Marathon. I live there and ran it for the first time last fall. It was a good time. Nice and flat! :)

Maura said...

Too funny! I ran in Nike Structure Triax for 11 years and just made the BIG switch 4 weeks ago to the Brooks Adrenaline. I LOVED my Nikes and still wear them to knock around, but have been strictly running in the Brooks. Supposedly, the Brooks is a better stability shoe and I am a MAJOR over-pronator. But, something is always slightly bothering me... either the tongue hits me weird, or I feel pressure on the midsole or instep... I keep waiting, but they aren't as comfy... just keep telling myself, they are better. Who knows, I may re-visit the Nikes after my Half in May. About the colors... it would bug me too... use it as an excuse to buy some new black shorts, tights, skirt, etc... :-)

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Ugh. Black? I don't think I'd like that either.

Shoes should not be high maintenance! ;-)

runnanna said...

C'mon...when I'm gutting out a long run with my beet red face, dripping sweat, sometimes gu dripping down my chin ...who cares what color your shoes are??? As long as they feel good and they don't eat my socks...I;m happy!

P>S> Do they make black running socks???

Getting My Words Out said...

runnanna---yes, they do make black running socks....and now I know why after reading this post. Come to think of it, I just got new shoes (Saucony Hurricanes) and while I was at it I tried on a few others in black. (NOT for me to be sure...but I'm feeling a little nerdy for not having the "in" thing now!!)

Staci Dombroski said...

I like the shoes ;-)

RunMom said...

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